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At first it was completely smooth
Absolutely without a groove
No holes, or nicks, or even dents
With just unscalable segments

This wall was large, sturdy, and strong
Keeping out half of everyone
It had been aged by all of time
Soon, it’s about to break the rhyme

Holes have begun to take form
Not by ice, water, wind, or storm
But by the people left outside
That have been locked away to hide

The brick is now crumbling
And the concrete blocks are tumbling
Handholds continue to show
The holes will continue to grow

Openings are more clear
Even to those on the wall’s rear
Soon, she will start to climb
And end the wall’s horrible crime

So with superhero strength
Along with her ranks
She is climbing up the brick wall
That will bring it to downfall

As she ascends
She starts to see the concrete ends
That have kept her family out
To seek life’s other route

As she reaches the top
The wall’s other people stop
Offer out a hand
So that she can stand

However, lots are still not up
They need to be brought up
They do not have her strength
They can not scale the wall’s length

So the wall must come down
And so everyone from town
Begins to chip away
So the wall won’t stay

It’s a lot of work
That continues to irk
But there are only boulders left
A good kind of theft

Of course there are some I didn’t talk about
That want the wall to continue to sprout
But they lack the power
They had on their tower

And so, the end is close
But there’s more work for those
Who try to make it small
So that she can climb the wall
Focus on the syllables in each line and stanza.
They took him too early
Leaving us less burly
Leaving us on our own
Feeling too much, alone

It’s the hardest when they are young
It makes the party go unsung
A piece of everybody is gone
Making it too hard to move on

You wish you could have more time
To spend with what was once “mine”
But now he is far away
Cause you could not make him stay

But with any loss
A heavy point comes across
All deaths will come too young
Leaving your life unsung

Enjoy all life while you can
Do not be that type of man
Enjoy them while they are here
When they’re gone, they’re still your dear

Do not shy away
Cause they cannot forever stay
As much as you hope and pray
They could be taken today

They took him too early
Leaving us less burly
Leaving us together
To love and remember
Enjoy them while they are here!
Of course I will help you
That's what I like to do
Just don't leave afterwards
And make these your last words

I will try my best to support you
With whatever I can do
But please just don't take this for granted
Don't make this friendship slanted

There is nothing I won't do for you
But will you do these things for me too?
I do not want to be used
I won't hurt but will be bruised

So I guess I will say it
I can no longer take it
I have simply had enough
I cannot handle your stuff

You've used me as a pillow
I've turned into a grey willow
Cause you never stood me tall
I am always at a fall

Of course I had helped you
It's what people should do
But now, I'm lugging this heft
Cause I was the one who left
The steps of the pyramid continue to rise
The track is gaining and gaining just for my demise
When I first started, I did not know its great size
On top, I'm not sure if there even is a prize

Yet I will continue marching up these steps

There's a long way up but a long way back
And the big boulders continue to stack
My whole world I have with me in my pack
And so strength is something I do not lack

And I will continue up these steps

I have lost my touch of the ground
Yet I know my feet should pound
I know I cannot turn around
Or I will let everyone down

So I will march up these steps

I've slowed, but I'm still fast
Cause I know I will last
Yet the steps are still cast
And half my life has passed

But I will march up

Cause I've got this
Life I can't miss
I can't dismiss
Zenith and bliss

For I will
This is all
Will just fall
Can't take it
Will break it

There is too much pressure
Feeling under weather
Now trailing
Just failing

I can't even exhale
Just inhale
All too wrong
Much too long

Too much is going on
The path
It is gone
The wrath
It's all brawn
Blood bath
Is now drawn

It is too much
Have lost my touch
Can't tell what's real
Am rusted steel

Everything is just hard
Throws these cards
Is the game
Brings the shame

Yet I can work it out
With low doubt
Go longer
Be stronger
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I love it
I love it all


My life is complete
When I can spend all my time with it
A treat
When we're never with split

It is my power

It is mine
No one can rob me
It had the roots of an old tree
It will be with me for all of time
All of my friends will agree

It's true I have thought about others
Just brothers
No lovers
I will only have one true love
None are above
Or will even come close
This shows
What numbers can compose

All adding up
I've grown up

The stats show
What I think I already know
Life fulfilled
I'm thrilled
And nothing left to subtract
These are words I will never retract

It is my hero
It's math
I want to enjoy my passion
Fill my life with its distraction
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I do not want to see the light
I do not think it is that bright
Cause I think this world is finite

People expect me to believe
But I simply cannot conceive
This golden place I must achieve

People say it will set me free
"But I must learn so I can see"
But I say "I do not agree"

My whole life I have shied away
And the bright light has died away
And those thoughts are aside away

I guess I kind of like the dark
I have fled away in my ark
This gray path is my trademark

I have this first Amendment right
Where I am never dressed in white
I do not want to see the light
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Please just walk away
He doesn't want you to stay
That golden look
Highlights your undying smirk

Please don't stay long
You know he isn't that strong
Just your presence
Will rob him his weak pleasence

Watch what you say
He goes to bed during day
Not to sleep, but to think
Not to weep, but on the brink

Please don't say that
Is it cool to call him fat?
Want him to cry
While your mind is up there high?

Please, not okay
When you make him feel that way
That is enough
He will never be that tough

Watch what you do
Not everyone can be you
He has a life
Let it not end with a knife

Please do not play
Your the lion with your prey
Please let him live
I do not want him to die
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What should I believe?
How should I perceive?
How should I receive
the ones who deceive?

Both sides like to lie
Where I am the "Bad Guy"
And no one turns an eye
To when bad ones pass by

How can I tell what is true?
Also, what else can I do?
So many thoughts are askew
Please, will there be a breakthrough?

There are too many opposing sides
With these concrete, airy divides
Where the lies need not any guides
And where the devil comes and hides

It has been like this for all of time
Where generations study and mime
Where these acts of maleficence climb
Is there no end to this heinous crime?

My hope is that they will say what is real
When a lie is told, it is a big deal
That they should not stand around, they should kneel
But this is just what I think is ideal

For I just want the wheels to start to spin
And in this long battle, truth will come to win
And the slimy serpent snake will shed its skin
Show off its beauty that was hiding within

I hope I have made my point incredibly clear
And that I have helped you conquer this scary fear
To help yourself, your family, your friends, your dear
To take the great leap onto this empty frontier
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I was born different
I believe in science
Yet is it defiance?
Some call it angst
I say it’s strength

You can be different
Your parents can have opinions
Yes you’ve lived in their dominion
But you can do what you want
Don’t let them give you a haunt

I can have a distinct thought
Because I am not their bot
Religion, career, goals
Afterlife, love, friends, souls

I am strong in the way I speak
I am proud that I am unique
No one can put words in my mouth
For example, North, West, East, South

I can make this a short poem
I can make the rhyme scheme open
I can make stanzas parallel
Or make this syllable swell

Or this poem could be longer
Making my words even stronger
This poem has no distinct sound
But isn’t that what makes it pound

Five, five, four, four, four, four
Maybe this stanza will have even more

Is it wrong to take from myself?
Stealing straight from my bookshelf
“Got to think, got to focus”
“Or my life will go unnoticed”
I think it is mostly alright
It’s fine if I take what I write

So what is this poem’s message?
It seems pulled out of a wreckage
Words mismatched, lines have been detached
The focus scratched, but the theme patched?

Here it is
Was no quiz
It can be hard
Life can be scarred
Yes, you were born rare
Show it if you dare
Discussions and recitations can be found on my YouTube channel Vindex's Vids
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