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Mariyam Ridha Jan 2021
i try connecting,
connect hard,
everytime i think im forgotten.

im forgotten in a way,
nobody can preserve.

you too.
its gone,
and its goneness that is left,
you wont be able to seek me,
not even in your heart,
which turned like a brick,
the day i accepted im forgotten.
Mariyam Ridha Dec 2020
my dearest,
Humans ain't even enduring,
then how are we envisioned to
have endless instants.

treasure and worship,
such that it prevails eternally,
It's the only way it abides.

isn't it so outlandish to lament on
past moments by neglecting the present?.
Live in the moment,
grasp devotion, yearning, enchantment
and sparks.

only those moments get you
not what a triumphant businessman

We gotta glorify the misery,
idolize the brokenness,
embrace the solitary,
endear the faithless souls,
because all this is what,
take you somewhere in the sky,
to thrive,
to grin,
and to live.
live in the moment
Mariyam Ridha Dec 2020
May be I should keep waiting for the sparks that you hold in your eyes,
It hits so sagaciously right into my subtle core waiting for you to reconcile my fragmented parts,
May be I should keep writing that all the phrases are seeking the bliss you had in your breathe,
It has the power of magnanimous endearment knotting each of us heart’s.
May be I should keep gazing at the innumerable sparks on the spooky sky,
It has the same power as your presence does to me during dealing with dilemmas.
May be I should just keep waiting and writing,
That the words I write always yearns for you.
Mariyam Ridha Dec 2020
I don’t chase love,
but I,
rediscover love from my core,
and make people chase it.
im doing it i guess
Mariyam Ridha Dec 2020
i dont feel bad,
i dont feel good,
just being away from ordinary.
im kinda that.
Mariyam Ridha Dec 2020
My heart is beating rhythmically
 In resonance to the beat of 'End Of Time’.
My soul is breathing in tranquility,
In response to the gleaming full moon.
My body is surviving poetically
In reply to the poetries I write.
‘End Of Time’ is my most favourite song which is By Alan Walk
Mariyam Ridha Nov 2020
Just don't think about those people
Who have left you with no choice
But to think the reason of your aloneness.

Just don't hover around,
Making you feel unworthy,
Shut their door,
And don't worry dear,
It isn't ego,
It's self-respect,
Self esteem and

Just don't be with those,
Bragging about their victory,
By belittling your tiny beginnings,
And don't worry dear,
It isn't that you aren't worthy,
But the person is so unworthy
To witness your
Victory by stepping tiny it's.
You are a gem ❤️
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