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Ylzm Jul 2020
Prayer is like a lottery ticket, but better;
For it's free, but for a mere price of promises:
for eternal gratitude and such — albeit you lie —
you asked freely for prizes: of millions, love, or power

To whom it may concern: the wind, the devil,
the great unknown, whomever, it matters not.
For you have heard and believed it happened;
And only fools will not cry out for more, freely given.

And anyone and everyone can pray, for you —
Each by his own formulation and his own magic.
Chances far improved by numbers and better art.
For the price of asking, artless you too have hope.

But true prayer is not asking, for you have without asking,
And only to be amazed at the depth and wisdom of Love.
Nigdaw Jul 2020
you always buy a ticket
got to be in it to win it
life is a lottery
a game of chance loss or gain
betting on a horse that’s lame
always loaded to the dealer’s hand

wake up
wake up

from the dream
tomorrow is another day
because you see it that way
the moment is now
never before lived
the place may be familiar
but take in the landscape

forgive yourself the pain
bad decisions flawed refrain
your future is here and now
step through the door
take a bow
Mark Toney Mar 2020
facing fear
he boarded the plane
which some minutes after takeoff
violently shook and then plummeted toward earth—
him being sad, not over his impending death, but having just won the lottery

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
2/29/2020 - Poetry form: Fibonacci - The number of syllables in each line must equal the sum of the syllables in the two previous lines resulting in  0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21... which is the fibonacci sequence.  The last line of 21 syllables in this poem appears as more than one line because of Hellopoetry's space restrictions and also on mobile devices and smaller screens.  Ah, the Romanesque broccoli spirals of the fibonacci sequence! - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Aaron L Osgood Feb 2020
I usually write a poem before the title.
Like a book full of stories before they named it “The Bible”.

Phase 1:
I wrote my name and didn’t consider it as a gamble.
One out of many as my identity scrambles.
It’s a possibility that we met just on different channels.
All game shows are the same just different panels

Phase 2:
Let’s meet and greet, then after enjoy my defeat.
I’ll laugh on the inside trying to keep it discreet.
Then again, I could be the loser.
I tend to always jinx my own future.
No smile on my face, I don’t see the humor.
Lost in the game and laughed by the viewers
No money in my pockets, just more for the producers.
Good Game I guess!

Phase 3:
Am I a living contestant gambling with my life?
Out to find a better version of me trying to survive.
Money spent with confidence and carrying my pride.
I play to win, aware of consequence, yet I’m still staying alive.
Randy Johnson Jan 2020
It was the worst thing that ever happened to me.
My life went straight to Hell because of the lottery.
I got $100,000,000 when I won the Powerball.
But after just two years, I'm broke, I lost it all.
I bought expensive cars, mansions and a yacht.
I went broke partly because of the things I bought.
I also had family and friends begging at my door.
Two years ago I was rich, but now I'm dirt poor.
When it came to my money, I should've been tight.
But I was generous, I handed out money left and right.
I gave $250,000 to my church but ended up being sorry.
The preacher used my donation to buy himself a Ferrari.
I shouldn't have chosen to get my money in one lump sum.
Now I'm living in a cardboard box because I'm a ***.
I also lost money because the Government made me pay tax.
I wanted to go after those Government Officials with an ax.
The Government took the money and I told them where to stick it.
If you want to avoid being in my shoes, stop buying lottery tickets.
Brooke P Nov 2019
You feel like
a scratch-off lottery ticket
that I accidentally won;
received as a belated birthday gift,
or bought impulsively at a gas station near the thruway.
I don't think the powers that be
intended to send you to me
but lo and behold,
you’re the winner
that I’ve waited too long to discover.
Zywa Jul 2019
The envoys of Athens
in their comfortable carriages
democratically stripped of adornment

are dignified by the inability
to make a decision, divided
by all the nuances of the mind

They will have to wait
because we have no news
from our informants yet

We sprinkle the goat
with lukewarm water, she does not shiver
so the god will not speak

until the stars are right again
and we will be informed
about the politics of the princes

We save expenses nor pains
we are the dedicated priests
of this posh lottery
The impotence of democracy

The priests of the Oracle of Delphi

Collection “Secrets & Believers”
Dream Fisher Jul 2019
A hundred marbles in dish,
A chance of fate to question with.
Fifty red and fifty white,
Fifty for my death and fifty for my life.
I close my eyes and extend my hand to reach,
My fingers brush the glass of each.
Afraid to look at either outcome,
If I see white, I breath for them.
If I see red, they agree with me, this is the end.

With sweat forming at my brow,
Three. Two. One. I open them now
It's red like crimson, red like birth.
Read like the paper that spoke my worth.
The rope behind was tied,
My fate was made as was mind.
It's time.

Thirty seconds I hung,
Thirty's seconds the rope did snap.
Questioning why they put me back
I guess lotteries play games like that.
Inspired by Duma Key by Stephen King
Randy Johnson Jun 2019
All Hell broke loose when my friend stole my winning lottery ticket.
He collected twenty million dollars and I told him where to stick it.
But when my wife ran off with him, it was the last straw.
He was going to pay even though I had to break the law.
I owed a lot of money and that lottery ticket would've gotten me out of debt.
I found out where he moved to and I put two bullets in his head as he slept.
The gunshots woke up my wife and she said she was going to call the police.
I'd been consumed by rage as I pulled the trigger and now she's also deceased.
I'm in jail now and the other prisoners fear me, I make them all cringe.
My friend and my slutty wife ruined my life but at least I got revenge.
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