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crystallaiz Oct 2021
i'd rather get drunk
to the sound of your voice
but here i am
listening to music
on the midnight train home
all the good nights
and sleep tights
can't mask the ending
that began when we met
it's been so long. i know the things that need to be done, but i just can't bring myself to do them
Angellah Nyamai Mar 2021
When they are present but inside you are lonely,
When they are silent but the hurt inside is too loud,
When they don't say anything but the voices inside cracks your head,
When the taste of sorry from them is bitter,
When all the crap can’t allow you to say something;
You no longer keep there,
You pack your pieces and find yourself peace,
You walk away.
You deserve better.
Zack Ripley Nov 2020
Words don't seem to mean much anymore.
Nothing's made sense
Since you walked out that door.
I don't understand how everything went so wrong.
Well, I guess the time has come.
It's time to move on.
Don't know how I'll get along.
Because with you, I felt strong.
What'll I do if I see you
Out on the street?
Not gonna punch or cry.
Won't raise my *******
to the sky.
Just gonna walk on by.
And if you grab my hand
As I walk away,
Baby, there's only one thing
I'll have to say. Move on.
Samantha Babe Jun 2020
I was the sunshine that they called
In a call, I would be there
In smiles, I could share laughter
In cries, I would be willing to be your shoulder
Everything you expected would be my pleasure
Even in hearts, I would be at my best
Time can be my friend
In every seconds, I would make it count just to be with you
Cause that is the right thing, right?
When everybody seems to disagree
You can count on me
I would never fail you
Even if it is too much sometimes
Like a suffocation in a sleep
I woke up like feeling nothing from the night
But ****, that's not even appropriate!
I'm a slave to someone's emotion
I look highly to people without looking my own
They're already stabbing my back
Their favors that I was so blind were just a gratification to their selfish needs
With the smiles they show was a lure
All they had to do was to pick me in their convenience
I had a purpose according to them
I was the cheerleader.
But I woke up
After all this time, I know how to get tired of everyone
The sunshine is now a cloud
Sometimes in vast colors, sometimes in hard pouring rain
I was greatly unfair to my younger self
But it's not too late to walk away
Cause what is important is that you have woke up from blindness
And to know what is really you deserve for the world.
This is dedicated to the people who used & maltreated us, took us for granted and so unreal to our genuinity.
Zack Ripley Jun 2019
What do you do when you don't know what to say?
What do you do when your head tells you to stay but your heart says to walk away?
Who do you go to when things don't go your way?
Is it getting harder to get through the days?
Once you figure out the answers, there is only one question left to ask
What will you do differently today?
N Pescador Feb 2020
what a deadly feeling it must be
to fall heart first into a space
next to someone incapable
of loving you the way you deserve

and how terrible it must be
to find it difficult
to walk away from someone
you shouldn’t stay with
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