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Two years of happy to be sad for my whole life
It's not a trade I would have made had I known at the time
You never really meant a word you'd say
Convince me of your love
Just so you can walk away
Walk away just to find there's no escape
Zack Ripley Jun 2019
What do you do when you don't know what to say?
What do you do when your head tells you to stay but your heart says to walk away?
Who do you go to when things don't go your way?
Is it getting harder to get through the days?
Once you figure out the answers, there is only one question left to ask
What will you do differently today?
Nard Wolfe Nov 2019
I wait for you at dusk so we could dance under the moon and the stars just to watch you walk away at dawn.
Jules Oct 2019
Tell me you don't love me
Tell me that you're ashamed
Tell me the things I need
To make me walk away
Even if you want me
Even if I may
Don't take my hand
And beg me to stay
Because I will
Forever remain
ZoeM Aug 2019
Walking away from you is like walking away from myself.

I have to find the strength to shed your light
Embrace my -OWN-
Cc Jun 2019
Watch me walk away
I’m smiling
You don’t know it
You never will
But I’m smiling
And I hate myself for it.
Ruheen Jan 2019
Maybe we should just put down the puzzles
And leave it all behind.
Everything would be so much easier,
If we could just walk away.
Well, when someone figures out how to do that,
Let me know.
Because walking away is the hard part.
Everything would be so easy if we could just walk away from our hectic lives, but walking away.....too hard.
I thank him everyday
For him walking away
YourNightLight Dec 2018
"I'm walking away,
I'm starting a new.
You could of came with me
but that was on you.
I'll find a new world full of colors.
New memories, new smiles.
One foot after the other,
let bygones be bygones.
You were a beautiful soul,
gave me so much magic & knowledge.
So I'm at peace now with kissing you goodbye.
I'll take the lessons yout gave me & craft a boat that will take me to new heights.
I'll love yout forever but at a distance it's fine.
I'll take back my bruised heart & stich it up with time.
The last grain of sand in my hourglass has fell.
So I was slowly walk away with a heavy heart.
I'm pushing myself forward.
It's a start.
This must have been what you wanted all along,
to drift away & become strangers to one forget the magic I felt.
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