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Sanjali Jul 22
Her eyes
were the sunset,
Her breath
the cool breeze,
She lured me in,
a captive,
The blue shimmering
Sanjali Jul 5
Every day as I drag this body out of bed
It speaks in ways I cannot comprehend.
“Tired.” It says but its eyes are awake
With a defeated look it closes them again.

Its weight on my back tires me enough
To sit at intervals, places smooth or rough.
Sometimes as I get back on my feet again
It pulls me back sharply, darkening my brain.

Somehow once again, I know I’ll adapt
To this routine of falling and getting back.
Through these days there’s something to gain,
The truth in its eyes when I see in reflection, its face.
Sanjali Jun 29
Yes, my warrior,
You are brave
But lay down your arms
No need to be ashamed.

Cry, my warrior,
You have felt pain.
No need to fight a battle
Where there is nothing to gain.
Sanjali Jun 17
Differences built us up so high
We see the world from the sky,
Clinging to the topmost branch,
The way down is to fall apart.
Sanjali Jun 4
Need to write
A song or two
To ease the mind,
Let the strings be loose.

All my friends
Are here for none,
Yet I shall call them that
For it’s a short word.

Oh once upon a time
I would dance at nights,
Sing like an angel,
But I burned out inside.

A candle that’s lit
with a flame that hurts,
I still look within
To gather what I deserve.

But what is there?
Except dancing witches,
It seems they cursed me
And captured my wishes.

Fear not, I’m done.
Yet I haven’t begun.
Maybe one another day
I’ll rhyme this madness away.
Looking for a way to undo this curse
Sanjali May 31
Somehow I don’t want to talk
Because what I will say
Will end up being lost.
Silence, but at what cost?
It is not that I don’t pray
For this uncertainty to stop
But there is nothing I can say
To help me today.
Of the quiet days.
  May 31 Sanjali
Ciel Noir
my thoughts about you do not rhyme
they are too twisted to repeat
the part of me that wants you
is a part of me that cannot speak
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