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FlipThePoet Sep 2018
It's been a while now the air is getting cold
you don’t come around now this fight is getting old.
I joist to call a truce pulling out the white flag
but my ego is too hot even when it's cold around.

I saw you the other time and you saw me then walked by
i called for you then you stop we talked awhile.
I was reaching out, you was playing hide.
Then you walked out those doors, I'm guessing it's bye for now.

I called the other day you left the buzz on me
then a jaded text, don’t put the blame on me.
You sounded all too salty here please add some spice don't leave
a text so rhetorical I wonder what we bleeding for apparently.

It's 7:20AM maybe I should call that truce and pull that flag
hoping colder heads prevail to rift this pain.
But I need you to realize that certain things must change
In order for us to go back been friends again.

Sent via sc. Let's see what you say
FYI: I did send the snap and she replied and we ight now!
friendship restored!
Pure of Stars Sep 2018
in bed
at one am
here i lay with all my thoughts
disguised in mask as my friends they crawl up next to me
when really under all that skin
are yellow eyes and sharp knife claws
their words nearly as sharp as the teeth they bestow
in bed at one am
my thoughts come to take me
anon Sep 2017
And I don't know why
But over and over
I've watched this show

Yet over and over
I never get tired of it

I know the jokes

I know when they're coming

But that doesn't stop me
From loving every minute

And call me crazy
But I almost wish
I could be like that


Acting like I'm so close
To everyone around

Acting like I always know
Exactly what to say

Acting like the bad
Gets better before the end
Of a thirty minute show

And I really want you
To see that I
Am thinking
About how

If I
Could only

Like them

I could act
Like we were more
Than what we are

And I could act
That when I've had a bad day
I don't need a hug
To tell me it's okay

But I can't promise that to myself

Because I think I can act
I've always wanted to act

I want to be an actress

I want people
To remember my name

I want to be
That actress
That little girls
And even boys

And they want to be




But I know
That I can't brush everything aside
To make room for a mirage
That everyone sees
But me

I know
That's all I am
When I act

A mirage
That I can't see

But there is still
That spark
That burns through the night
That tells me to act
To smile
And laugh
Like everything is peachy

So I wave
I smile
I grin a lot
And beg myself to act

And even though
I want to know
If I can make it or not
I'll never

No never

Let my dream rot
I'll never

No never

Act like everything
Is A-okay
Because it's not


And I'm rambling
I just want to tell you
At this hour of night
You were on my mind
And I missed you

So when the couple onscreen
Made up
And kissed
And hugged
And cheered

I just wished that was us

And in my rambling mind
I acted like
It really was us
Because that's how much
I want you
Even more
Than I want
To care for myself

Because I'm secondary

A sad girl
Who looks at a screen
And dreams of tomorrow

Hoping I can be
And we can be
And I won't need


anon Sep 2017
I was reading
When I realized
From this book

We aren't
What we say
We are

We are so much more
Than numbers
Numbers on a scale
On a ruler
On a tape measure

More than numbers
On our clothing

But that's what
Defines us by

They say we are percentages

We are only one
In seven billion

Why should anything
Go right

We have something
Every one in five gets

Why should we feel special

They say we are standards
Like clear skinned

And brains don't matter
As long as we are
Clear skinned
And gorgeous

They say we are dollar signs

That those who are poor
Should not even
Glance their way

And those who are rich
Stuck up
And ******

That the brand
That costs less to make
But is mass produced
And more expensive
Is better
Than the cheap stuff we all wear

They say we are the change
This world needs

But they don't mean it

They mean
They want us to try
But they won't let us get near
The power

But that's not what we are

We aren't numbers

We aren't percentages

We aren't standards

We aren't dollar signs

We are stories
Passed down from people
Who knew
What they wanted us to know

Like the time
My grandma accidentally knocked
Her favorite and only doll
Into the hole in her outhouse

Or the time we all sang
As one
In a happy melody

We are memories
From times
And lifetimes

We are stars and planets
Distant yet
So elusive
Thereby so intriguing

The only thing
We really want
Is to fly in stardust
And dance in a moonbeam

We are dreams
That maybe won't come true
But will give us the best adventure
When we find out
How to live them out

We are heartbeats
That beat at night

We are bugs
In this garden of life
Because without us
There would be no point

We are flowers
That tickle your nose
On a warm spring day
When you reach down
To smell its fragrance

We are shoulders
To cry on

We are roads
To walk on

We are smiles and laughs

We are childhoods

We are balloons and bubbles

We are winters

We are springs

We are summers

And we are falls

We are the heat
And we are the cold

We are the change
We want to see
In an upside down world
Only we can change

We are people on the corner
Begging for some coins

We are souls
Thirsting for reprieve

We are hearts
Trying to love as much as we can

We are sadness
And we are joy

There are things
We can see
And things we can't

But after everything
Every word
We speak

We are so much more
Than what they tell us
Day after day

We are the world
And this world
Is ours
So take it from someone
Who has been invisible her entire life
Until they berated the silence
Out of her

In words
That changed to sorrows

And hits
That turned
To beauty

Because she can be beautiful
In this
Yet absolutely stunning
anon Sep 2017
And I have to change

Nobody understands me
They don't get it
They don't try to
It's just all
It's nothing

I give so much
And get so little
When I back off
They back off more
When I go forward
They step backward

I feel like I should quit
Maybe I should give up
Stop trying
Become who I was


Didn't say hello
Didn't speak her mind
Just let everyone else
Dictate my every thought
But that's not who I am

I've changed
                                               They've changed

They should understand
I'm a new girl

It should be better
Not worse

I should be respected
Not ridiculed

So then what's happening
What left me like this

So alone
So afraid

That every time I try to sleep
I end up crying
I end up hurt
And they don't bat an eye
Because I changed

I'm harsh
I'm different

If I tried I'd be better
I could be


And maybe they would notice
That the strongest
Are the weakest
But they don't

So by playing the weakest
I am the strongest
I am stronger than they know
Stronger than they will ever be
Stronger than they think I am

I'm not
I'm not strong
I'm weak
I cry at five am
To forget everything they've done

I scream when I'm alone
To try and get back
Hoping that



They will understand
They will hear me


And they will understand
That I've changed
Breeze-Mist May 2016
I wake up early
the tropical squall outside
turns the beach blue-grey

outside our hotel
the bay looks rather bizarre
so quiet and still

I get dressed quickly
we pack our bags just as fast
glancing at the paper

we check out quickly
before realizing that we
still had three hours left

so we drive downtown
past the tropical art deco
to get some breakfast

two empanadas
tea for me, coffee for you
watching the local news

there's not really anywhere
where we can go for an hour
and be back in time

so you just drive 'round
I guess this seems strange because
It's usually busy

Streets filled with tourists
spring breakers and the partiers
are now near silent

a wet, grey Sunday
the streets no longer bustling
we wait to meet mom
Just a random memory of my dad and I that I can't get out of my head at the moment. Maybe because it's so rainy...
Emma Apr 2016
The birds chirping outside my window
Their song is so beautiful in the early morning twilight
Their hungry chicks are waking in their nests
And my mind is in need of rest

The sun has barely risen
But the sky holds a hint of blue
And the rain looks cold as it showers down
Onto grass leaving morning dew

Hours ago my mind was still active
As much as it is now hours after
I'll try to sleep soon
And tomorrow I'll wake in the afternoon
But my dreams will be filled with laughter
It's 7:00 in the morning and the breeze is cold.
I let my feet walk into my little kitchens abode.
To boil some water from my cute little pan,
for my small kettle was broken and no more fun.

Prepping my stein for my early morning grind,
I call it coffbit's (Hobbit's Coffee) time in my old but cozy and  lovely shire.
Some like it with sugar, toffee, mocha or milk,
but still I'd prefer it brewed cause it's classic and pretty bare.

Sipping it while sitting in front of my fireplace,
to start my day with full of goodness grace.

Coffbit seems a little bit odd and prime,
but I wouldn't call it a day without my hobbit's time.
Procaffeinating at it's finest.:)
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