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Stalwart Dull Apr 18
How lucky I feel to live for real,
melancholia that is hard to reveal
imagine.scribble. gives me chill
Live in austerity, an innocuous thrill

How lovely I feel to have this pen in my hand
you wanna look inside of me, and watch me write?
See it in a different point of view
Cause you only got one side of me, and nothin's new

Shocking to feel a positive charge
Unusual sensation in my heart
you wanna look inside of me, and watch me write?
Don't be surprised with a big invisible spark.
Stalwart Dull Apr 18
I don't know where to find myself,
Not lying on the bed, nor reading a book on the shelf.
This is all what I can think of searching
Maybe I lost it, and be permanently missing.
Stalwart Dull Oct 2022
Anxiety is drowning me with thoughts
G r i e f    with    the    t o r m e n t i n g  
       nightmare of the past                        
On  the  m o m e n t   that  one  of  my      dreams bit the dust  
No one noticed, nor dared to listen to  
                  my throes; when I'm  
Y e a r n i n g    for    true    c o m f o r t.
By MsSecreto/ Stalwart Dull
08 October 2022
Stalwart Dull Oct 2022
Blood  sweat  and  tears.
W h i s p e r i n g  in  pain
When  the rain  blows  on
Eyes full of hatred and fear,
T h i r s t i n g   for   freedom
Seeking for humility to those who rule in presumptuousness and arrogance.
By MsSecreto/Stalwart Dull
08 October 2022
Stalwart Dull Apr 2022
Your smile will never be bright
In this sorrowful night
As you thought, will it be alright?
Oh love, please hold on so tight.

Dreams were darken by the past
Your stares were freezing
Nobody knows how it would last
For what you have seen is heartbreaking.

Scissors, paper and pen
Use it to scream in pain
And then walk in the pouring rain
How satisfying it could be to cry in vain.

That is all you can do
Have some sleep forever is the best for you.
Stalwart Dull Feb 2022
9th day of February I was happy
5 times, I wish you were here
Breaths heavily on count of 3
But after this is another three
0% possibility that somebody will help me
As I passed out around 6
I heard your voice called me 3 times
8 steps to follow your voice
But there's no one to see, it's 0 visibility
Because the 9th day of February ended sorrowfully —tin🍃
Stalwart Dull Aug 2021
Oh! How I love to write my feelings for you
You're my knight who saves me for feeling blue
Feeling these butterflies were new
In my stomach, I wonder how they flew.

Oh! How I love to write tales of you
I Iove you and this feelings were true
Even there were so many battles I went through
I want to win these fights with you
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