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Thomas Harvey Jan 25
Blue is the sky
Holding many planes to fly
And as time goes by
Many people begin to question why

Blue is the cold
Causing the world to mold
As many people go on being bold
Many forget they too get old

Blue is the lakes
Making up for everyone's mistakes
And as they eat their cake
They stop to think of what they can learn to make

Blue is knowledge
The one and only who gives us power
Being careful not to build towers
But to use it for a better sweet instead of a better sour
Thomas Harvey Jan 25
The man waits patiently, twitching his hands every other second
He stands in a strong posture, but his skin is dead white
The look of sadness on his face, echoed by the tears in his eyes
As he thinks it through, he wonders what he could have done differently
Now he looks away every time the patient room door opens
His hair is slowly fading, as he kneels down to pray
He starts to make phone calls, reassuring his family that he is alright
All of the sudden the door opens, He silently looks up as the results are read
His ear tune out the one word that he prayed he would never have to hear.
Thomas Harvey Jan 25
Colorless, Empty
Absorbing, Fading, Smothering
Death, Sadness - Life, Joy
Enlightening, Illuminating, Reflecting
Clean, Pure
Thomas Harvey Jan 25
Don't waste your time worrying about every mistake you make.
Instead fix your mistakes and learn from then.
Knowledge is a crucial part of a human being.
It is better to learn now instead of learning late.

Don't count the years of your life, instead count the enjoyments.
Keep a positive attitude and nothing will stand in your way.
Be respectful, always be kind to the person sitting next to you.
Live like there's no tomorrow and remember as if it was just yesterday.

Always be honest, don't ever tell a lie.
In any given situation, the truth will always overrule.
Choose friends who are honest to you.
Always be the first to tell the truth.

State your beliefs and don't let them get overruled.
Stand up for what you believe in.
Don't follow the crowd, in many cases that is not the best choice.

Finally be at peace.
Keep the ones who make you feel good close to you.
Spend your time looking for the one true thing that will keep you and only you the happiest person in the world.
I figured I would write something for advice, many encounters I've had and many times these have helped me. Hopefully it will help one of you.
Thomas Harvey Jan 25
Life is a match
To start you need someone to light the match
Once lighted, the fires starts, the match reaches it's prime
The match then burns and slowly starts to dim
The dimness represents our life burning away
When the flame reaches its final flame, the match burns out
The burnt match represents how the life in everyone slowly follows down their own path
Eventually when we have reached our time, our flame burns out as that of the match
The flame dies but the smoke proceeds to carry on
Thomas Harvey Jan 25
A 1,000 sailors have nothing against a few well groomed tailors
However a rich man could not last a second in a pile of quick sand
The call to sea is the same as that of a call to a tree
They are both living and dead, Their growth is the giving bread
One serves their master at the bay, the other spends time selling hay
The water is fresh in both cases and both men have seen many faces
A sailor never retires, but a tailor does as such
For when he is no longer a tailor, he considers himself a failure
Yet he continues on, looking for a cause, never taking a pause
Until one day, walking by the shore he sees something so beautiful his eye begin to sore
So he takes his riches, buys a ship, summons a crew, and plans his trip
Heading to nowhere in sight, only to see the beauty so bright
And so the man was once a tailor, he is now a sailor

— The End —