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tryhard Dec 2023
it is tiring
always carrying
the world on your shoulders
tell me
how can you breathe
drowning in your sea of sadness
how long will it take
for you to see
the sun never rises
because you stay in your darkness
because you've only discovered
it is easier to be angry
than it is to be hurt
how does it feel now
realizing the heaviness in you
is what's weighing you down
because it is tiring
always carrying
what you think is the world on your shoulders
lay it all down
let it all go
just saw this was in my drafts since dec 2019??? so **** it, published it :D
AE Nov 2023
I don’t think I could tell you of ease
But I see you across from this sea in between
Shifting in your seat, nursing a dull ache
I know that feeling all too well
But I don’t want to tell you about it
In case I may come across insensitive
Because I’m trying not to shift this center of gravity
We both share in desperation
And tip us over the edge
We didn’t dare to wonder about
But I never learned to swim
And this sea in between
is filling up my lungs
When did it get so hard to breathe?
I call after you, under my shallow breath
I see you for everything  
Hoping you see me too
But this heavy air we drink
Settles in your shadow and mine
It spells out gracefully
That the spaces between us
Are built out of love
And so, we go on
Paving distances
For these descending clouds
bubblyflower Apr 2021
Why can't I express myself into words?
This heaviness, stuck to my arms and mouth,
It makes feel like a butterfly stuck in a web.
I want to talk and write more and more,
My word is getting duller and duller
I want to confess to you
I want to speak to my friends
I want to be happy.
Yolanda Oct 2020
I need to meditate
I need my space
I need some time to relieve my heart from all its heaviness.

As soon as I meditate
As soon as I get my space,
As soon as I get relieved from all the heavy burdens that strain my heart
The better

I will settle, when I've found a solution,
I will settle, when I've gotten my relief,
I will settle when my heart has found peace,
It has taken so much
And now is about to burst from all the heaviness,

My heart cannot talk,
My heart cannot scream,
And my heart cannot shout,
I will find a way to get my heart to rest.

It's never too late to relief my heart from all the heaviness,
I have a strong heart, a patient heart,
A passionate heart and a loving heart,
And the sooner the better to find me
And gain the confidence to free my heart.
Ileana Amara May 2020
the more knowledge we impart to ourselves,
the greater the sorrow,
ignorance is bliss but not for tomorrow,
chaos and riots arise holding weapons' helves
the deeper the wisdom, so does the grief,
all these violence and injustice causes disbelief,
has all the humanity dissolved in a hierarchy of power,
in this time of wide awakening, do the just collapse or take over?

I've been digging into the current issues occurring worldwide, and it's been quite heavy to take all of it in, that it feels almost weird for me to divert myself to other things. I hope anyone who reads this is doing well.
Charlotte T May 2020
As soon as I learned
I don’t need to hold anyone's hand
while I’m crossing the road anymore,
The heaviness
of the risks I never knew
not to take
conversed with me after dark,
they reside.
Angel Jan 2020
I feel defeated by this world I know
so little about
I’m truly a speck
Insignificant, truly
There’s peace in knowing that
There’s sorrow in knowing that
I don’t want to be dreaming anymore
Angel Jan 2020
I remember that heaviness
Laying on my mothers bathroom floor
Hitting no end
I was laying there for hours..
Staring at the ceiling being engulfed in emotion
I have a love/hate for that moment in time
I felt so much of one emotion it was like a drug
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