flames and ice
the river flows
still picture
highlighted features
all the arrangement
all on its places
but in the end
rich stains
is all that remains
ruining the perfection
spit dancer
swear to me
your queendom
how come
her sheets
clung to

get away from me mother
can you not see
that we have
what mother
we can barely
hear you

roll up your sleeve mother
hide the snot from underneath
what have you done mother
will you womb
ever escape me
answer me

come child
from under your defenses
what are these but painful memories
relax my son lay on the tides

what mother



answer me


how much love
an love chucker
Yusof Asnan Nov 2017
Beautiful soul.
Impeccable features.
But flaws are imminent.
Even to the brightest.

Her smile obscure.
Like seeds of darkness,
A stiletto of a dagger.
Lurking in the shadow.

Not in her tales,
But of what befell.
Deep of she hid.
Nightmare concealed.

Brianna Aug 2017
Porcelain skin- it was literally as fragile as a glass doll and when you smiled I was petrified you would shatter in my hands-
Long, dark black hair that you always wore a little too messy for your own good- it flowed around your shoulders-
Glancing to the right with secrets hidden in your eyes, you were always avoiding the camera-
Strawberry red lips and leafy green eyes - you're my favorite fruit-
Forbidden by society  but so tasteful in our secret garden-

"When did you stop smiling? I can't remember the last time you looked this sad" I said as she grabbed her coffee and walked back into the bedroom.. alone.
Brianna Aug 2017
Fire hair flying all around in the cool San Francisco breeze-
Soft skin hidden under layers but still showing your curves so delicately-
Glimmering white teeth and glacier blue eyes; both smiling as though they had a secret-

"Do you remember San Francisco?" He said as she grabbed her coat and headed towards the door.
Holly May 2017
I tried to write of someone new,
But everything I wrote down,
Made me remember you.

I wanted to talk about his dazzling smile.
And the way it makes the air around me glow.
But then I saw your face.
Plastered on that smile that always knows.

I wanted to write about his eyes.
Oh, how the sun makes them gleam.
But then I saw your gaze.
That one that makes me look away.

I want to find out his personality and charm,
But then you start reaching out your arm..
And tell me things like,
"If only time was different."

I can only think that he'll be another you.
All of his dazzling features to haunt me in the time coming soon.

I guess I haven't grown very strong.
I still can't see your face and feel nothing at all.
Atul Oct 2016
When I First Met The Angel,
She Was Very Much Youthful,
Carry She Did An Invisible Title,
Yes The Title Of The Most Beautiful,
But Now The Charm Has Just Faded,
All Her Love Was Everything But Real,
She's Immortal But Of Course Immoral,
Now Know About Her Grey Escapades.
Angel Remembered – Part 4/7

HP Poem #1192
©Atul Kaushal
Poetic T Jun 2016
Yearning to touch that which was unblemished
in features but on a pedestal of damnation it
lingered, there was aspiration to behold it on its
untenanted visage that was as blank as paper but
still felt the need to see beyond it nothingness.

Its limbs tried to expel there reach to this needed
vision of perfection. But were abstained by lingering
twines of discord always keeping those infatuations
at arms length. Below were imperfections that were
offered but neglected to the lower depths of its sight.

To obtain that which was desired but, through wilful
objection it could not tender it upon its self. reaching
ever more upon that which it wished to behold on its
needing but could not own. It will always reach for
the unattainable perfection that it seek just within reach.
Lady Narnia May 2016
Key after key, letters clamor onto my screen
In valiant effort to create that never before seen
Braces and brackets, colons semi or not
It's taking some time, patience and thought

A picture, painted by ten thousand letters
Divinely presented with wonderful CSS headers
And more, this picture will be able to do
For its features will be far from few

Talk to another, quickly and fast
Chat in groups, to make relationships last
Co-authoring easier with dynamic group editing...?
Assuming it all works, I'm still hoping and betting!

Wave after wave, this beach will come together
I'll be darned if I have to say never
The sun will rise, and so too a poet
Where they'll certainly smile, I just know it!

This digital sea by which I float,
a long voyage that awaits this boat
One where I will design the pristine shore
Bringing poet passengers, more and more
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