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Susanna Jun 22
my poems are so good that they're bad. they are infinitely deep and meaningful and therefore don't mean anything at all.
Susanna Nov 2018
Some find me amusing
Some find me bemusing.
Others find me vexing
Or even perplexing.

I don't care what you think
Unless I do.
But I mustn't look down
And start feeling blue.
Susanna Nov 2018
Here is a poem I composed for you,
Like the ripples in the laces when I tie my shoes.

Discombobulating bobbleheads,
The knobby knuckles,
The seat belt buckle.
Introspeculating lobby beds.
The bumps in the road were on my head,
Disconnecting me from the thread.
Susanna Nov 2018
maybe i should just press delete
to make my words disappear
because i'm not a poet.
Susanna Oct 2018
Greetings, good sir, please, may you be troubled to donate your time and attention, so that I might share with you a little nugget of knowledge? Rather, a packet of information?


Well perchance you have not considered this hypothesis,
but I do belive you may or may not be a natural born idot.

A natural born idiot, my good sir?! Why, my heavens, I do belive I most certainly have considered that proposition! In fact, I consider it every day!
a conversation between two dapper gentlemen
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