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Bus Poet Stop Jul 2020
at my stop,
but very few getting on,
even fewer getting off, all
on account nobody feels
like going anyplace anyway

I don’t mind,
like stretching out,
and the big picture
sized windows mine,
now all to myself, got
fantastic view of
empty streets

the bus drivers don’t
kick me off at the last
stop anymore, happy
for the company, even
though the drivers are
the sorriest sad sacks,
crying quietly under
the masks that don’t
hide all that much
let me know
when you will go
as you take with you
everything even my soul

i search for my self
my eyes  will give
answer that it might go

the time will pass
the time comes
my watch annoys
as i look at times
she finally stops

my heart knocks
in spite of its knocks

the lamp is off
as the electricity was off
my brain was light
waiting her bright
love ignites every inch.
raquezha Jun 2019
Stops music
Rewind time
Pause for awhile
then play again

Everyday is like this
I want to get out
I look at the sky
when I'm tired
sick of being like this
now I'm wondering
of all the words
that this poem can start
why it has to be stops

I'm stuck

I should rewind my life
Euphie Feb 2019
You gave me all of the colours of love,
let us get lost somewhere
where time stops forever.
Xaela San Aug 2018
In the kingdom of royalties and nobles

We hid ourselves amongst the darkest corner

Avoiding such extravagant parties of fame and power,

Instead we found ourselves in each other's eyes

Though it was never as magical as those stories told

It left a sense of excitement in me,

But never did you know we will meet again

In the morning of intertwined fate

Inside the Kingdom we vow to serve till death

Together we rise our sword for the Kingdom we protect

Side by side as Knights we will fight till our last breath;

And how I wish to be with you even if the night comes

As the moonlight touches our bare skins tonight

Yet that would never happen for I will let you go now

This time I will serve my stand as the noble's daughter

And leave my sword in the Kingdom as a reminder of our history

And you will remain the Kingdom's right hand protector;

Finally this time our path stops to intertwined

As we now move forward, not looking back with our pride held high.
Nazim Rizvic Aug 2018
Out of sync, when all is
mine. Unforgiving, is the
power of time. She asks of
he, plainly, will it end? The
sadness, of the unknown.
Her, inability, he, so willingly,
sought the gladness, of she.
Can we all not share, the same
despair, of lovers who dare, to
undo the unfair? No. Happiness,
only burdens the few. I envy you.
Be happy.
Poetic T Dec 2017
I've rode a bus to nowhere,
          but I wrote down every stop
to realize that
       even though we don't realize it!!
                        In our journey there are much
better places to get off than the last stop.
JayceeJellies Oct 2017
The car slows down
and in the moment
so does the sound,
all I can hear is my heart.

The car stops and so do I,
as I start to cry
I let everything out
that was being held inside.
flowerheart Feb 2017
(he seemed happier,
i swear,
when i wasn’t there)

and the wedge between our friendship
will never really leave
and the One Who Invited Himself
will tell his friends that i’m a *****
make a life lesson out of me
to his children
foolish boy

don’t you know your love is waiting for you
and that sometimes nothing can be said
or done
and that love can’t be forced
or, in a way that makes sense,
talked about ?
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