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Keshant Samaroo Oct 2018
With a bang
I felt the light
The stars you made
Sprouted life

Now we’re ice
Cold inside
Drifting apart
Like galaxies alike
ConnectHook Apr 2018
Climactic excitation
cosmic copulation
sidereal sensation
astral frenzy
sighs, stars, moans
her moans, hormones
interstellar *******
endlessly interesting
of course.
Reduced to this—
cosmic carnality:
black holes, shooting stars
spurts of intergalactic light
spasms of ejection
from the corona; solar fire
deep into lunar mysteries
outer space beyond her solar system
I seek dark beauty
new direction
off course.
for a bigger better bang...
(out of space)
HAIKU—you feel me,
all about gettin' that WORD
well-composed, gnome sane?
c Mar 2018
The light came first, it is known
Before the measured warmth of sun.

Thoughts on the sunrise, birth, astronomy
kar Feb 2018
I feel like I’ve observed you enough
To know what you are
Yet I’ve barely scratched the surface
You’re so vast
And I only see what you make seen
Within your dark matter
I wonder what’s beyond,
What secrets you hide
I want to know your true beginning and end
But you have neither a center or edge
All I know is
At some point you were raging
All your matter and energy was alive
You were thriving
But for unknown reasons
You started to slowly change
You created atoms and stars
Which I still lose myself in today
All our history lies in your galaxies
And when I look up
The things of our past seem so distant..
light years away
Yet they can still be seen
Even as you move further away
from me each day
Even though we grew
Because at one point
You were much closer to me
And I existed in your universe
You became so distant.
Devon Gonzalez Jan 2018
Nothing is infinite.

Infinite is nothing.

On an infinite search within nothing,
you will never find anything.

The space within nothing is forever,
forever nothing.

Infinity is nothing.

Nothing is infinity.
Wrote this trying to imagine what the properties of nothing would be. Insomnia is strange like that lol
Kendra R Sep 2017
My teeth sinking into his chest
creates earthquakes,
kills worlds of microbes,
shifts tectonic plates and brings him rising to meet me.

When I lick his skin, a thousand oceans are born, and then die.

My fingertip dancing across his skin
blooms a forest where it lands,
which wastes away to desert
as soon as I have left him.

We are universes colliding, my love.
Let's see how big of a bang we can make.
Let's fling our stardust out into a whole other creation.
sophia sacal Aug 2017
You are the debris
Rooted in me skin-deep;
The remains of my explosion
Against you.
Clive Blake Jul 2017
My heart’s pumping,
My brain’s starting gun has fired,
Watching Stephen Hawking on TV
Has made me feel inspired.

He’s working out the laws of the Universe,
The mysteries of creation to unravel,
I still haven’t fully grasped the rules
Of either Monopoly or Scrabble.

He agrees that the Universe is made from string,
As the Super String Theory suggests,
Whilst I thought string was only good
For making fishing nets and vests.

He’s trying to work out what happened
Fourteen billion years in the cosmological past,
I can’t even work out what happened to myself,
The Friday before last.

He’s mathematically calculating what happens
On the edge of a Black Hole,
I’m mathematically struggling with additions,
And my seven times table.

Despite my lack of brain power, I’m inspired
To challenge Stephen Hawking’s theoretical Big Bang,
Surely if the Universe is made of Super String,
It would have been more of a Big Twang?
I'd love to hear what Stephen Hawking thinks about my theory?!!
At first a void
Then sudden burst of energy
Forces collide
Atoms split and divide
From nothing comes forth something
Radiance breaking free of abyss
Hot gaseous ball coalesces then cools
To form a planetary sphere
Which orbits a citrus giant
Giving off golden light
And warming touch
To embrace a world
And allow the basis for life
All this by chance and happenstance?
All complexity born from
Random motion and chaos?
How vast and unnumbered
The twinkle in the heavens
Yet all alone?
Oh I gaze up at yonder skies
And marvel at wonders
My eyes have never known
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