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Susanna Aug 18
My mind is like a pawn shop.

Most people wouldn't care about all the odds and ends in there.

But if you do, and you can make a fair exchange, anything in there is yours.

So shop around any time,

You never know what you may find
Susanna Aug 18
people staring
lights glaring
Susanna Aug 12
don't be too pretty,
or else your body will get stolen
can't have **** in detroit, amirite?
Susanna Aug 11
milk is just grass
stupid questions on quora
what's music?
*** is weird
there must be more to life
can i brush your teeth?
ellen degenerate
i'd smile for you even though you don't deserve it
Susanna Aug 9
i received a hug from an invisible force
it felt amazing
until i realized i couldn't move
Susanna Aug 9
i just ate dinner
now i'm a new person
can we start over?
nice to meet you.
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