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Sanjali May 2021
Spring has brought
flowers to you
it cares not who you are
it cares not what you do
the flowers bloom simply
and the spring
brings them to you
Sanjali Apr 2021
Yet again
The storm has subsided
And I am left
On my knees
  Mar 2021 Sanjali
my home is where my heart is
just a few have the keys
so I let them in

but most have the wrong key
some lose the keys, never to return
some find their way to a different home

I want to let them in
but when I do
my anxiety crawls
and the doors open to walls

the one that I long for, has not found the key
while I ponder and wonder in a room full of thoughts
sometimes I can hear the clanging of keys next door
Sanjali Mar 2021
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Do you know who I am, at all?
Reflect my heart and soul if you’ll please
And all the things unbecoming of me.
Since you see all, could you help?
Teach me how to accept myself.
Mirror Mirror on the wall
I am not the one you reflect, at all.
Sanjali Jan 2021
I don’t like the flowers
You left behind
They remind me of snow
Of the cold nights
We shared together
They smell like home.

I don’t like the flowers
You left behind
Because they remind me I’m alone
Even if I’m ruling
All the stars
I’m far away from home.

Come back to the flowers
You left behind
Or they’ll wither in the storm
Of my anguish
And the longing
Of you and our home.
I wrote this for a painting I made. You can find it here :
Sanjali Jan 2021
Ye wanderer of despair
Keen on yer search
Of sand and glass,
Measuring stars on yer fingers
And years on a bark,
What have ye found
In yer mortality?
That flowers and songs
Could not soothe?
What have ye found
That babbling streams,
The wisdom of leaves
Did not prove true?

Ye wanderer of despair
Listen to the heart of things
Yer mind's a fool.
Sanjali Dec 2020
Shivering limbs with shadows still
The room is a masquerade
For empty robes and beaten bones
Dancing with their silent blades.

Don’t turn your head to the silent dead
They hear the fear you breathe,
Close your eyes; say your goodbyes,
Soon you’ll go underneath.

Here I stay and I await
Your soul to leave your shell,
For you, my love, have yet to burn
In the flames of my own hell.
This was a fun write sometime in the past.
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