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Rama Krsna May 27
at the junction
of your vermillion adorned forehead
where the rivers of 
ida, pingala and sushumna meet,
lies the point of singularity
from where
our cosmos exploded
into this unwieldy clutter

with it
an unseen fifth dimension....
a spider like web of illusion
deluding all humanity
into incessant action
only karmas multiply

oh maya!
i implore you
to end
this vicious cycle

that white lotus with a thousand petals
sitting in your cerebrum,
where the love of your life
sporting that chiseled crescent
in contemplative silence

© 2021
Inspired by another amazing rendition of the goddess by the talented artist Nalini Chandilya

ida, pingala and sushumna are three vital currents that energize the cosmos
Humaira lodhi Dec 2020
I'm a traveller,
I travel through this universe,
14 billion years ago,
When the big bang happened,
My atoms were burning,
Somewhere, in a distant star or galaxy,
I was roaming freely in universe,
For so many years,
I was orbiting the sun,
Floating in the cosmos,
Diving in the sea of hydrogen,
Sailing towards my destination,
Drifting alone, witnessed the infinity,
My compound eye
Was seeing the colors of the universe,
I saw the formation of the
different celestial bodies
The sun, the moon, the stars
And all of the galaxies,
I saw everything
It's my universe,
diverse and colourful.
I'm it's eternal part,
It's incomplete without me
rmrplpr Sep 2020
Energy accumulating
Point gaining heat
A period of ink, blotching
In the blank white paper universe
The painter readies for a stroke
Paul Butters Aug 2020
In our Beginning God created this Universe.
It was during an Eterninfinity,
But old Moses didn’t go into that.

Now space was formless and empty,
Darkness reigned.
And God said
“Let there be matter”
And there was matter:
A singularity
Expanding faster and faster
To create material, movement and Time.

The early universe was a cloud
Of gas and dust
Enveloped in blackness.
So God said
“Let there be light”
And there was light
As the first star was born.

The universe expanded.
First generation stars
Made light elements
And later generations of stars
Produced heavier ones.

And the star we call The Sun
Was born
Mothering The Earth
Amongst other worlds.
The Earth:
A small ball of iron
And rock
Attended by a Moon.

The die was cast
Right at the start
The Formula was set
So Inevitably life appeared
Here on Earth
And here we are!

Evolution would not be possible
Without The Formula
Formed by God
Wherever S\he is.

Evolution is part of The Equation
I feel.
But what came before Genesis?
And how did God come to Be?
Does God have a God?
And that God his or her God?
For we just might be Lost
In a Multiverse
Within an Eterninfinity:
Courtesy of Lady Luck
And the roll of some Ethereal, Divine

Paul Butters

© PB 20\8\2020.
Credit to Moses or his sources
Eyji Noblesmith Dec 2019
When trees could all stand,
With the beasts of finest fangs;
Erased by a bang
Rigmarole Dec 2019
for a brief moment
a nano second
I was aware
unaware of it
it's globular mess
those molecules
green, red, orange, white, blue
but pressed to tightly inwards
there was no room for their expression
they repelled
that spherical mess held together with an invisible membrane
wound up
each desiring to escape from it's counterpart
similar but vastly different
and then the bears claws
scratching a tear down and through my very soul
the inner world met the manifest fears of the outer world
every cell, no, molecule in my body screamed
I could only help myself
I awoke
big dreams and the feelings they invoke are worth paying attention to
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2019
God before penning the very first word in the book of creation
He knew the last that reflected in inking the very first drop
composing the bottom line that gravitates every creation.
In the know so much so what was yet to be He could call on
indeed assembled all the future humans on the Day of Alast
when He asked ‘Am I not your Lord?’ Yes, we said aloud.
Responded to Him long, long before our physical birth!

The whole shebang was in the beginning in the first set out
Bounce before the Big Bang the number zero before that
and within its circle was a marvelous exponent the pi
constantly pops up with the reasons to be alive!
The first creations were even before all of that
Foundation was laid the stone is a man and woman
indifferent grounds sprawled the eternity in between  
that embraces the two with its endless varied beauty
making them truly the distinguished two for the one reality!

God made them with love from the bottom of the heart
Oh the bottom is nectar and more so the rose in bloom
embraces a sweeter debut flowering off a honeyed bud  
God's ink flows, the sweetest ocean bellows, from the start
and to the end, all that heard it mellifluous!

Before the cloud basks in the blue dancing in the air
then rains down in serene melodies bedews the atmosphere.
Oh the all transparent ocean of God's first drop of ink goes viral
Fathima rises from the midst, the first spiritual woman swims out,
sipping every drop of this potion ‘there is more’ she clamoured
The begins the end yet no end God’s first creations triumph!
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