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vivid blushes of cerise
painted the morn's waking dawn
they served as a portent
to the coming rains
I have poems painted like the Pyramids on my skin
They sprink like umbers, burning demons on my sleep,
Am a god.

Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image"
Genesis 1:26
Solaces May 2017
Painted black windows...
The sun pushed some light into my window one day after I had painted them all black. Turns out I had missed just a small speak of glass and the sun came in like a beam of light and shined at the center of the my dark room.  I put my hand into the light.  It was so beautiful. Just a simple beam of light shining on my hand in a dark room.  Made me feel good inside.  This small beam of light made me smile alone in the darkness.  I don't know why. But it did. You see I wanted a room where no light came in. I wanted it dark, I wanted it cold.  But my simple mistake let in some light.  It was cosmic, it was dreamlike, I had created something that made my soul smile creating a memory that I will never forget. Sometimes just the simple little things can make you smile forever.
sol Mar 2017
people write poems
about subjects
such as him.

with painted nails,
glittering eyes,
polished skin,

he is like poetry
about women
with lipstick
the color
of sin.

and as he drinks
his wine, they
will sit and write
poems about
subjects such
as him.
actually kinda proud of this
How many eyes will you paint my dear to see
Your image in the mirrors just all around you
Love for beauty is eternal not based on any plea
It is not good to see oneself through and through

Music of heart ,music of soul is beyond creation
Love pursues and beauty gets soothing vibration
Life does not fit in either in my or in your fashion
Body embraces death leaving soul with passion

My sweetheart paint my soul in love leaving body
You can capture my real love if you can paint free
With painted soul eternally without wink I will see
Not my real self but my eyes with just painted copy

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Vani j Jun 2016
If u like trouble,
Then u should come to my place
It has got walls painted with heartbreak,
And no................I had never had a lover
So its hard to explain whose blood got splattered on the gates
Catalina May 2016
Atop oil stained concrete
A fast food employee
Wears a headset
Takes out the trash

And god is an eloquent *****
She paints freckles on his face
A cigarette in his hand
Stone Fox Jul 2015
I prefer the shadows these days. Brightness and "clarity" only blinds the flickle.
This darkness becomes me. For I know what it feels like to be fire, to be the element.
I was so tired of wearing that jaggedely twisted unclean smile.
These traitorous painted lips smiled at any excuse, sometimes never refusing to stop.
Only a Jester's sinister grin came close to being just as terrifying.
My new and improved stormy demeanor came with a charming and intimidating scowl.
Mornings were finally productive because i no longer found my reflection mocking me with it's constant unwilling, gentle leer.
Finally, it was your turn to smile like the menace.
My inner monster was thrilled in the shadows, no doubt already thinking up, cruel ways to make it happen.
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