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NoctOwl Aug 2022
When the longingness
Strikes once again
And the "what ifs"
Seek more answers

I strengthen my resolve
Keep my head up high
And give a long sigh
This too, will pass by.
Amrita Tiwari May 2022
I had forgotten how it feels to be touched by you
You left my heart broken and mind askew
The longingness to see you
For eternity and eternally, or just seconds, few
I, henceforth remained unbothered and sad,
Even in a gala milieu!
You came back by a whisker and feelings, see through
And asked me to gather something new and old , something borrowed and  blue
I felt some jitters and saw love inked hues
I felt so lost when it should've been good in lieu
Then one day you woke up and away you flew
You told me it's over, out of love, you grew
I then remembered how it feels to be hurt by the cruel,
I then learnt, love leaves you unscathed and glad, if true
And seems precious than any material, money or jewel
You will find it in the world, first find it in YOU.
Self love is the most important kind of love that you can begin with...the rest will follow itself :)
ArominizedM Jan 2019
I value silence,
as I long to value you.
I stand at the cross-way,
as long as my heels fall crude.

I stand in awe of virtue
and the nonchalant glance, oh self-aware.
I graze the reins of my misstep
only to falter with a croak unaware.

I dismay the tranquil uproar
of a deaf mind and a loud whisper;
only to fall back to an earthy rug
and watch you leave asunder.
Marg Balvaloza Jun 2018
every night
she keeps on thinking
what would it be like
to fell asleep on to his side

to feel his loving arms
wrapped around her
that will make her feel safe
all through the night

{ l.m.l.b }
So tell me? How does it feel to crave for something you haven't felt before?
Or would you rather tell yourself you don't know how it feels every time he wraps his arms around just because you know it'll never happen again? In the end, 'twas all part of your great pretend. All of these wistful thinking are just part of happy memories left in the past. // 12.01.14
Eugene Jul 2016
Pipigilan ko ba kung hindi ko na kaya?
Hahayaan ko na lang bang umagos ang mga luha?
Tatahimik na lamang ba ako at hindi magsasalita,
Kung puso ko ngayon ay mabigat na mabigat na?

Ano ba ang kasalanan ko at ako ay pinagkaitan?
Nagkamali ba ako, kaya pasan ko ang kapighatian?
May magagagawa pa ba ako kung dalawa na kayo ang nang-iwan,
At isisigaw na lamang sa hangin ang lahat ng aking pinagdaanan?

Tinutusok ang puso ko, nadudurog na parang yelo.
Nanghihina ako, kulang na lang ako ay mag-deliryo.
Ano ba kasi ang kasalanan ko at ako ay pinaghiwalay ninyo?
Nasaan ang pagmamahal na matagal kong hinintay na maramdaman sa tunay na ina ko?

Tatlong dekada akong nagtiis sa pag-aakalang tama kayo.
Tatlong dekada akong naghirap para maiahon ko kayo.
Tatlong dekada akong nagbigay ng purong pagmamahal para ipagmalaki ninyo ako.
Pero bakit kailangang itago ninyo ang katotohanan sa tunay na pagkatao ko?

Sinubukan kong tuklasin pero pinagbawalan niyo ako.
Tinangka kong alamin pero ayaw ninyo.
Nang tangayin ang pag-asang mayroon ako,
Hindi niyo sinabing may tunay na kapatid pala ako.

Hahalikan ko na lamang ang hangin.
Pakikinggan ko na lamang ang boses ng kalikasan.
Sasayaw sa tunog ng kalembang sa kung saan,
Hanggang sa buhay ko ay tuluyan maparam.
There is a certain kind of longingness that even words nor photographs cannot fill in.
And that is when, i want to write about you, the most.
This amount of emptiness needs to be said. It needs to flow like the ink in my pen or the the blood in my veins,
to sustain my sanity or else...
Melancholic thoughts will run and invade my mind until all the hope in my heart is gone.
This is my other way of saying i miss you and this is just a part of the whole feeling. I miss you so much J.
Eugene Aug 2015
It's been years since I have visited your grave.
It's been years since the last time I cried your wake.
It's been a long time and I missed the love you gave.
How I wish that tears won't fall if I step on your coffin and break.

In your silent sanctuary that only God can hear, I knelt down and pray.
In your silent sanctuary that silence canopied the wide open cemetery,
I release my anger, pain, hatred and agony.
In your silent sanctuary where you saw me sobbing silently,
I have no fear expressing my emotions wholeheartedly.

In your silent sanctuary, I found peace and prolonged harmony...
Hana Mariano Feb 2015
**** this feeling of loneliness
The vast of emptiness that cralws in through your soul
Slowly taking you away from reality
Patiently, waiting for something to happen.
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