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Jenn Dec 2018
i get tattoos
to love my skin
instead of scar it

i get tattoos
to love the art
that goes into it

i get tattoos
to love myself

i get tattoos
to reclaim
what you stole

this is my body

this is my art

this is not yours

this is me
Ace Loren Apr 2018
Help me.
Her cry could be
Heard over
Hills and
Hells, and the cries of
Heathens and
Harlots and ******.
His lips smacked
Hard against each other, already tasting
His tongue
Had already anticipated
Her neck, the neck that protects
Her voice, the voice that was stolen by cries for
Help, over and over and over again
He invaded
Her body, but crushed
Her spirit, and speared
Her soul.
He didn’t steal
Her virtue.
He stole
Her light.
He smothered it with
His body, covering every inch.
Here is the story of
Her and
Her daughter and
Her daughter’s daughter, and every woman that ever lived.

Here is
Her story.
Becca Lansman Sep 2015
I’m learning to reclaim my own
From the feeling of his
From the feeling of my palms sweating
Thinking my fortune had been told
That I am pillow covers, a word in the dark
A lost noun, a translucent adjective.
I am un-edited from the version he made me.
I don’t know if these red lines will ever be rectified,
there are too many grammatical errors.

So I printed out a new version
A play-list of my appetite –
Of my nuisance.
I printed it in the back of my journal
Where I hid the razor blade
Along with my scrungies –
A Redemption of innocence.
It is the playing pen
It is the large caterpillar that snakes through the playground but there never has been a kid there –
The playgrounds never had swings.

I am still trying to reclaim myself –
Warm my toes on the ceiling fan
Hold myself
in my own hands,
Tell myself that I am full,
I am holy –
I am permanent.
His breath was just a doctor’s note,
A slip into the disease.
His hands Do Not define me
His heartbeat is not mine
I feel sorry for the way he has never been whispered sweet melodies,
For the way he has built himself into charcoal.
He has no light –
But that doesn’t mean you can never be the sun again.

— The End —