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YourNightLight Dec 2018
"I'm walking away,
I'm starting a new.
You could of came with me
but that was on you.
I'll find a new world full of colors.
New memories, new smiles.
One foot after the other,
let bygones be bygones.
You were a beautiful soul,
gave me so much magic & knowledge.
So I'm at peace now with kissing you goodbye.
I'll take the lessons yout gave me & craft a boat that will take me to new heights.
I'll love yout forever but at a distance it's fine.
I'll take back my bruised heart & stich it up with time.
The last grain of sand in my hourglass has fell.
So I was slowly walk away with a heavy heart.
I'm pushing myself forward.
It's a start.
This must have been what you wanted all along,
to drift away & become strangers to one forget the magic I felt.
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018

For years, I was under
your control
I was blind to how
toxic, how aggressive
you were - I kept making
Slapped, but still, I turned
the other cheek...
Enough was enough
I gathered my strength
I altered my future
and deleted our past

Im glad I walked away from all that was toxic. Now I can focus on building my future...
I know its easier said than done and some situations may be more severe than others
Please get help if you can before it's too late
Whether it is emotional, physical, ****** or psychological, abuse is abuse.
And its never ever to be condoned!
Lyn ***
K Aug 2018
We were walking away from the life that once was ours, from the people that were the closest to us, from the places that heard us laugh; the park, the beach, the school, the palm trees, the lemon tree.
To this day, every once in a while I catch myself thinking about how my life would've turned out if I hadn't left each of the places I used to belong. The many lives I could be living.
ConnectHook Jul 2018
Russia, Racism, similar crazed projections
are yours for the next several elections.
Stay peeved, stay slept, stay intersectionally irrelevant.
ConnectHook Aug 2018
Leftist poetry *****.
I don't want to behold your innards.
I don't want to be forced to view your organs.
I couldn't care less
about your perverted sexuality
or your identity grievances.
Your biological and socioeconomic reality
is dull beyond all conception.
Your unpunctuated free verse
is insult added to injury
and displays
your hatred of Liberty.
Your merely materialist analyses bore me.
There is no excuse for you.
You abhor all that is RIGHT.
You hate GOD, FAMILY, and GENDER.

You also hate the Lord Jesus Christ.
Therefore you, in your rebellion against Divine Order
are DOOMED and ******

however . . . I will continue
to pray
for your sorry ***
Gosh ****, I sure do hope you LIKE my lil' POEM

Whatever you do, do NOT look into opposing viewpoints,
since you might have to shift your pathetic paradigm.
ConnectHook Jul 2018
Troll farms
False alarms
Behind the scenes

End of all discussions:
Blame it on the Russians.
From Russia, With Love
Крайне левое мировоззрение неустойчиво
ConnectHook Jul 2018
(sirens, emergency frequencies activated,
obese SJW's flailing arms & shaking bright purple hair in rage)


                                 to your RIGHT

is a   (wait for it . . .)

****   ****     ****    ****    ****    N-A-Z -I !
this public service announcement brought to you by
ZIONISTS for SHARIAH in the Global Village

(and don't forget kids,
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
When all you do is hang around
snakes, soon enough you too
will be spewing venom.
I thank God that I'm no longer around them either. They are the ones who made my life more dramatic than need be. Don't keep these people around! Kick them out. Cuz there's nothing worse than being a snake...
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
surround me and
cover me
from the sun.
Never walked away
from these
to try to find the sun until
the realization
that they are blocking
the only light
of my life.
seeing the mistakes
I have made
Must be foolish
to not see
all of this.
How dreadful it was,
and shocking
to not have discovered
all of this
Hey guys! I'm alive and I'm really going to try to be active on here again. Also if you haven't noticed, I tried to make the poem shaped like the buildings in a city.
Sarah Markbride Feb 2018
I'm walking away, what I really want is for you to give me a reason to stay.
A reason for me to stop feeling this way.
Did I really mean nothing to you?
Is it the way I behave that drives you away, don't forget you made me this way.
It's supposed to be unconditional Love, I guess it's not true what they say.
You can't love me and I will be ok, maybe not today or tomorrow or a year from now.
I will make my life better somehow.
Then you can live with knowing it was nothing to do with you, the person I will become and the person I am now, the one you never knew how to love.
Free from a life, without trouble or strife.
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