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I'm sorry
But this song will be
My deepest apology
From someone like me

I should've treated you better
Not that kind of girl who
Give thorns from words in my songs
If you'd read this letter
I hope you'll feel better

I'm your cactus friend
Who tries to hug you
But instead
Give thorns that made you bled

I'm sorry I'm waving good bye
But this will help you fly high
So go chase that dream
And forget that I have lived

I'm your cactus friend
Don't worry this soon will end
I'm sorry if I'd hurt you badly
You'll soon be sleeping soundly

I just wanna say I'm sorry
And thank you
My dearest friend
It's me your cactus friend
This is the raw sketch of my song Your Cactus Friend. It's a result of my overthinking that I thought I'm not enough. It was supposed to be for my ex-boyfriend but after some years I learned that it was for the people I cared but pushed away. Hope you like it though.
Did i truly loved you?
Or not for I was forcing my burdens on you?
Did I saw you as my one?
Or did I saw you as the one?
As a victim whom I can pass my burdens on,
So that I can feel lighter?
As time goes on,
Did I really fell for you?
Or did I fell for the reason I have set standards on you?
Am I just proclaiming this is love that I have felt for you?
Or is this really love trying to convinvce me over?
Was I just confused?
With love and infatuation?
Is this really love?
Or am I just setting my standards on you?
If this is really love,
Why did I expected more from you?
When I say I already have accepted you as a whole?
Did I really accepted you?
Or did I just disregard those ugly facts and looked where I just wanted to?
Was I afraid because I don't want to lose you?
Or is it because if I lose you I'll be losing myself too?
Writen on September 18, 2019 13:38
How does it feel like,
To be one of those lights?
Sharing thy brightness,
Very contagious smiles.

Oh, I'm awed and psyched
Wish that I could touch you,
To confirm if you're true
Far from illusive hues

Then stare on your never ending happiness,
That is truly evident in your face.
I wish I could have some too,
Your beauty within the surface.
Our love is like a beautiful harmony,
That's slowly turning into a sad melody.

Envious and calming,
Like the angry ocean,
Returning back at shore,
Ready to be at peace
Yet we can not come home
Whatever may happen
I'll pray for your safety
Because that's who I am

Exhausting road is nothing
When your love is present
I won't stop being there for you
Until you give up once again

This is what my heart sings for
It's humming for your name
Can you now hear repetition?
It's cold and dry
But it will never die
The wounds from thy past
Don't let agony last
Though it wont be that fast
Someday you'll still surpass
Will, whilst,
Flower and stem.
Will you forgive me,
For who I am?

Dark, gray,
Wandering stray.
Will you join me,
On my quest today?

Clouds of dust,
In a busy day.
Hope we'll meet again,
My very own someday.
I wrote this for someone special, after we got complicated and separated. Our feelings for each other got complicated too and so we'll wait what'll happen next.

— The End —