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She's a poet who writes with grief
and that made her a thief
Destroy every joyful people's belief
because she writes poetry
that will make you feel such grief. —Tin
Stalwart Dull Feb 13
Whenever I hear your name,
My heart starts to pound
I don't know if it's lame,
But in my eyes, thousands of emotions can be found.

At first, I don't know if it's love
Having that feeling makes my heart throb.
Your voice is a music in my ears
Repeatedly playing while forgetting my fears

My heart was captivated for real
I was obvious, but it's hard to reveal
With those emotions I could barely conceal
I'm done confessing and its no big deal.
Stalwart Dull Dec 2020
I kept my feelings for you
I doubted myself if it was true
But its hard for not giving a clue
And now I'm still into you.
Stalwart Dull Nov 2020
Remember the day we first met,
I never had an idea that one day I'll regret
The day we never knew the reason
Why  we get each other's attention.

Remember when I feel bad of myself that day,
You've been there for me
Whenever I kept on pushing you away,
You never leave me.

Remember the day you kept on proving yourself,
That was the day I looked at myself
I still can't believe how much you try
Here I am, I'm wondering why.

Remember when you sent me home that night,
I told myself you were my knight
't was lame. But you saved me from my fright
Cause you always made me feel alright.

Remember when I told you we were just friends,
That was the day I started to fall
I began to build up my wall
For me to see where it ends

You stayed through my ups and down
In return, you see my face with a frown

Remember the day you taught me how to play the guitar,
I thought I'm still the one.
That was the day I expected so far
Hoping that in your heart I won.

Remember the hard times I went through
I kept my feelings I thought its not true
I pretend as lang as you have no clue
Those were the times I couldn't stop loving you.

Remember when I asked you to sing a song,
That was the time I've waited for so long
I never knew it was late
't was the day we exchanged our fate.

I can still remember the day
I wanted to hug you from your back
And tell you how I wanted you to comeback
That day was your birthday

I can still remember the day, I was happy
The day I'll confess that I'm ready
I saw you with her and I was awaken by reality
You were with her under the tree

I was thankful you set yourself free
Free from hurting because of me
I saw you, I'm sitting from another tree
And that day was March twenty

Remember you had your girlfriend
That was the day I thought it was the end
I swore to my self that I won't fall again
But it's not that easy, I'm tired to pretend.

I can still remember the day you taught me a lesson
A lesson that made me feel I'm in prison
The day I regret what I've done
Wishing your happiness when I'm gone

I can still remember the day I wanted to stop pretending
Stop the lies that seems unending
That day I couldn't stop myself from crying

I can still remember the day my feelings remain
Waiting for you to look in my eyes again
The day I wanted to ask you to stay

I became selfish for all I know
You distance yourself because I told you so

The real thing is I fall hard but you never know
You distance yourself because we let each other go.
PS: It's a thread
I'm writing it on Wattpad :@MsSecreto
Stalwart Dull Oct 2020
The sky thundered and the rain poured down
Together with my tears flowed 'till I get drown
I am used to be like a clown
Shows a fake smile to cover my frown
Stalwart Dull Oct 2020
I was shut-in on my own little freedom
Where other people die because of boredom
How can I escape in this reality of wisdom?
I want to live in my imagination and build my own kingdom.
Stalwart Dull Oct 2020
Everywhere I go, you follow
Except in the dark, you never show.
I never see your expression
But I know that we have the same emotion.
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