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Ayesha May 30
The first time, at the age of four,
when I first peeked under my tongue
after brushing my teeth,
I got scared.
Frightened by the ugliness of it.
All the ruptured rivers of my veins and vessels,
the indefinite patterns of colonization of my cells;
a naked mannequin of the story I held inside.

It was as if someone had peeled the skin
off my tongue at my birth
and now all the prisoners were striving to escape.
It was as if someone had abducted the blanket
away, when I was sleeping
and now the monster under the bed was clawing its way out
asking if I needed a friend.

Scared that I would damage the fragile wires,
I carefully laid my tongue back in her cradle,
hoping that someday, the skin would be back.
That she had only walked around the corner of the alley
and she would be back.
That the vacancy in my heart did not mean she was gone,
she had only gone to the mall to grab some sweets
and she would be back.

Each day, I would steal a peep,
in belief that I might find her there.
Though foolish of me, sure, it was to hope.
Smart of me it was to stay away from despair.

I still get scared when I glance under my tongue.
But not because of the ugliness, no.
The darkness.
The darkness that, I know, flows beneath those streams.
The darkness that, I fear, resides behind my skin,
licking, biting and swallowing the hollow of my being.

I still shut my mouth as quick as I can,
sending my tongue back to sleep,
but not because I am afraid to cause damage, no.
The destruction.
The chaos.
All the words that hide inside my enigmatic brain.
All the demons that lurk around the shadows of my heart.

The beasts and ogres that I once crafted
out of the ashes of my soul.
They skulk in the void of my chest,
their laughs echoing around the abyss
where once cherished my being.
They drink and dance, and gamble away all my life.
They joke and sing, and rob me of all my hope.

I still check the cave in my mouth,
day after day.
Not in hope of arrival of spring, no,
but in helplessness of my desperate desire.
In temptation to split open a vessel,
and watch all the nothingness,
flow out of my mouth into the inviting sink.
In temptation to ravage the last barrier into pieces
and feel all my creations drain out of my body.

In temptation to see the corpse of my soul
sail away with the tides of my untiring blood.

--to be free.
When I said I was wondering about life, I might just have meant its end.
Eva May 25
feels like a drug
rushing through my veins.
And I'm addicted.
Hamies May 23
i feel you under my skin
running through my veins
competing with my blood
to see which's going
to reach my heart
Erian Rose May 21
Her fears couldn't catch up to
the warm cinders collapsing in darkness
wildfire coursing through her veins
dailythoughts May 20
They won’t just touch my soul and set me free
Eagerly will open the deepest of wounds and fest on my worst fears
Harshly undress my faith and crush my hope

Victoriously laugh to celebrate my doom
Bleed me red to suffer in dry tears
Waltz with my ghost to slowly scatter my temple  

Taunt to enliven my mistakes
Proudly glorifying my shames
Only to win a soul that has been defeated

I sense them overstepping my shadow
The monsters catching up with my heart and mind
Will I score the final touchdown or will they devour me whole

Touch so contagious
The poison burns running wild in my veins
Won’t be long for when I am all at once taken away
good luck to me
basil May 15
numb fingers
but not from the cold

my heart
is just so tired
of missing you
that the blood
falls asleep
in my veins
i love you, blue eyes.

if your heart once skipped a beat,
That's a pulse missing,
No oxygenated blood flow,
Veins empty as heart left in vain,
Love have arrived.

We die a bit, skips a bit,
only to be reborn in a stranger's shoulders,
Love is the problem and the solution.

It creeps in like a seed,
For sure you will water it
With tear drop
from heart break to miscommunications.

The seed grows
The seed glows.
Jessica S Apr 11
You ripped my heart apart
like it's the easiest thing to do
Left me in pieces, so peaceful
as if you did not care at all
With every breath I take
loneliness spreads through my veins
like it's poison, trying to **** me
And you?
You kiss other girls,
pretend that hole in your heart doesn't exist
You try to fill the empty space
that your empty promises caused
You tell your friends you're fine
and laugh when they ask if you're thinking about me
But late at night,
when nobody sees,
You look at the pictures of me
saved on your phone
So why do you act so victorious
when obviously we both
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