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Zywa Oct 2022
The old goat just stares

at me, I realise this --

is what is farewell.
"Oude geit" ("Old goat", 2008, Rutger Kopland)

Collection "Moist glow"
A walk through the parks
A dog barks
Its teeth as sharp as sharks
'That's not a good rhyme' my brother remarks
: Then how would you fix it?
'You're not a good poet, you must admit'
: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
'You're not smarter, even if you are older'
I hit him lightly on the shoulder
'Ow, that felt like a boulder'
: Back to the rhyme
'All in due time,'
'My talents are all truly sublime'
: Ya, like the times you got your hair stuck in slime
'That was no crime'
'So, A dog barks, and gets in one of those arks'
: Arks? as in the boat?
'Yup, the ones that float'
My brother brays like a goat
: I'll take note
: If you stop acting like a goat
This was a random conversation I had with my younger brother once, it made me laugh a lot so I decided to write a poem about it. :P
Matthew Sep 2020
There once was a man named John
He was gay
and wished he wasn't

So he decided to try something new
He married a woman
he raised all the goats, prostitutes, and ******* goats
His face formed a straight toothed smile
covering a shadowed tear
his circuits failed to reach a lightbulb
and no connection was made
now he was in prison
for holding an illegal human trafficking ring
and the ******* goats were allowed to roam free.
sometimes you can still hear them calling out to their owner John.
Such a sad story
based on this old poem
Luna Aug 2020
The world feels alot less scary with music,
An escape goat
Through the ears and out the mouth
Or fingers
Depending on who you are
It was a Friday night,
I was on the phone with my grandmother when I looked at the clock suddenly remembered,
it was time for the ritual.
I immediately hung up on my grandmother,
and stripped of my clothing.
The ritual required I be naked.
I then took some goat cheese out of my refrigerator,
and put it in the microwave.
I waited.
The goat cheese seemed like it took forever to melt,
but it only took a few minutes.
In those few minutes,
I just sat there,
and played with my left ******.
Finally, the timer went off,
and it was done.
I took the melted goat cheese,
and poured it onto my body.
It burned,
but I suffered through it.
I would do anything for the Goat Gods.
Once the melted goat cheese was poured onto my body,
I began to lather myself in it.
Soon, I was covered in melted goat cheese.
The smell,
was horrendous,
but in a way,
I enjoyed it.
Then, I removed the goat blood from my refrigerator,
and poured it into a ***,
which had been on the oven all day,
I began to boil the goat blood.
I took a sip of it.
"No" I said as a shook my head in disappointment.
I had been ripped off again by my goat blood dealer.
There was no flavoring in it.
It tasted like goat blood.
So I threw in some carrots,
and a dollop of horse radish.
While it was boiling,
I went to my bedroom,
to my closet,
where I found my goat mask.
A real goats head I had carved out and made into a mask.
I put it on.
When I had it on,
I felt like one with the Goat Gods.
When I returned,
the goat blood was done.
I poured it into a Tupperware container,
sealed it,
and put on my shoes.
By now,
the once hot and slimy goat cheese,
was dried,
and stuck to my body.
It was crusty,
like the crusties you get in your eyes,
just all over your body.
I walked out the front door,
across the street,
to my neighbors house.
I tried to open the front door.
They knew I was coming this time.
Last week,
they forgot.
So I left the goat blood on their front steps,
and left.
When I got home,
I immediately went to the TV,
sat down,
and turned on "Antique Roadshow".
I looked out my window,
and saw my nervous neighbor grab the goat blood,
and bring it inside.
"Soon they will join the Goat Side" I said as I repeated it to myself, "Soon they will join the Goat Side".
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Tyrone Jun 2020
I can come inspire you
Become your idol
Like I have a mansion
Built on the Bridle

I have to make a move
Come and take you down
I wanna make a movie
And sing like Chris Brown

I wanna make you work for it
So I’m putting in resistance
I’m tryna go half’s on a baby
Bring another life to existence

I just watch you undress
Spend my time fantasising
Sweat drip down your spine
The temperatures rising
Tyrone May 2020
Innocent and black
Killed for no reason
We all live together
This is only treason

Another death for being black
Ahmaud and George may be gone
Now let them rest in paradise
And may we let his soul live on

Being black is not a crime
You shouldn’t have to die
This is truly sickening
Even if your white don’t lie
These are ones that have been filmed, imagine how many go unnoticed!
Tyrone May 2020
For the first time in history
It’s the humans in captivity
As we’re told to stay inside
And cut down on all activity

We need to let earth heal
And repair form our damage
Its a message from god
For us to stop being savage

We are a guest on the earth
It’s the only way we can live
I hope once this is all over
We can all move on and forgive

In this time of uncertainty
Don’t think about just yourself
There are vulnerable people
Who are in very week health

If we all stick together
We can make this time better
And if you don’t understand
Just please re read this letter
Tyrone May 2020
A vision behind closed eyes
Your reflection with no mirror
A world with only peace
Not a soul who wishes terror

A destination in the distance
But a clear path all the way
Your dreams are achievable
There’s nothing more to say

The dream is inside you
You just need to believe
That’s just the first step
Then you go and achieve

Once you score your first goal
You go and bag some more
And never stop achieving
Because it’s a feeling to adore
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