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The Poet Tree Apr 2019
Dear child that I never knew, who knew?
I was growing up but no showing up in your life, my life now without you,
That I would miss your alls, joys, your pains, happiness and your sorrows,
My choice was, live for today but I killed our tomorrow,
All grown up without the help of a so-called dad,
I stole for granted all those things now I will never have,
I look back with regret and suspect you won't let,
The sun ever set on a child of your own that you never met,
Can't wipe your eyes when you cried,
Pride wouldn't let me be a man when I was still a boy inside,
I tried but I lied to the one you can't lie to,
So my only advice is to yourself be true.
Levi Kips Mar 2019
The way she tells me I'm hers and she is mine
Open hand or closed fist would be fine
The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine.

I love hard
I love like a boxing glove loves connecting with a jaw, or my jaw.
Or My love loves connecting with me sometimes that she forgets to wear the gloves,
or get a referee,
or let me know that we are playing this game.
I only know to play along when I hear the bell ring,
or if there's a ringing in my ear from her love taps and she's in that love me stance.
That stance the world ALWAYS misinterprets
The world says that stance means I'm the enemy
But they don't understand our language
In our language that means she's about to give love to my heart
like CPR, so open up and get ready for a pounding.
So open up and take my heart that is yours,
nothing about our love is Taxidermy
it is as true as purple is for royalty
or purple for my skin every time you show your love for me.
This is not abuse, she's not a tornado and i'm not a Kansas home
She's only testing my foundation
Separating the weak parts from the strong
That's normal right?
For the first time i'm doing something normal right?
Thats why we tell our sons to Man up right?! we punch our sons but kiss our daughters.
I'm just doing what i'm told:
Risk it for the biscuit
Do what boxers do, sway with the punches, don't resist
Others say what if this is abuse
I say love is like any drug, and what's a drug without its side effects.
When we lose consciousness together at night, that high is worth all the burning sensation retaliation words I build up in the back of my throat like ****.
When we are alone and I can finally inject her in my system heroine, the track marks she leaves after loving me is the best part cause even when she is gone I can look down at the marks and feel the love all over again.
My love is the only drug I need, it hits hard but....

Thats the way she tells me I'm hers and she is mine
Open hand or closed fist, its all fine
The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine.
Michael Oct 2018
You wonder why your life gets darker,
Yet you treat people like you are their master.
You are using ****,
And a liar to boot.
You want love and respect,
Yet only say stuff you?
Grow up you pig,
It’s time to be a man.
They are your children,
Don’t you understand?
You tell them lies,
And feed them with hate,
Yet here you are wondering,
Why are they late?
You reap what you sew,
Or so they say.
By that measure you must be surrounded by hate.
My step children, unfortunately, have an absolute scumbag for a biological father. He is abusive, manipulative and an outright liar
Thomas Apr 2018
Minute after minute,
Time upon time...
Past loses weigh on my mind,
My only salvation is this pen on this line...

Raised to be strong,
To show not a fear...
Bury the pain,
Shed not a tear...

The soul aches with the burden,
My mind cries out for release...
But my face remains stoic,
The lips not a crease...

To scream with no voice,
This is my curse...
My only salvation,
This ink and this verse
Duzy Aug 2015
"LEAVE ME ALONE" She hissed. It was clear she was ******, her heart closed like a fist.

Even with feelings dismissed you're too hard to resist. So to you I insist that our love should exist.

I recall when we first kissed and my eyes start to mist.

I know I'd strain my wrist if I wrote a list of all the things about you I've missed.
IsReaL E Summers Dec 2014
Point** the finger
As 3 point back at you
Notice the speck in my eye
As sawdust clouds your view
Blame me for all your troubles
We will see just where that leads to
"To thine own self, be true"

— The End —