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Sindi Jul 2021
Pretty power petals

Sit around a garden

Creating a scene of serenity

Pretty power petals

Sit full of peace and love
© Sindi Kalumba
Jaxey Apr 2019
I'm torn between
The comfort
Of your waist
And the warmth
Of your cheek
always the neck
MJL Feb 2019
Snow flakes settle on your lashes
Melt to cool tears
Rolling gently over your cherry cheeks
To kiss the corners of your warm smile
Bedazzling winter bling
Icy joy brought from heaven
Simply beautiful

© 2019 MJL
For my love.
Nik Bland Jan 2019
She paints such things
That the world thought it knew
But in such a way
That each color, each hue
Each texture, so surreal
It transcended the real
And gave off the feel
Of Monique

Born of the embers
Of undiscovered stars
With eyes that would shine
Amidst streetlights and cars
And then outshine the day
With a brilliant array
As if this world, it spake
Of Monique

Emulating sunrises
With beauties of sunsets
A smile on her face
That no soul would forget
Each whisper a symphony
Embedded in history
The untold, renowned mysteries
Of Monique

Prophet and poet
Both will rise and will fall
The words of greats and kings
Will then fade, all in all
Yes the universe sings in praise
Compilations all raised
On the beautiful shades
Of Monique

My voice is cracking
My eyes filled with crust
These fingers will curl
As I venture to the dust
But I would wish nothing more
Than to write a score
Of the love that is stored
For Monique
Karol May 2018
I still think you´re a masterpiece
The artwork I could admire forever
But as every other beautiful piece of art
You don’t belong to me

Oh honey
it hurts like hell
To be standing here craving you

In the door of the gallery
One last look
with tears in my eyes
And praying that who takes you home
Will appreciate the art of you
Wanting someone so unattainable
madilouhew Jun 2016
i held your face in my lap
thinking about the countless times
i have traced over freckles and creases
constantly discovering new constellations
never getting tired of your perfect imperfections
i mean that is just how things are
you never experience the same things
in the exact same way twice
you are like watching my favorite movie
for the thousandth time
i know how it ends
i have every line and every scene memorized
but i am still surprised when i discover
new things in the background
its the same with destinations
out of all of the places we have been together
you are still my favorite
i’ve been there before
i have the map memorized
trails only i have walked
parts of your mind only i have seen
but each mental picture i take
has different lighting
or is taken from a different angle
you are my favorite song
i know all of the lyrics by heart but some days
different lines stand out to me more than others
sometimes i like to listen to the acoustic version
and somedays i cant stand to hear it at all
my favorite parts of you are constantly changing and growing
and i am okay with that
you are both my something old and my something new
i am glad i get the chance to experience both parts of you
i am boy crazy ugh
Lovey Aug 2015
I have gone through the pain those whom are close know.
I have endured it all.
Theres those whom pity me or my life.
I ask for no pity of those.
Nor sadness.
I only ask as of eyes upon my passion.
My life.
It is not one to say its well.
Its not quite easy but ive dealt.
I may have broken but i musnt say im no queen.
I may feel deep pain from a time, A time called the past.
I've learned.
My past is not to consume whom I am.
My past is a story.
Its my pain i hold yes.
It still hurts me to the present day.
I've come to know my pain dearly well.
But i've turned pain.
Death defying pain into wisdom and strength.
Ive become the queen i was.
I've only became stronger through the time being.
Pain kills but also heals.

chainedwhore Nov 2014
It really is hard *** I do have love for you
Even after finding out the real reasons u were there for u kno who!

I kno u grew to like me alittle ...
It just ***** *** now we can find a way to hang out and meet In the middle!

U really did make me happier and brought me lots of joy
Just suxs now *** I can't play anymore with my boy toy ( jk)

I'm sorry I didn't tell u how u being there affected me
Maybe one day i will be able to but until then in my heart missing u is where u will be!!
M I miss u so much u brought me a lot of positive securities that were insecurities and I love u for that!
Alexander Anilao Nov 2014
I really enjoy school,
like, really REALLY enjoy school.
Aside from the insurance of a happier future, which will come in time,
there's also that guarantee of a happier time, which is now,
which is whenever she's around.

Whenever she's around, I do better, simple as that.
It's the simplest fact, she motivates me.
She motivates me to get that 100%, to do more than just pass,
to get A's as straight as Rulers used in geometry class,
Shout out to Mrs. L!

And you know what isn't enough?
7 periods in a day.
Give me 10 more commas, a hyphen, anything, to help me catch my breath –
she's taken it all, and with it she ran away.

She takes notes as efficiently as the way she passes them to me.
I'd study our nation's entire timeline, and still make time for dinner and a movie.

She makes me smile like there were helium balloons tied to the ends of my lips,  
balloons, red like my cheeks, as they touch the ends of your fingertips,

But before it can rise  past the stratosphere,
Take my hand, let's get out of here,
I don't need to be in chemistry class,
We've already taught each other that,
and truthfully my dear,

we've got a bond stronger than H2O.

So drown me in memories we've made,
and hold me under the ones we will.

If I have to be wherever you are, no matter how far, I'll be there still.

You make perfect attendance so **** easy to me.

This is for "no one" in particular.

An extended version of an already existing piece of mine. If you're writing something lovey dovey, and you've got the right muse, your work can last forever to be quite honest. There was a point where everything just started to become automatic, it may even be fragmentation idk. I talk too much. Goodnight
Harly Coward Oct 2014
I didn't meet you that long ago,
But now the wind knocking rain drops,
From the tree tops,
Sounds like an orchestrated symphony.

But the long love lettered lips,
Tell me that in turn they push onto mine with passion.
Because you have my full and undying attention.

All do to one,


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