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Upon my soul
he gallantly walked
he gave no mention
nor sensation
so here , I am left
to question
what , I couldn't feel
no warning
that I was his victim
he'd leave me questioning
ever moment
how'd I not know
this stranger I thought
I knew
So gallantly he walked
So to never make a sound
so I never could ?
till he was out of sight
that I'd then dare find
All that was never true
© Jennifer Delong 2/2019
lost Jan 31
I lost track of me
i got addicted
to the worst kind of drug


i struggled to realize  
how much you impacted
every choice, every action, every move

i can't wear that blue shirt
  because it reminds me of the way i
felt with you
the happiness, the smiles, the laughs

i can do this

i wore that shirt today
i didn't cry
but i did smile
not because of you
because the happiness that came from my friends
my teachers, who I see as parents
the boy, i call my best friend

i latched on to his hug for about 30 seconds longer than usual
he asked "you okay"
"all because of this"
i smiled and walked to class
haven't wrote in a while i kind of forgot how. how to put my feelings into words. i struggled finding the words and feeling i had for you. Most were good but i couldn't forgot all the pain and tears i shed for you.

i don't capitalize "i" because i can't stand alone.
Do not
judge my life
on the
you walked in on.
Today cold bitter I took flowers to my wife grave
to tell her I"d got
to move
on and asked her to forgive
me because I need some company
won't make all It alone need a friend I told Helen I'll never forget her I will always tend her grave put flowers
and always think her but I told Helen If I don"t do this l will die asked again to forgive me laid the flowers and walk away but not without
Today bitterly cold visited Helen grave to apoligies to
to tell her can't make on my own need some company if I dont I'll die, promised to tend her grave put flowers and will never forget her laid my flowers and walked away but not witout tears
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Oh the path I chose
to walk In life, a path
of constant change all
those years through
Fears finally shedding
so many tears for my lady Helen who
Is sadly no longer with
me, 23rd Dec 2017 she
passed away
So now I walk a very different path through
life trying to find a
reason why I'm still
here and my wife Helen
no longer
Can'tfind a reason to justify no matter how search my conscious through the good and bad of life of all I've seen to been and done, so guess
I'll never find the truth perhaps this was the
way It was meant to
And I must continue on
my pathway of my life
just see to where It leads
maybe the answer's that
I seek, lays someway on
the way on a pathway I've
not yet walked
We all have to walk a pathway through life to find our true destiny our purpose
Johnny walker Nov 2018
To side two every street but always thought In
my life the wrong side
of the street Is to where always I
Till the day I met my wife
to be, that day I must have crossed, not being aware to the other side of the street
the day my luck turned
But since Helen has passed away seems as If I've returned back to the wrong side of the street so
many mistakes made since
she's been gone, got to find my way back to right side of
the street In order to survive
Always thought In life I'd walked the wrong side of the street till the day my luck changed
Diana Morales Sep 2018
I had a dream the other night,
took a bullet to the head.
These racing thoughts control my mind
thats why I fear laying in bed.

I had a dream the other night,
I took a pill.. or two.
Sent shivers running down my spine
yet somehow, I was thinking of you.

I had a dream the other night,
Trapped and couldn’t move
You looked me straight into the eye
But didn’t bother let me loose.

You made me believe that you were mine
Your presence was my feene.
Then you turned and looked the other way
Except.. this time it wasn’t a dream.
Tell me what you think (:
Daisy Rae Aug 2018
I walked for miles afterwards
After I got the news that broke me
Instead of shriveling up like a prune
I walked
I couldn’t stay still otherwise I’d think
And I couldn’t think
I would crumble
I’d fall into an unending abyss of what ifs and whys and how could yous...
I walked
And the night air made my tears dry up
I was hoping it would dry up my pain
Dry up the thought of you with her
The thought of every lie you ever told me
The thought of being alone
I stopped walking
I realized at that point in time, I didn’t need you
I never did
You are no longer the air that I breath
I have my own lungs
You are no longer my hopes and dreams
I dream of other things
You are no longer the love that brings me life
I give myself life
You are no longer my forever and always
I have a new beginning
I walked back home
And I breathed with my own lungs
And I realized I didn’t need you.
Nomkhumbulwa Aug 2018
He could have walked away,
For there were many a reason to do so;
But he never did;
He was there through the highs and lows.

I gave him many a reason
To walk away for good;
And yet he stayed beside me
While I was in his neighbourhood.

There were panic attacks, crying,
Semi madness, paranoia;
All the usual consequences of
Being assaulted a year earlier.

There were so many times
I expected him to be gone;
I warned him in fact that -
I’m not worthy – my people are gone!

There is no need to put up with me,
Its not good for your health;
I’m used to people disappearing,
I’ll deal with things myself.

For I am being punished,
It’s how its meant to be;
At least for those of us assaulted the middle of the sea.

But of course he didnt understand,
He’s from a different culture;
He wasn’t afraid to hold my hand
And protect me from the torture.

He has probably never met anyone
As mad and unstable as me;
Coming to stay in Soweto
And feeling so totally free.

He saw my love of Soweto,
For the children, the people, and more;
He spent so much time exploring his home with me –
He’d learnt which combi to get door to door!

When I had to get to clinics,
Not just one, two, three, or four (!)
He spent two days right there with me
As we waited hours to reach the door.

He didnt have to do that,
He has work to do back home;
Yet even when I shouted at him –
He never left me alone.

Of course I apologised later,
Tried to help him understand;
That my brain does its own thing,
Yet he was still there to hold my hand.

He never once walked away,
And thats when it occurred to me;
What a complete cultural contrast our “people of the sea”...

My “family” are now Sowetans,
Although i’ve known that for a while;
When the clinics registered me as an “African”
All I did was smile.

Of all the times I thought i’d given
A reason for him to abandon me,
There was one in particular –
Where he’d be fully justified to flee.

To protect yourself i’d understand,
You may need to walk away;
And yet he didnt – he put himself at risk protect me, I have to say....

It’s not an easy place to live,
He could have walked away;
I’m forever grateful for his bravery
And that he didnt walk away.

For a place where for so long,
Segregation was the norm,
It has come such a very long way –
Since the day I was born.

My culture, mixed as it is
Has not suffered in this way;
Instead it shuns and alienates people
....if they “dont obey”....

Well done South Africa,
Though the problems you face are not gone;
You could teach a lot to “my people”..
..a culture that needs to be re- born.
Written on Mandela Day 2018; an account of the total contrast I found in a society so different to the one in which everyone I know...walked away.
Candice Jul 2017
As my eyes saw you how you                
walked out the door
           My heart shivers and my eyes with tears are started to fall
             You did'nt say anything even when I wanted everytime you leave is a glance ;
             Glance, weherein as you walked out it tells me that you're willing to stay with me no matter what
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