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end Sep 2021
he can't change his clothes
he can't see green
he doesn't like to hear himself singing
but they make me laugh
when they cry, i cry
i didn't go to class
but i watched them live
and they helped me live
they helped me to survive
who else could they be

they're my
dream team
eyes green
shirt blue
red face
know you won't hear
this song my dear
you don't know me
but you're my
dream team

he wears a smile
his goggles are on
he ties up his head band
i'm so far gone
when they laugh, i die
i watched them tonight
told them my struggles
spoke about my fights
they said they were there for me
my dream team

he was taken
he's not found
he took a nap on the ground
it may sound insane
block boys make my day
but who else could have saved me
no one but my dream team
this is about the mcyt dream team 🤡
annh Dec 2019
A twitch of the toes,
A pop of the lips,
A flick of an eyelid:
I watch as electricity sleeps.

‘Hey there, Mr Conductor. Y’know I can’t resist you.’

Sunday schmaltz - sorry.
Soap suds and rubber gloves have that effect. My right hand is wielding a *** scrubber but my brain thinks it’s holding a pen. Let’s call this dishwater doggerel and be done with it. :)
K Balachandran Jul 2018
Lizard’s tail twitch,twist
Poor bug’s wings reciprocate;
The deal is done quick!
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
Don’t touch.
Please don’t touch
I can’t
I won’t.
You will.
I won’t.
Show remorse.
Ride your horse to victory
You scoundrel,
You mongrel,
You monger of fear!
I was complete,
But then you appeared.
I should just…
Who are you?
I will save you.
But how?
Because I love you.
Then I will destroy you.
I don’t want.
I don’t like.
I’m a shell
I'm a shell
K Balachandran Jul 2018
Kingfisher at rest,
Aggression’s switch still twitch;
Uncertain balance!
Wicked Mar 2018
I twitch
I shout
Without thinking
I move
I make noise

I don’t have any control

I ****
I yelp
Without thinking
I flick
I whimper

I never had control

I jump
I yell
Without thinking
I twist
I scream

I’ll never have control
mitus Jan 2018
Crying, crying,
Better off dying.
Unexpected events,  
Tears supplement.
Migraines form,
Friendships storm.
Too old for games,
Never old for pain.
I'll be a ***** to talk to someone twice younger than me,
I'm sure there is one escape plan I can think of, you see.
Most of you are thirteen years old but yet we experience the same thing.
Chirp, chirp, chirp is what the caged bird wanted to sing.
He's lost his chance to chirp, but so have I.
I just don’t want to say my final goodbye.
It's been six minutes already since he's said, "Wait, just give me a chance to explain myself."
But I just want to scavenge the bathroom shelf.
Little bottles and magic pills,
Is where all the truths have spilled.
My teenage angst has caught up to my sins, my soul, and my heart.
Finally, will it run up to my breath and finish the start?
Tell me it will not.
For I will believe you that my arteries will not clot.
I hate the way when I get too attached,
Then too collapsed.
I hate the way when I get too emotional,
Then too unapproachable.
I hate the way when I get too paranoid,
Then too destroyed.
I hate the way I talk to you,
The way I fiddle my hands and twitch my lips.
The way I remove myself from groups just to be with you.
The way I play with my hair and feel the need to throw up.
I hate the way I want you,
Lustfully, and love-fully.
I hate the way I need you,
From the dangerous plead.
This is all going too fast, please reverse this speed.
I can't go on for much longer, but who would know,
For all that I feel
is within the unknown.
Nichole Dec 2017
The shaking,
I can feel it in my whole body and soul,
Is it nervousness?
A twitch?

I think it's more feeling the vibration of life,
Everything is moving,

So I call it the shaking,
A movement,
A groove,

It helps when i'm feeling uncertain,
Or am just feeling in a mood,

I shake, I twitch, I let it all out,

I flick, I move, I shake it all about.
If you like it let me know :)
K Balachandran Sep 2017
Most sublime, the art of love is,
the inner worlds, it keeps churning.
At her I take a hard look; at once
I fully realize this,her lips tremble
like the fecund earth, awaiting seeds!

Eyes acquire a misty morn quality
that to her tell aloud "Look at him!
he is the one you had seen in a dream
and swooned, pained not knowing
where to find him,out side the dream"

That meta text's context quickly get
transferred, to my database of smells
warmth and endearing sounds,pout
of lips conveying multiple meanings;
my search runs exactly three seconds,
decides to cue her on the result,still not
open, an enigma it remains,but she gets it.

A twitch starts at that exact moment,
somewhere deep, that's all I can tell,
in us both it resonates, deep,  till we shake
uncontrollably like two leaves in a blizzard!

Her feet wear, two shoes made of wind,
and mine try to match their frenzied speed,
in course, rush , collide in a mid air embrace.
Two pairs of hungry lips, now need no words,
to see what just spontaneously, did happen
at nature's own, sweet, free, will, ethereal!
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