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Shofi Ahmed Jan 21
A man and a woman can art
their most secret way through  
from a speck of dust to heaven.

Or they can walk the walks together
living the daily hourglass ever closer.
But only to fall apart in the end
without finding an edge for themselves!

It can do heaven descends in dust
or not even in the gold it's never found.
I never thought
You'd be that special
To me
No one is
But you
You're all i care about
And it hurts

Its when you left
That i knew
I would be ******
Cause i never felt that way
Seeing you walking away
Broke my heart
Which i didn't know
I could break anymore
And from you
Hunter Jan 16
I wish I could put down my phone
I wish I could walk away alone
To put my life on pause
To escape all these laws
What I should or shouldn't be
When I just wanna be me
Safiul Jan 11
Will you marry me?
Because I am meant with broken pieces
I want you to see them
And put them in to perfect place.

Will you love me?
Because I am the person who gets left behind
I am the type of person who wants to talk but can’t
I am the type of person who is so polite that people leave me
So if u agree to love me please don’t leave

Will you walk beside me?
When I walk alone in dark night
Stars become the only listener
Trees clean my path
If u want to then please don’t leave when the road is too rough

Will u hold my hand?
When no one is around
When I decide to go to wrong path
When I don’t love myself anymore
When I don’t want to live
But please don’t leave when we will face difficulties.
Amanda Jan 11
On a road, I don't know where it leads
I don't care that I am lost
Feet are burning but I continue on
Determined to escape at all costs

I will keep going until my knees buckle
Regret following with steady pace
Broken dreams viewed in my periphreals
Cannot be fixed, salvaged, or replaced

Mile by mile, distancing myself
Unable to fully outrun lurking past
Almost is as good as I get
Have the lead for a moment but always come in last

I travel at a safer pace
I'm already immersed in danger
Desperation grows as I lift legs
Lengthy journey stretches riling anger

There is no detour to avoid my confusing thoughts
Maps behind eyes I'm striving to chart
I stumble but I still advance
I'll always follow my heart
Follow your heart but don't forget to take your brain with you
sarah Jan 10
i liked the spark in your eyes when you said it’s over
and i like the weight of your world upon my shoulders
i couldn’t help but smile when you cut me deeper
with your words, they might as well be swords

face me as the tears roll down my face
pretend this heart was fully yours to break
tell me that it all will be okay, as you walk away
as you walk away

my happiness depends on yours, don’t break me down
don’t worry i’ll wipe the oceans; fix my own crown
i’ll paint a picture of the most beautiful sky
and i won’t mind that i only see black and white

i’ll fake a smile, i’ll be alright
get myself through the night
i’ll fake a smile, i’ll be alright
be my own light
Gods1son Jan 8
Faith came to me in the night
Told me about a journey for the next day
In the early morning we hit the road
He replaced one of my eyes with his

Then he put work in my hands
And he went way ahead of me
He told me "your eye could see things
That would get you scared
Close your eye and see with mine"

The journey wasn't as easy as I thought
So many times I got stuck
Then, I would see with his eye
And suddenly a way would pave
Oh, I wouldn't forget the "Doubts" cave!

Sometimes, he would come back to pull me out
He was the help I couldn't do without
To cut the long story short
After the countless hills and valleys
We made it back home with all the work fully done

From then, I learnt to walk by Faith!
This is more like a story, I hope you enjoy it
Poetic T Jan 6
You walked away from me,
           but I wouldn't move.
Never one to stop,
           every footstep took you
further from my grasp.

From my sight I couldn't see,
               but I could smell your perfume
in the wind.
You said that if I wanted you,
         that Id have to follow.

But I kept my ground,
            I waited
                  as day and night fell.
You kept on walking but I stayed still.
            When the moon rose and sank
solemnly that final time.

I turned around and you
                where there behind me,
tears in eyes you said that you walked
               to find me.

But I hadn't taken a step,
                   for if we were meant to be
no matter the footsteps.
        If you stand in the same place
                that person will eventually walk back to you.
Aurora Jan 6
I just need to tell someone I want to die, then hold hands and take a walk.
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