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That's the place
they would wash
their dead
Prepare them
for what comes next
The lands
I guess
Now we drill for it
bottle it
put wells
in their
Seems we're
thirsty for their
ghost water
Need a taste
of that
poltergeist pool
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
An hour of flower power
Will bring back the sun
Beat the heat in an old time treat
By taking turns sipping
With a loved one
Inspired by a comment from fellow HP writer "B."
Lio Nov 2019
In some point of your life,
Which has been pain of your living.
It can be at any point of your life...

A sudden refresh of all yoursef,
Pops up as a regular coincidence.

Suddenly, all the weight of painful
Memories, thoughts, feelings are gone.
As well as potent satistafaction,
Becomes the field of your experience.

You feel like you are returned to
First home of humans, Garden of Eden.
Even you are looking to the
Boringly plains of detesting
White walls of your home
Or in the middle of the tedious lesson.

You feel like you are in the heaven.
Vast skies of azure,
Vast plains of shamrock.
Or the forest of complex Red pine...

Between the leaves a light ball shines.

It feels like a dream,
But concentration to atmosphere is
So high that it is
More factual than a dream.

Purple azure skies,
Candy red sun sets as a single god,
In rainbow of oranges and yellows.

Or you may be in the space,
Gazing thousands of
Little glittering color
In the vast darkness.

A nearby yellow star shines
As well as reveals thousands of
Spheres in vast colors,
Each of them an infinite heaven
With infinite liveliness.

Than you realize that all pain is gone.
You are refreshed, calm, in pleasure
In the highest forms.

Than you also realize that,
All of these is just a dream.
Imagined stuff being creation of you.

Even you attempt to leave
Beacuse of its fakeness,
You find the hardship in leaving.
Because it is the music
You are dying for hearing it.

Know that it doesn't come form
Your cushiony headphones.

Remember, that's the thing
You are striving for.
The complete well being of
All yourself, all your senses!

But the case is
We have big flows of energy
In our complex pathways of
Neural circuits and spiritual fields,
Avoiding the strenght of good
To hold us in good.

Because we laboured ourselves to
Live painful and weak lives
Just sake of survival.
So our brains are more able to
Suffer than satistfy,
More capable to experience and be
Bad rather than good.

What's avoiding this is the
Unconditional stabilization of
The experience of the good.

Even when the whole world is hellish;
You are the shine of the heaven,
Refreshing heights of elegance, content

Than you ask, how to do this.
I say; become that wholly,
Without any negative and bad.

If you still ask the same question,
Follow me! Just follow me!
Continuously, unconditionally!
This is all you need.

As the result, you will feel the
Depths of positive flow of love,
Heights of infinite continuous pleasure,
Taste of sweetest sweet without sweet.
In all of your life, unconditionally.
Even when everything is
Going painfully, badly, wrongly.

I call it the nectar!
It is a poem that will give a positive experience to you when you are in negative mood.
small flights of sparrows
landed on the river's edge
to take refreshment
Colm Feb 2019
The moment someone knows me
The moment someone sees
I exist
I am present
I am back to being me

And so I go where noone knows me
To where I'm openly not seen
To not exist for a few hours
Is such a blessing
Not to be
The January Lasts

It's not about non-existence. It's about getting away from the self without reset. It's about being... Refreshed. And we all do that differently.
روبرت Nov 2018
There she stands the willow
So calm and full of grace
Her twisted branches intertwine with outrageous strength
Her leaves tickle the wind with a divine grace
Her branches wave and say come rest with me
Just be she says just be
Her angelic spirit fills my thirsty soul
Kimberly May 2018
I try to contain the poison that leaks and streams
from my brokenness tears streak my face
looking like streams in the desert
...but there is no refreshment in these bitter streams...
I heard that it was a choice to be broken
...but why would I choose to break myself? Maybe it was all of the curses that I've spoken-
against myself...
have I unwittingly foretold my own emotional death?
...and all of these years I flaunted it like it was emotional depth...
Whatever the case- it doesn't matter
Noone has hurt me more or been as unkind
As I search the corridors of my heart and my mind,
I find that
It is I
Replay after replay of some emotional torment, trying to find the fault with me...
That **** hurt- why can't I just leave it.  Right. There?
What they did hurt! And that **** ain't fair...
Why do I feel the need to make it about me?
It's this kind of behavior that keeps me from being free
I've become my own enemy I lie here and I continue to bleed
And I try to contain the poison that streams
From my brokenness tears streak my face
Looking like streams in the desert
But there is no refreshment...
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
Yes, summer heat,
Not so neat,
Refreshments time,
Your pool or mine?
I wish I was at the sea,
But, cold lemonade for thee?
Ah, that's cold,
Lemonade's, like, old,
Like childhood memories,
it's the  refreshment for thee and me!
Feedback welcome.
Mane Omsy Jan 2017
More than just drops of water
The life giver, the energy re filler
The rain, I stopped running away
And gazed, on drops that fall on leaves
A closer look, and thoughts lit up
It's a refreshment, a zillion angels
Descending, giving life to the dry souls
Defending drought from wiping out joy

The soil absorbed the gift
Awakened her offsprings
The trees, herbs and flowers
Replenished their needs
Now, the payback to their care takers
To let them be thankful to God
For what they haven't destroyed
For they have become humans

The nature will unleash, the beauty
The food, the medicines, to relax
And to inhale life, the oxygen
Then after, the silly droplets
That fooled around on huge petals
Soon, to drop on her fulfilled heart
The rain is a miraculous refreshment
Mikey Pooler Jan 2016
When I think of you
                                        I just smile I guess?

It happens all the time
Like when I was walking through
                                             the forest brush.

To put it best
If I fell for you
when I was all alone
                                             would you hear?

I fell for you
not by
looking in your eyes
because they
                                            always catch me.

I fell for you
when I needed to be caught
but could not
                                               find your stare.

If I fell for you all alone
in the dark
would you find
                                               your way here?

With a glass of your soul
oh that soul
that opened my mind's gate
                                     this must be heaven .

A glass of your soul
when I'm lost all alone
That's my
                                   *spiritual refreshment.
Our spirits are thirsty for love. They're dying of thirst. Baby your my glass of water for my ice cold heart.

— The End —