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Thomas Harvey Oct 2021
A red crow came to visit today
He asked for which treasure I seek
I told him Walton's Gold, buried a few clicks past the creek
His eyes were void and he spoke real low: be careful for which you say

I scurried him away and proceeded down the worn out mountain path
An eagle landed on a tree stump and told me to turn back
While I appreciated the laugh, I continued along with his feathers on my back
When I reached the creek, only then did I understand the eagles wrath

A man stood tall with a suit of white
He said "I'll give you all the gold in this clay, if you can answer one question for me today"
I asked for what he had to say
he said "how many times have you seen a crow and an eagle fight?"

A blue crow came to visit today
He asked for which treasure I seek
I told him Rudford's Gold, buried a few clicks past the creek
His eyes were void and he spoke real low: be careful for which you say
Thomas Harvey Jan 2021
I would like to take a moment to think about the present
To not look forward nor behind
But to enjoy the sunrise and the moons crescent
To see my life's shadow on those who are blind

In this world people make the past present
They scorn with hatred, please with evil
They move any way the choose, treating those of the world as peasants
Those who strike out against, are also strike down until they are weak and feeble

At the same time, there are imaginaries who wish to leave their problems behind
To step on a new earth, where nothing but greatness awaits
They ignore those around them in search of a new find
Through all the loneliness, all they discover is that they fell for the bait

When the two worlds collide, division is created
Yes far more than right or wrong and left or right
What is left is a society without purpose, one that's tainted
While the winner continues ruling with might

The ones they can't touch, are the one who live for today
Those who make the most out of day to night
Who focus on who they are, rather than what they have to say
For they are theones who keep the world shining bright
Thomas Harvey Jan 2021
I was late buying gifts this year
So I put on my coat faced the chilly wind throughout the busy street
Shops on every corner were stocked with sales, but I couldn't help notice the smaller family who held nothing but a tear
This year has been ******* everyone, but for them they looked tore down a bit

Yet through all this it was their little one who would say Merry Christmas to those passing by with a bright smile
For the little one did not see the sadness in his parents eyes, but only the joy in their hearts
At the same time there were still those who came by and judged them, treated them like they were on trial
I stood back and stared, how could we truly be this far in despair, my warm spirt left with nowhere left to start

Further down the cold road, I saw a man stealing food outside the shop a child sat
Clueless to the world around, just happy to spend Christmas with his dad
On the way home, a woman walked barefooted as other passed she seemed so pitiful and sad
Though not one person stopped, she kept walking and still held a smile of gratitude

When I reached home, I sat in my chair and thought of what to say
For I do wish my wife could have a pair of shoes on Christmas day
I wish the kids could see a bright tree with presents and toys
This year may be heard, but it's a little better knowing we can still celbrtate the lord and all his joy
Thomas Harvey Jan 2021
What if life stopped tomorrow
The sky's were no longer blue
And you never felt no more sorrow

Would you still feel sadness
Or cling to your anger
Though a great mystery lurks in the bliss

The day the seas give rise
And the nights where you feel empty
There where you wasted your time spreading lies

A greater place awaits
Where your actions of today, are washed away
No matter the cost, because in the end it's all left up to fate

Perhaps living is the hardest part
But at least we still get tomorrow
To try again and stay true to our heart
Thomas Harvey Dec 2020
While walking through the tress one day
I stopped and wondered of life before
How little and close everything was to the core
And how precious words were to the say

Now it's lies that prevail
Truth is buried down below
Dreams die, just as rivers flow
But perhaps the worst is the ones we lose along the trail

Yes, I find many lost souls
My discoveries let them live, how they should be: FREE
For the old cliché, even the blind see
While the ones who stay, search for the loopholes

In reality we're all just trying to buy time
The ones who can't, say life's not fair
The others, well they don't really care
And me, Well I just do anything to make me feel fine
Thomas Harvey Oct 2020
My friend fly's through the sky
He wears a coat of brown
Sometimes he's gone for awhile, but I never question why
Other times I'll see him right in the middle of town

I do admit I am jealous
For no creature of ours have felt such freedom
He does teach a lesson, that all life is precious
But I'd bet anyone would still pay to be him

Soaring through the skies not a care to think
Drifting to wherever and whenever
Flying so fast you don't have time to blink
And moving away when the leaves turn a golden heather

Maybe the lesson to be learned is the ones he leaves behind
Or on the way back getting lost
Or maybe it's that we don't have much time
I guess the lesson is to live free no matter the cost
Thomas Harvey Oct 2020
I write this today, with the knowledge of yesterday
Look past yourself and see the bigger picture
Think of all the ones before who never got a say
And the ones who came out as the false victors

Years of violence and years of war
We choose to ignore for it's already past
But what about the ones who can't because their family's been torn
What about the ones who couldn't make it to the door

A world full of hate
When I look outside I only see the night
For many believe the lies told and take the bait
But what about those who choose to still shine bright

I write this not as a plea but as a calling
For those of you who fell more and are sick of sorrow
To those who stand up and are tired of falling
We are the future, we can choose our fates, more importantly we can build a new tomorrow.
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