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We’re suffering together
You and I
Enduring together
Breathing together
Seeing together
And what I say to you
Sister brother is see:

What’s needed to seek out
What helps not only us
But all when the now
Becomes tomorrow
And the world stands
Sure as misunderstanding
Rock in an eroding sea

That’s when we need
What you will find
Surely sister brother
And in that time
Of answers believe
I will remember you
If you remember me.
I hope this conveys something to you, reader. Like it, love it, carry on.
Jack Radbourne Dec 2020
I wonder if you know
What we have now become?
You are that heart-shaped kite
Dancing above in air
While I grasp tight the thread
Not wanting to let go.
Jack Radbourne Dec 2020
But what’s a flower, within everything
Or out of everything, what can be
More frivolous in colour, fragile, needless
In grace and form? No answer may be had
In logic, pillared in rigidity beyond
The strength of tree or rock. No answer
In the chemical, or resolution into
Grains of the silent molecule, the secret bond.
But what’s a flower, as it is, brief banner
Of ambition, now overwhelmed by all,
But appetite misunderstood by greed?
Again no answer.  Again, ask again.
And one day the beautiful shall shine
In petals opening as truth itself, divine.
Asking more questions than there are answers. Please enjoy this.
Jack Radbourne Nov 2020

and me
             waiting to see

now seeing you
       that’s enough
Jack Radbourne Nov 2020
There are words that do not need saying,
Words that are wrong or cruel,
Words that lead others to fail or cry,
Words that are sweet words of betraying,
Words that flatter or fool,
Words that weave a maze in the head,
Words that tell a talent not to try,
Many of these there are, although
There are also words that need to be said:
You are the best word that I know.
Jack Radbourne Nov 2020
There’s tidiness here
And a full dream ahead
Pencil and paper set out
As soldiers wait to die

There’s sadness here
And some words of sorrow
Songs allowed to cry
Tears allowed to fall

There’s humour here
And laughter in my pen
Jokes brewing happily
Smiles served for all

There’s anger here
And a list of needs
Names and faces known
Rights to claim again

There’s true love here
And sweet ambition
Sun and eyes and skin
Ready for kissing
I set out to keep this simple and sincere.  Enjoy.
Jack Radbourne Oct 2020
Guard your freedom flame: Do not permit
Events or people to extinguish it

Guard your freedom flame:
Or live a shackled life, corrode in chains
Without a vision of the sun or rain

Guard your freedom flame:
Or hear how truth is mocked by lies and lust
And let sweet souls be trampled in the dust

Guard your freedom flame:
See how turbulent times threaten its spark
Into the shadow and the waiting dark

Guard your freedom flame:
Share your spark, ignite hope for you and me
Increase, again increase, this liberty

Guard your freedom flame: Do not permit
Events or people to extinguish it
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