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Our love is worth
Trying for,
Fighting for,
And even
Dying for.
Notes are finite
but music is infinite.
you can not miss me when i'm gone
i have a seal upon my heart
The demons are after me,
Endeavouring to dwindle all my super powers
Enshrined in my soul.
But I,
I reconcile fragmented pinions
Powered with world of words, dreams,love and hope,
Now no malign souls,
Aren't after me,
As I have turned myself into a fire,
My pinions into a universe,
And my soul,
A rebel.
And I have became a girl with wings of fire
My heart is broken
Without you.

Soul is void,
With you.

And I reconcile,
Heal and arise,
Within you.
Such strange kinda love
Love never leaves,
But unloved,
I wonder why.
Do you know why?
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