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mads 5d
she won't care what anyone thinks
at all
what she thinks will be spoken
no one will ever underestimate her
even the bad days will be the best
I'm looking to be the best me I can be soon.
her crystal pedestal shattered

             her tiara
                     bent and covered in filth
                        lying in a river of her tears

who she was now in soul searching question

                   the true test of a princess
                           is not how she holds herself              when waving to the crowds

but rather
                           how well she cleans
                           the hearth
                           when finery becomes tattered
Breathe in
Your coffee every morning
Breathe out
The nightmares of last night
Your cat brushing against your leg
His apologetic lies
Welcome in
The clarity of brisk air on your walk to work
Throw out
Her unwanted baggage
A new day, the sun, the birds, what lies ahead... independence-- you're not alone.
Push away
Everything which ruins your evening, paranoia, grief, the unknown...
The stars are yours to hold
Your life belongs to you again
Breathe, accept, welcome, embrace.
exist Jan 14
it’s hard to have a positive outlook on the future with depression
when that’s what i feel all the time
just. keep. going.
Kirsten Hunt Jan 6
Love is just a way of keeping us alive long enough to die.
Amanda Dec 2018
Every day you are given is a blessing
Whether you crawl through or sprint full speed
Not one single thing is greater than the gift of life

That sounds clique

I know this positive outlook isn't sustainable
Regardless, I will express this significant message because I yearn for it to ring true
Every given day is a blessing
The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.
RedD Nov 2018
Unarmed and

I'm not going to be

Don't manipulate me
I'm tired, uneasy

I tell myself
I'm taking a big risk

I'm far too deep
To surface in time
I'm having fun discovering blackout poetry right now but altering slightly so its not truly that. I found a book in charity shop for 75p and its been enlightening.
Its not easy just to pick words from the text on one page that signifies how you feel at any one time. This one spans 3 pages
Everything about the future is so different now:
Thinking about the future before,
Used to be like fluffy white clouds,
Hopeful and filled with friends,
Back then, I could never have imagined not having friends
And I'm not even the type of person who's magically friends with everyone,
But I always assumed I'd still have a few,
And then it wouldn't matter so much how many people hated me,
Hypothetically, if anyone even bothered enough to.
I'm not sure they would though,
Because I don't feel like anyone even sees me,
Not anymore, and probably not in the first place,
But I didn't care then, enough to notice.
Joliver May 2018
There is a thin line between
Nihilism and optimism
You see
An optimist believes
That things work out in the end
There's no need to worry
A nihilist believes
The time before the end is meaningless
There's no reason to worry

There is a thin line between
Nihilism and optimism
And sometimes
As I lay staring at my ceiling
Desperately trying
To wield apathy like a shield
Against encroaching thoughts
Like goblins crawling
From the darkest crevices
Of a mind bent on self-flagellation
I become that line
Sudeshna D May 2018
Tall towers,
Twinkling lights,
Tiny windows,
Tinier eye sights,
The Tall Tower Irony,
Is sad but true,
You are judged,
By quite a few.
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