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Sophia Dec 2020
The last song MCR sang together live before they broke up was Helena. So that means the last lyrics they sang together were,
"So long and goodnight.".   :(
Sophia Dec 2020
I want my funeral to be EXACTLY like the one in the music video for Helena by My Chemical Romance.
Natasha Monica Oct 2020
O fair Helena descending-
How could you not look at me?
You were once Narcissus in the meadow;
Kissing the soil-
Blooming with lavenders-
Basking in the afternoon sun-
Where did all your sunshine go?

Your blurry reflection-
       of somberness;
                  heavy eyes;
                          calloused hands;
                                 disheveled hair;
                                   timid air-
                               Dismayed the goddess in you.

                                          Faded golden lyre;
                                     Withered Pierian roses;
                                      Crushed altar of flame;  
                                            Mortal madness!
                                    Ascend back to the divines-
                                    Depart from this mortal coil;
                                 Be the Narcissus in the meadow.
Inspired by Jon More
Coleen Mzarriz Aug 2020

She was there
wearing her favorite sweater
while she was hoping
to get her life —
beaten like a raw egg
then I made this song,
about Helena.


“So long and goodnight,
So long and goodnight.”
I hummed,
gently touching her cold face
when the chrysanthemums
she holds
brought me back to her
and the rain pours.
Her unkempt hair —
her cold swollen hands
her eyes as dead
as the digging hearse
unto her,
I made this song.


“When the star falls,
I'll be holding on tonight
if I stay, would it make a difference?
Well, carry on don't sleep
hear me and stay.”
I strum in the strings of
yarns weaving
the ropes of life
attached — while she dances
barefoot and reckless.
'Til I come running
and her faint breath, gone.


This is the last verse of the song.
When slowly the sun
yet to rise again,
piercing through
her damp soul,
I sang the last piece
and wore a vintage smile,
after her last fainting breath —
she heard the song.
Helena sold the pieces of her soul.
I've always been fascinated by the name, Helena. I wrote about her twice. You can check out my short story, "The Aroma of Her Crimson's Blood" here.

P.S Listen to Helena by My Chemical Romance
Thorns Apr 2019
Have you ever seen something that you've seen a million times?
And still feel amazed, nearly enchanted by it
The sounds, the color, the life, and people
Every time, you're filled with wonder
You can't take your eyes off of it
It's wonderful
Wonder filled

— The End —