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  Aug 2020 alexa
Kamarudeen Mustapha
Be you black
Be you white
We are all one

Be you pink
Be you brown
We are all one

Man is man
No matter his colour
No matter his tongue
alexa Aug 2020
“home isn’t a place. home is a person,” has never felt so true.

the only thing that i can think about is you.

i’m sorry for ruining it. it was me, not you, as cliche as that sounds.

i want to go home.
miss you, baby.
  Aug 2020 alexa
I didn't want to be mature for my age.
I wanted to be a kid.
alexa Jul 2020
i never thought i’d be so blessed.
sometimes it still feels as if i’m the little pest.

you’re the greatest thing to happen to me, boy blue.
you taught me something brand new.

you taught me love and patience.
something i had already thought i understood.

but everything is different with you,
i think about you with everything i do.

because i do this for you,
whether you see it or not.

for you, boy blue,
there’s very few things i wouldn’t do.
i’m blessed to know you and to raise you. i wish you nothing but well.
alexa Jul 2020
i never felt the need to say it
but it’s time to bid aideu.

you made me feel things
almost as if you unleashed a zoo

i miss you sometimes
but then i remember what you turned into

you treat me
as if i’m a shoe

you wear me out until you can’t anymore
but you can’t return me to the store

as much as you try,
i’ll never be who i was before.

with this,
i say goodbye and thank you

i hope one day
you stop acting how you do
i’ll miss you. ring me when you’re ready.
alexa Jul 2020
it hurts.

i don’t know what but i can feel it.

all the time,
alexa Jun 2020
i've searched near and far for you,
i've found very few.

you come at night,
sometimes you even give me a fright.

sometimes in the middle of the day,
when i'm trying to keep my peace at bay.

you've never helped me;
yet i still need you
because you help me breathe.
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