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Joshua Phelps Sep 15
Can’t control
What you can’t

Outside forces,
Coming after

Inside, chaos
Multiplied by

It is what it is,
Another breakdown
in order.

Wake up and
Everything’s the

Still wanting

But the only
Change I see,

Are the scenarios
In my dreams.

It is what it is,
Another day,
Another dream.

Can’t control
What I can’t

It is what it is,
I guess I’ll wait,
nicetomeetyou Mar 2021
so i am still too young
to know what is
really, actually, truthfully
out there..
we haven't seen anything yet

maybe a fragment or two
ramya Sep 2020
I once had a story I couldn’t wait to tell,
a little girl with dreams about a world that went to hell.
The sky looked pretty, the stars within her reach,
her dreams escalated quickly to the ever tallest trees.
No nook, no cranny did she wanted to leave unseen,
no village, no valley that ever escaped from her dreams.
The sky is the limit, she always believed,
till the world came crashing on her little perfect dream.
The lights were blinding, the sky turned dark,
reality exploded like a burning car.
Her dreams went quiet, her eyes became soaked,
the day she realized the world was really a hellhole.
The little girl grew up that day
she was stared upon and laughed away.
The sky looked vicious and the stars didn’t seem
like they ever planned to be in the little girl’s reach.
Daisy Ashcroft May 2019
I have a question for you:
Do you know the brutal agony
That wrenches your heart asunder
When you have your child,
Your flesh and blood,
Torn viciously from you
As you lie helplessly in bed
Ignorant to the tormented crying of your baby?

I have a question for you:
Do you know the burning fury
That scorches and swarms in your soul
When someone you loathe
Can manipulate your every movement
As if you are a foolish juvenile?

Do you know the roaring beast of betrayal
That casts rotten, merciless shadows
Over every bleak thing
You lay your tortured, tear-pricked eyes upon?

Do you know the unrelenting guilt
That destroys every comfort you desperately seek
And drowns you in your own misery
When your entire family die
On your very conscience?

If so, then you are only
A few steps closer to
Understanding the torment
That grinds me up every night
Only to spit me out each morning
For the hell dogs I called my friends
To sniff at in disdain

You are only a few steps closer
To entering the churning,
Sea that eats me whole
When the fragile walls around my happiness
Shatters into millions of pieces.

So I have a question for you:
Do you have a single clue
About the real world?
Mari Jan 2019
I put up walls
To keep myself safe
But they are breaking
Exposing me to the outer world
How can anyone live out here
Nothing can save me or keep me safe
You have made a mistake
I'm not strong
So how can I be the leader
I wish everything would just go back
Back to when you were here
I am a disgrace
You are the Hero that has misplaced
af Nov 2018
Do i want to live or be functional?
i'm tired of waking up with a pit
In my stomach but the
Dull pain feels better than nothing
So i’ll spend my days in front of
Eyes that don’t feel
Listening to scripted thoughts
And i don’t want my medicine to kick in

Can i lay in knowing and not **** myself?
I’ll sip something to fill my physical emptiness
My tongue will take every drop with hate

I got an app to remind me to take my medicine

The hills are calling with their eyes and
I want to lay and lay with your hands
I wish you understood me the way i long for
I wish you wanted to

I’m not functional.
I feel the chaos in my bloodstream enough to
Keep me alive and shaking
As my fingertips run across my legs
Oh, god left me so long ago
Stranded to deal with everything myself

Will the mountains save me?
Hold me in it’s arms and communicate to me
That i can be ok?
Will the ocean stir and boil when
My feet touch the edge?
Can the trees of metal lift me,
Like a bird let me see the city,
Fill me with a sense of comfortability?

I can’t do what i’m supposed to
And i can’t do what’s good for me
I don’t think there’s anything that could
Make me or enable me to do so.

And ******* for hearing my words and
Blinking, not trying to make a difference.
**** everything that is still.

I live in a north river
And my body whips with the current
And i reach for the rocky land on the side
Cut my hands on the points
So i collapse into the water again
Filling the nose and mouth with salt
And disgust and the water isn’t
Pure and clear blue anymore.
i keep grabbing for more litter
To make myself comfortable with.
It never works.
so ill spend my day tearing myself apart in keys and ill neglect what is supposed to be beneficial to me and ill sit like a ******* sponge, dripping out until I dry and i'm uncomfortable to touch. I would feel better if anyone tried to understand.
sometimes I wish I wasn't so hard to love and to know
MicMag Aug 2018
Looks like somebody's got a case of
Something sinister, with not a trace of
That weekend high, like you just erased it
And filled up on Monday's existential dread

Nah, no way it's all just in your head
From the moment you dragged yourself out of bed
Leaving dreams behind, choosing real world instead
To face up to Monday's lack of appeal

No, I proclaim, this syndrome is real
It's something that some weeks all of us feel
As weekly the world attempts to steal
Our joy and our souls with its Mondays
The Monday struggle is real...
Brian Densham May 2018
Leather and oak
Whiskey and smoke
Exhaled in a languid defense
Of an evening that’s spent
In a mist of ferment
That eventually lifts all pretense

Quietly tight
As you sip through a night
Of forgetting the reason you came
Asking, no doubt
What your life is about
And then looking for someone to blame

Feeling at ease
‘Til the moment you seize
On a thought that you thought you had lost
Wondering why
You believed in the lie
And then categorizing the cost

Leaving a tip
Like a bargaining chip
To the sad patron saint of the waiting
Hoping to gain
Some relief from the pain
In the arms of sweet equivocating

On your way home
You’re no longer alone
As you walk about talk about trust
Like a moth to the flame
You dissolve in the shame
Of the heat and the light of your lust

In the morning once more
You have evened the score
And your ego’s exacted its price
So you say your goodbye
And you try not to cry

For the loneliest act of your life
Working to bring back the rhyming verse
Amethyst Fyre Apr 2016
To wake up of own volition, surrounded in warmth
        refreshed like when the moon comes around to full shine
               a wolf howl, with two small voices warbling after
Inked veins run across spring-kissed skin
         inked as a flower, ever constant in impermanence and design
All walk lines, and unexpected find common intersection
        in chocolate and popcorn and spider-like boys
               in flags shimmering as mirages tossed to the sky                
One unseen but listening, eyes glistening with your tears
Red carpet ending finally goes to the deserved

Lessons, internalized, suddenly shine in the real world
Trying for a different style than usual- pretty words and ambiguous. Not sure how it turned out but hope you like it!
Soumya Goswami Apr 2016
It's funny how everyone in the world
Is busy fooling everyone else
By putting on a mask.
But as grow,
We realise that's how it is.
You see them, you make an assumption.
And one fine day,
You see the real person,
Behind the fading mask!
Welcome to the real world, kid!
Where there is no room for emotions.
All you need to do
Is take up your mask,
Look around if anyone's watching.
Wear it.
Move on.
Fool others.
But make sure you don't flow
With the emotions.
Make sure you move on practically,
Without being fooled.
Make sure you do not get carried away
With the pseudo stuff.
Real people don't exist in the real world.
They are just found in the books.
Or may be, they are there... somewhere.
I believe, somewhere out of my reach.
Maybe I can find them in the distinct list.
Maybe someday, I'll be able to find them.
But till then,
It's funny, seeing, how everyone in the world
Is busy fooling everyone else
By putting on a mask.
And let's admit,
That after some point,
We all ought to do this mask- task!
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