Holly May 19

I tried to write of someone new,
But everything I wrote down,
Made me remember you.

I wanted to talk about his dazzling smile.
And the way it makes the air around me glow.
But then I saw your face.
Plastered on that smile that always knows.

I wanted to write about his eyes.
Oh, how the sun makes them gleam.
But then I saw your gaze.
That one that makes me look away.

I want to find out his personality and charm,
But then you start reaching out your arm..
And tell me things like,
"If only time was different."

I can only think that he'll be another you.
All of his dazzling features to haunt me in the time coming soon.

I guess I haven't grown very strong.
I still can't see your face and feel nothing at all.

The Lonely Bard Oct 2016

When I First Met The Angel,
She Was Very Much Youthful,
Carry She Did An Invisible Title,
Yes The Title Of The Most Beautiful,
But Now The Charm Has Just Faded,
All Her Love Was Everything But Real,
She's Immortal But Of Course Immoral,
Now Know About Her Grey Escapades.

Angel Remembered – Part 4/7

HP Poem #1192
©Atul Kaushal
Poetic T Jun 2016

Yearning to touch that which was unblemished
in features but on a pedestal of damnation it
lingered, there was aspiration to behold it on its
untenanted visage that was as blank as paper but
still felt the need to see beyond it nothingness.

Its limbs tried to expel there reach to this needed
vision of perfection. But were abstained by lingering
twines of discord always keeping those infatuations
at arms length. Below were imperfections that were
offered but neglected to the lower depths of its sight.

To obtain that which was desired but, through wilful
objection it could not tender it upon its self. reaching
ever more upon that which it wished to behold on its
needing but could not own. It will always reach for
the unattainable perfection that it seek just within reach.

Lady Narnia May 2016

Key after key, letters clamor onto my screen
In valiant effort to create that never before seen
Braces and brackets, colons semi or not
It's taking some time, patience and thought

A picture, painted by ten thousand letters
Divinely presented with wonderful CSS headers
And more, this picture will be able to do
For its features will be far from few

Talk to another, quickly and fast
Chat in groups, to make relationships last
Co-authoring easier with dynamic group editing...?
Assuming it all works, I'm still hoping and betting!

Wave after wave, this beach will come together
I'll be darned if I have to say never
The sun will rise, and so too a poet
Where they'll certainly smile, I just know it!

This digital sea by which I float,
a long voyage that awaits this boat
One where I will design the pristine shore
Bringing poet passengers, more and more

Poetic T Apr 2016

She never spoke but words where embellished upon
her features. Her distressed ink smudged on her white
features marking on ever word painted upon her.

Her purity was now blemished not as it was, but with
ever word discarded on her she became not once before.
voices became stains on every part of her anatomy.

Features were darkened but her visage was scared never
to be as what was before. Words can hurt even become
part of us, but others can stain our purity with just words.

gravygod Dec 2015

those features
kill me
did not have a clue i would be sitting here
dreaming of the teeth behind your lips
the soft freckles that sprinkle your cheeks
the way you breathe heavily in your sleep
i can't even fall asleep without your presence next to me
i'm haunted in the worst ways
hearing your voice whenever alone
covered in chills because you're not here to hold me
i am afraid
of what you could do on your own
without me in mind
the smile you could give someone else
just so easily

introvert Mar 2015

I have a brain that functions well
With the occasional destruction

I have a mind that likes to dwell
Leaves me in the wrong junction

I have a body, but more of a shell
the self-portrait doesn't look so swell

As much as I despise 'em
My features are my treasure

I must love them all
In a healthy fashion

Because I am...


more lyrical than poetic. I feel this represents a journey of mine; to self-love.
chris m Aug 2014

caught in moments,
arches of our lives intertwining and declining
sine and cosine-ing until we come to a
point on our plane
shared around a table, one reality
my mind to your mind to my mind to our mind
to this conscious existence
we think therefore we are
together, now
now how and what and where and why
as we sit here side by side
my/our memory                                                           ­                                         

Eleanor Kellett Jul 2014

What do I want?
Well not much really,
I simply want;
Over 6"
Dark Hair
Deep eyes
Close to my own age
A dark and alluring voice
Reads, sings
Plays video games would be an added bonus
Is loving
But strong enough to deal with my issues
Sarcastic would be good also
Or else they wouldn't understand anything I say
But most of all I want
Someone who loves me
For me
Not for what
I appear to be

I know this isn't really a poem, just be being odd yet again
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