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Carlo C Gomez Jul 12

with a ghost of a chance perchance

to stalk the block

where unsuspectings walk

Die-cast metal guy-am-I

all alone I sense the stone

reaching in to break the bone

Another one done for fun

Aren't I the fortunate son?
Raven Feels May 27
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, are we really alive-or on hope for?:>

I feel like the lunatics must be
the superiors in life from you and me

all of these roundabouts on the way
seems like a price for not being ones that we pay

how in the planets do them know that we are the sane?
how in the universe do them define what absurd to them as insane?

I'm not ought in this humanity to believe in vain
that what we lack is a disgrace to the hearts in pain

violins know how to play to me a menace
like for the haters who disrespect on block of distaste they penance

Brumous Feb 5
Another day passes by,
With me not knowing why.

A grin is plastered on my face,
Like a maniac running from something he hates;
yet I still enjoy the feeling of the chase.

The tension made it an ill-looking smile;
then the idea was washed over me.
I feel this way because...

I was useless.

I was useless yet did nothing to solve this problem.
I'll idly do something as I remember all the things that should've been done,

It haunts me

every second,


and hour.

I was a menace,
A menace to myself and everyone;
Felt like an actor reading a script.

But then again, someone said that life and all is like a play
And the world is a stage.

It makes everything feel surreal,
Like a living dream.
"Sometimes people are clouds,
they pass by without saying goodbye"
JKirin Dec 2020
Crushing lightning you strike; aim – to ****.
All the air is charged with your presence.
Flashing eyes in the rain, deathly chill –
You’re a roar in the sky, a menace.
about a lightning god
Philomena Jun 2019
"Hope I'm on the list of people that you hate
It's time you met the monster that you have helped create


It's hard not to be a menace to society
When half the population is happy on their knees"
Ron Gavalik Jul 2018
Drunk on the orange light of dusk.
High on drink in a thick glass.
Cocooned in cigar smoke that hovers,
it carries the scent of a sweet menace.
The best part is knowing your ***** hang
out of sweaty boxers on the back stoop
while the neighbor lady stares
out the window, ashamed
of the visual **** of her orderly life.
At that moment, you realize, that's it baby.
The concert of life has reached its crescendo.
A spontaneous smile begins to form,
as you also begin to understand,
that's all you ever wanted
in the first place.

-Ron Gavalik
Streaming consciousness. If you want the good ****, hit my Patreon.
Young and a menace; living my life for what it is,
Only you can do you!
Understand that we all go through this crazy world and
No one is alone!
Go out

And see the world and
Never take this life for granted! "
...Oops I,
Did it again, I forgot what I was losing

My mind about,"
Everybody has those days, you're
Not alone in this world.
And send a message: I was young and a menace"
Certified and "
here for the psych assessment" and
Everyone's gone mad; "
I'm here for the...
                                    For the......

wrote this after Stayin Out All Night as I was inspired by some lyrics
of course it was Fall Out Boy, they are my biggest inspiration.
But hope you enjoy, this may not make sense but I had fun with it.
Brent Kincaid Nov 2017
Fear, the maker of dreams,
Of what seems to be reality
Often leave me in screams,
Fatally afraid of my mortality.
Morality not in question
I forge ahead in my temerity,
Heedless of resolution
Resolutely accepting intensity.

At each preposterous scene
I react as if I am undeserving
Unable to know what it means
Pretending they’re not unnerving.
Just like in my waking real life
I try to tough it out and brag
But my villainy is cut with a knife
The specter keeps in a velvet bag.

I want so badly to wake up
But the dream gave me a potion
To drink from a bejeweled cup
Filled with a delicious poison.
And the other specters are sweet
Speaking in enticing voices.
The follow me with silent feet
Viciously narrowing my choices.
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