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Am I depressed or does love crush
Anyone who believes in it thus
Leaving lonely lovers in a state
Where we no longer believe in fate
It all seeps through so chemical
Nothing close to feeling ethical
To put people in this mental place
Feeling like theres no choice but embrace
That all you can do is chase or be chased
To finally settle down, personality erased
Im playing good girl now, but you tempt me so
Im better off in my life having told you no
It astounds me that I cant just seem to let go
Cause Im trying to be good, but Id rather shoot low
Entertaining any thought of you is low IQ
The idea of being entangled is too much to chew
But somehow I still get this feeling thats brand new
Its a rush, a flux, a one-off..god i think im gonna puke
Man, I'm trying to be good, but low looks fun to shoot
Its frustrating
And Im not containing
Myself all that well
Its delusional
Trying not to dwell
Tetra Hachiko Jan 23
Im okay
Im okay
Please believe me when I say
That I'm feeling just fine today
I'm okay
I'm okay
Not a care I could feign
Not a day
I won't say
I'm okay
It's what I'll say
Until the day
I pass away
Tetra Hachiko Jan 11
Keep moving forward
Dont spiral toward
The magnet pulling slower
Yet forcefully more
Circling around
Yet to be found
Dutifully bound
To nothing profound
Whats got you kneeling
Is just you reeling
Counting the ceiling
From the boredom youre feeling
Tetra Hachiko Dec 2022
Sometimes i wonder...
If the things i want are things i need
If these glasses really help me to see
If there was ever a need for a king and a queen
What its gonna take for my insides to beam
Most days I ask...
Am I considering all sides of the situation?
Am i the Frankenstein of this creation?
Could this be blamed on my medication?
Why am i filled with such frustration?
But typically I'm just left feeling...
Like the push and pull is uneven
Like someone is always leaving
Like its too broken to recieve again
Like theres gotta be something I can believe in.
Tetra Hachiko Jul 2022
Thrills and dismay
A classic play
Although the stars unwilling
To play their parts
Back from the start
They sang off different pages
While it may seem
They both so keen
The misery resided
And split them up
What nasty luck
A lore so sad to see
Tetra Hachiko Jul 2022
We fell apart
A lasting scar
It cannot be undone
You made your choice
Ignored my voice
Did you think that I had fun?
Im sure you see
Now that she leaves
Exactly how it feels
Filled with regret
A losing bet
Youve lost all your apeal
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