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David Hilburn Jun 30
Sense of a sulking
Light to favor the window
The rose of unity in passing
Has a question to its lips, the corners of woe?

Having a seat in such a chamber
Requited history to assume a table
Of friends of airs, the toil of another world
Once in love, twice a gifted artist, another time and a fable

See the heat I make, when sight has a call
To require adage, from the poise we know
To ends in a prophet's hands, the tale of all
And every fate of shall, the world have those?

A glass of wine...
And summation is a harrowing gone missing
The truth to be held, for an austere shine
As we see the composure of sin, sigh when is

Include me in the pout, the pout of sincerity
Where one more kindness, has a moment to consider
Serpents of long teeth, that savor the taste of need, visionary's?
And abated breath, the comment I make is meant, here...

Where art has a clue...
To vices charity, an instinct that also has chaste due
When the mirth, the homage, the drama of younger and older who
Is but a catch of light, on the silence we bare, is our promise to...
Mozart once said, "The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between"
Seranaea Jones Sep 2020
i felt a presence as i walked
past its shadow between
restless sunbeams and
lazy dark patches

too small to fill a stadium and
too light to resist a breeze,
it could not muster the most
muted sigh of thunder

still, it singled me out from acres
of trees and multi-laid squares
of rooftop hide-aways

and followed—

to send a message of being
to an insignificant recipient

through a small break within
divided thoughts, into a brief
opening underneath—

a single drop, into a
downpour of

"the cloud"
© 2008 by Seranaea Jones
all rights reserved
Poetic T Aug 2020
Ill never write with the constructs
of ink no matter its shading,
                as it has no edges, no fear or freedom.

Instead I use a scalpel to cut clean words
even though not evidentially visible
             all cuts have meaning.

But ever metaphorical stain takes
         time to show its meaning..

You may not see what I mean
         i write in a different manner to


But let time show the interpretation
                     that was there but never understood

till you looked beneath the incise significance
               even if not seen now,

                         just realise its there...
Ylzm Jul 2020
A little thing matters
not in the thing itself
but if it matters to one
who cares for the little
Katherine Jul 2020
Shy crowns knocking gold together
Old earth resting for the span of a lifetime, barely a moment.
He says, ‘Doesn’t it make you feel insignificant?’
And you have to silence yourself, can’t respond to how incredibly wrong he is-
This is only the surface. In all the design of the world, at this moment, you are more significant than you ever have been.
Your being and breath feed this place. Everything else has been immaterial, if this is all you have ever done, if this is all you do, the very word to describe it is significant.
Aisha Nov 2019
My gaze falls on you,
and everything around me
starts to slowly fade away.
For that moment, nothing
except you seems significant
and all I want is,
to tell you I feel about you,
My fierce feelings;
the familiarity of a home.

But I am not acquainted
with the idea of a home,
and that's the tragedy
of finding it
inside a person,
You cannot perpetually stay.
I've never known what home really is.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When I feel
too small and unimportant
to be worth other’s consideration,
I remind myself
it is my responsibility
to strive to achieve
my joy and happiness
and others’ joy and happiness,
and by taking on this challenge
I make myself significant
to my joy and happiness
and others’ joy and happiness.
Poetic T Jun 2019
I regret the singular second
        before this infinite gap

of beneficial significance.

But once it wonders past me,

   tragedy befell the passing as
          it died to its decay.
never being used to potential.

So solitary in relevance.

But everything withers,
                                some remembered
in passing, but most forgotten
within the seconds that have faded
                         so many times before.
emmaa Dec 2018
maybe i'm not meant to be anything
maybe i'm just here to inspire the something
or maybe i'm as significant as a leave on the ground
once vibrant and green
now crushed beneath your feet
Jenny Oct 2018
EXPECTATIONS, what are expectations?
It was a 12-letter word that I’ve set as a standard
Where anything way below, acceptance is just too hard
It was the moment I kept myself away from freedom,
Freedom of doing what I want to do
Freedom of not having fun to what I love.

Am I still the person who is willing to win this battle?

Now that I think of it,
Your opinion affects my system as it greatly matters.
I lose self-reliance because our belief prominently differs
Your words direct my capacity into incapability

I lost myself,
I lost my long-term built confidence, just so yours be followed.
I believed I never made the right choice,
The moment your opinion kept the majority’s mind closed.
I was never person I ought to be.
I was blinded by the pressure you form inside me
Letting me consider I wasn’t doing enough,
Luring me into what our society want,
Persuading me that in all things that I do, I can’t.
No, I am not a loser but. . .
I’m tired.
Set by high expectations
Labelled by your opinions
Filled by Pressure
Can I survive this battle?
These three just consumed my positivity.
All I have wasn’t enough,
my fighting spirit reached its limit,
I think I’ll be losing the battle.
I think I need to quit.
I quit.

I quit reaching your expectations
I quit on becoming a puppet of your opinion
I quit being a slave of pressure.
I’ll quit just so I could win this battle.

I’ll stand on my own standards and expectations
I’ll do what I think is best for me even though failure would arrive and teach me a lesson
Societal standards are up but I’ll set my own
I’ll be the queen of my freedom, where positivity overflows and life continuously goes on

Your opinion may somewhat matter
But you can’t have the compass to my journey of becoming stronger
I’ll be learning to eliminate
Just for my self-choices could dominate
I’ll turn pressure into power,
Power to survive, power to become better
I will win this battle.
No more expectations,
No insignificant opinion
No more peer-pressure to stop this motion.
No more stops just rest.
Victory is in me, all I have was the best.
I am a quitter on quitting.
Don't quit, just take a rest and continue life.
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