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chitragupta Mar 30
We are happy to chirrup with the others
but would the peacocks dance with us?
Our coats not exotic but shabby and plain
And we like being in places close to our nests
We love the sky and to breathe the clean air
But do not aspire to go where eagles dare
Do not pity us, oh great birds of pride
Our songs are sweeter- never mind our size
For vanity and attention is not why they are sung
But to plug the holes you skewered in our hearts
This piece is very close to me.
Because between the lines it tells my story.
They say I'm alone. But they don't know.
I'm a sparrow.
Taylor Feb 25
Are you okay?
I reply No
Oh well society says
You don't belong to us
With smooth pale faces
Secrets are hidden among us
Besides you aren't
Enough for our Standards
Sorry you didn't make the cut
You can always apply next year
This is full of metaphors and things representing what society is doing to people. That is something society needs to wake up and realize we are all alike but seperated by our flaws but our flaws shouldn't make us outcasts.
AvaGrace Aug 2018
i respect your right to live
and to prosper in peace
and i encourage you to grow
with all the space that you need
but is it really necessary
to tear up my roots
im just trying to be
without being moved
i wont drink of your water
or eat of your plate
ill do my fair share
to be a decent roommate
this garden we share
has plenty of room for a few
i don't think its fair
to be picked on by you
so i may not be pedigree
im not flawless its true
but in the end of the summer
you'll see that i bloom
so you may not like me
i may not be ideal
but if you spend a day beside me

you may consider appeal
i wonder how weeds feel in comparison to 'flowers'
alexa Mar 2018
that's how its always been. what makes you think that you can change it with no explanation? no reason at all?

you're the water to my fire. you're the lightning to my thunder. you're the cat to my dog. you're the rock to my world. what in the hell makes you think that you can change that without any reasoning behind it?

we've always been there for each other. we know each other like the backs of our hands. you can't do this to me.

its always been you and me. me and you.

but then again, you're you, and i'm me.
you're the guy who is so outgoing, loving, loud, and funny, my god are you funny.
i'm the girl who always has headphones in. i'm quiet, shy, the outcast, only has like five close friends.

we're from two completely different crowds.
maybe it should stay that way.
i'm just not myself right now and don't know how to express it. i just miss him and i can't change that.
Chells28 Mar 2018
Growing up I never really understood
The concept of parenthood
Cause the adults around me
Only pushed their child to be,
What they wanted to see
Saying 'oh' education is the key
Maybe for them, but not for us,
And because of this we felt lost
Didn't know what to be believe,
What to trust
Inside us their beliefs were conceived
From a seed they wanted us to grow up into a full grown tree
But we were just weeds, fruits couldn't bear on our leaves.
You see everyone's not like you or me
You can not forsee
What they ought to be
Not everyone wants a degree
Or a fancy living
Money driven, life
Some may want to be a family loving house wife
The heart of the household,
Making sure the food's never cold
As well as the family
The stronghold of the home, the gravity
That keeps everything in place
Someone who can not be simply replaced.
Others may want to be an artist
Even though they may not be the smartest
No joke their paintings, the contast, the shadows, are all the sharpest
Times of their best and their darkest
Can be displayed when their ability is harnessed
Simple emotions that are felt,
Can be reflected,
In their master pieces
The quality never decreases
And like me I don't know what this world has in store
But I know for sure
That a score is just a score
And nothing more
I will not let it tie me down
And have myself be drowned in what others believe,
Cause when the time comes my fate will be revealed.
And this little ****
Will be sure to succeed.

EricM Feb 2018
Society is a living animal
A cruel beast with a wicked maw
Serrated teeth and crooked claws
The way it wrangles its undesirables
Into the dark corners of its twisted
Bowels and forces them into
The most demeaning of positions
Offering mindless distraction
To the masses in the consumer
Wasteland of shopping malls or the
Cesspool of so-called entertainment
Eradicating any potential for
Greatness or agency for change
Hard labor for the poor
Or otherwise selling drugs or ***
To eke out an increasingly
Meager existence for themselves
Keeping them on the periphery
Yet constantly prodded by
The spears of the public eye
Suspended on their crucifix
As blood spills to exemplify
What's to come to any who
Should fall short of its graces
V Feb 2018
they told me I
I was a part of it,
that I must comply.

We’re told to comply
in the way we speak,
in the way we interact,
in the way we feel.
Those who oppose,
those who stand
for a transcendental nature
are fitted with the title
of an Outcast.

An Outcast: A person
deemed unfit to live
amongst the classiest
of society. It’s a title
given out by the Elites.
They give out a title
under the predicate of a
falsehood and the personal
perpetual facade of laziness.
I am neither.

I am in the world, yet I am
somewhere that isn't Earth.
I am here, but I am not.
I exist, but my mind, my
opinions become a blur.

My mobility becomes a leisure,
and my leisure becomes my labor;
My labor becomes my profession;
My profession beholds my title.
I roam in the society casted by the
Elites, but I am merely a chess piece
to their game.

I am not an Outcast, I am not an Elite.
I am the class of the inbetween.
I am the silenced voice.
I am the history that’s repeated,
I am not a part of the community.
I am of the voices that
are disregarded.
Edgar MoneyPenny May 2017
johnny don't need to go to school no more
johnny got some bullets that dont shoot slow
johnny got hisself a big auto-matic rifle
johnny got his own version of the bible.
The brokenness of our mental health system
Kenji Feb 2017
Emotions are illusive like the monsters one can see. Monsters cannot be seen, so they live inside your head.
Are the monsters really destroying you? Or is it your thoughts whilst alone, lying in bed...
The illusion of life itself can lead to many emotions of ones mind...
Blinds us.
So we feed on the illusion of negativity.
Things happen that make us see the darkness.
Destructive, like a dead body and a ****** mess.
Yet still I test.

I look around,
I see a sea of faces...
So many faces pretending
To be content with the life they have.
They walk around acting as if marriage and kids is the only source of fulfillment.
I feel a deep wealth of sadness
As the ones without those things
Still continue to progress forward,
While I sit washed away feeling useless.

Useless like a bird without wings...
Numbness is a glimpse.
As the emotions pour into you...
Your soul feels inburdened with dread.

Sin isn't something that I believe in,
I believe in enjoying life to the fullest...
Yet I'm always with both knees to the ground.
Wondering if I'll ever be worthy of success,
I mean I'm just an outcast to most eyes that inhabit this planet.
There's not much meaning to my life.

An outcast with a craving for happiness.
So I take the devils side in hopes for success.
Failure is an illusive matter that my dark mind cannot cope with...
I judge myself in misery.
My dark philosophical thoughts rise inside of me...
Blind eyes see the lies...
And when in doubt, I see it too.
My third eye shut down...
My spirituality is all but gone...
I crave the high...
I need the drug in my veins to fight through the **** pain.

But even happiness is forbidden fruit,
An illusion best served as a party favor.
Written by me and Xoaquin Oznian ...
Our compatible thoughts make a unique poem.
To the outcasts, the freaks
To the silent ones, the unheard
To the criers, the broken
To the heartless, the damaged
To the screamers, the closed off
To the drowners, the dying
To the breathers, the living
To the strong, the weak
To the flimsy, the fragile
To the suicidal, the struggling
To the raging, the bitter
To the sad, the lonely
To the misunderstood, the confused
To the 'why don't you talk,' the 'why don't you shut up?'
To the 'it's all in your head,' the 'It's not important enough'
To the 'stop acting,' the 'stop faking'
To the 'stop being so dramatic,' the 'there are people worse off than you'
To the 'shut up,' the 'you're making no sense'
To the 'I don't understand,' the 'nobody feels this way'
To the 'I can't help you,' the 'get over it'
To the 'you're weird,' the 'this isn't normal'
To the 'go away,' the 'nobody wants you here'
To the 'you break everything you touch,' the 'just die already'
To the 'broken ones,' the 'freaks'
To everyone, to always
To whatever you do, whatever you say
To everything, to everyday
You are not alone.
~ hk
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