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Zywa May 8
Beyond the ideas

of we and they is a field --

where I wait for you.
Ghazal 171 'A great wagon' part 3: 'Beyond Islam and unbelief' (Rumi, Quatrain, Isf 158 / F 395,13th century)

Collection 'SoulSenseSun'
Zywa Feb 2
Again no message

in a bottle, no true love --

beginning for me.
"Vindeling" ("Findling", 2019, Vonne van der Meer)

Collection "VacantVoid"
Zywa Feb 1
If only love was

contagious, only too bad --

only bacilli.
"Vindeling" ("Findling", 2019, Vonne van der Meer)

Collection "VacantVoid"
Zywa Jan 29
Don't go to sleep, you

long to love, dare to do it --

and don't go to sleep!
Ghazal 171 "A great wagon" part 4: "The breeze at dawn" (13th century, Mohamed Rumi)

Collection "Love Mind and Death"
Zywa Dec 2021
'Happily Ever After'
on The Wall across
my home, Berlin
is my Berlin

Yet I leaf through
a travel magazine, the sea
beckons, the mountains call
echoes Action! Action!

A man smiles at me
We are angels, I give
him my fear, lend
him my room

I need to go, away
from alone, be more
than my work, promise
someone loyalty
Album "Lodger" (1979, David Bowie)

Film "Der Himmel über Berlin" ("Wings of Desire" ["The Sky Over Berlin"], 1987, Wim Wenders) with Bruno Ganz as the angel Damiel

Collection "Between where"
Zywa Dec 2021
You rushed thunderclouds
and blew the warmth
away, you blew away
I dream you

safe in my love
under waterfalls of happiness
I dream and dream
and dream again

but it keeps snowing
Is there a coat against the cold?
Is there a coat with thick pockets?
Is there a coat warm enough?

Come in my arms, with magic
you get everything you wish
Put on your blue dress
and shake your hair loose

I dream you
safe in our love
With magic the sun shines
With magic you smile at me
- "When I live my dream"
- "Silly boy blue"
- "Sell me a coat"
- "In the heat of the morning"
- "Let me sleep beside you"
Songs on the Album "David Bowie" (1967, Australian release 1968)

Collection "Between where"
Zywa Oct 2021
Do I want him

to dive into my bed sometimes
sometimes not, like an angel --
his wings ready to go?

exactly as I wish
exactly like a man
an experienced lover

who doesn't have to breathe
because he is an angel --
he doesn't smell odours

Perhaps it works
with my new wand
to make a hatch

or folding doors in the sky
something that I can open myself
as a sign: Come! Go!

Or do I want him to stay
and be with me, sometimes as a friend
sometimes as a lover, sometimes as an angel?
For Maria Godschalk #142

Collection "More"
Zywa Jul 2021
Please fold like a pillow
in my back, shape your body softly
to mine, then the pain will sink

down in it, in the embrace
of your affection, you may caress me
lightly over my shoulder, that's all

I can give you if you promise
not to move, I can't cope with more
my open flower remains closed

Sometimes it burns from cramping pain
sometimes from desire, always delicate
everything is delicate inside

too delicate for wild passion
nectar kisses, heavenly sweat
and total satisfaction
Maiden name Puni = Heavenly flower

For Maria Godschalk #117

Collection "On living on"
Zywa Jul 2021
You have to pay: be

beautiful, and nice, and hope --

it is sufficient.
Dagboekroman "Allesverpletterende - Faxen aan Ger" (Diary-novel "All-crushing - Faxes to Ger", 2019, Nicolien Mizee)

Collection "Out of place"
Zywa Jun 2021
Being just the way

I am, together with you –

in our messy love.
“Een tafel vol vlinders” (“A table full of butterflies”, 2009, Tim Krabbé)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s"
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