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pistachio Apr 2020
Fleeting episodes
Comet's marigold brilliance
The night of firefly
Teal ocean waves' graceful sways
Lantern lights' dazzling glimmers

The first encounter
Evening rooftop hugs and talks
The late-night dances
Fleeting but never dying
Film tapes caged within my heart
Beautiful short sparkles stay for a long time. (A tanka poem)
Hanna C S Jul 2019
**** baby,
I’m Having another episode,
Will you watch it with me?
My track won’t stop skipping;
Siren won’t stop screaming,
As the song drones on and on and on
And on in screeches of violent pitches

I am reminded that the witches’ words ring true
As I dance with the devil;

I guess it does take two to tango.
Sally A Bayan Mar 2019
1:00 am, 3:00 am ... most nights,
thirty minutes without warning,
restless air, chokes the pipes
when controlled, it explodes in bits
of yellow, orange , dark red and gray
skull seems to crack ... or , is it breaking now?
a darkness follows a wheezing,
desiring to spew all malaise  
expelling bad air, while chasing fresh air
praying a stillness soon rules .... . but , no,
the painful exertion persists
that  disturbing noise just goes on,
and racks one's whole being ... one's world
every rib quivers ... every fiber throbs  
eyes and veins start to bulge
as if to burst on their own...

,, ,, , for a while, a calm occurs ... yet ,
another dreaded episode lurks...

on a dark, restless night such as this,
one can only imagine
~ ~ ~ the undulating waves ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ and the blue waters ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ of the tranquil sea ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~

Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
March 20, 2019

#dreaded episodes  #malaise  #severe cough
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
i'm basically either homicidally happy,
or suicidally sad

but sometimes, i'm a bit of both
amber Jul 2018
smoking a cigarette
I stepped a bit too confidently
in front of a speeding car
amber Jul 2018
wishing for a break
from the hectic mania
that my mind projects
and the absolute havoc
the outside world reaps
wren cole May 2016
Passion, obsession shooting through me, consuming me when I didn't see it coming,
Please be patient while I can't shut up for the next week about the music I listened to or the book that I read.
You see my eyes go blank as I'm chirping to you and then it's
Quiet, too quiet in this small, dark room.
Cold novacaine floods my veins in a single heartbeat,
Novacaine fills my brain in a single heartbeat so I am
Teetering, tottering on the edge of die or live
Because if I can't feel, can't love, can't give
Then what's the point of it?
It usually comes after and it always hits me faster than my mind,
Don't have the time to straighten out my thoughts and make things right before I'm
If this is really worth this feeling, I hit the ceiling, I'm reeling
Now it's darker than the night
No red left in me tonight, I've given up the fight
I'm so tired I can't see
I know we'll play this track again tomorrow but now all I have energy for is sleep.
a cycle I go through most nights + practice with head rhythm
solEmn oaSis Mar 2016
" From The Picture Taker "



My hat is off

With my smiley

Ready to take off

and launch for anybody!

Earphones on my near shoulder

Acting like a sthetoscope

Just to hear my beating heart;

Not only twice but thrice

Nakedly seen on my left chest part!

Chapter recorded by a clapper...

Says--- our story start from now.

Days seemed to be an hour of vow

So share the wisdom feeling you and me

Originally from the picture taker

Even if the captured photo was taken as a selfie!

And we can made within ourselves an artistic soldier.
my sweet and warmth welcome to all
Dawn Anderson Dec 2014
What would you like for Christmas?
A smile
Well why would you want that?*
Because it would make my day better
If I knew I made someone
In a weird place right now
Dawn Anderson Nov 2014
Don't tell me
your sad too.

It hurts
Too much

I want you to be happy
I need you to be

If your sad too
I don't know how to go on

And I want you to continue
in life

While I stay

In the
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