What others might see it as a Mexican game,
In my eyes it means so much more.
It symbolizes the unity and bond between family
Each loteria card reminds me of someond
Like la valiente reprents my mother,
Strong and brave
It also reminds me of how life works.
Sometimes it may look like you are winning
But end up losing. Or vise versa.
When you you thougth you have lose it all,
A sudden turn happens and win.

Moniqueisblue Nov 2016

“Give me the winner, this time! Last week you played me like a fool. I’m done ripping up these tickets, guy.”
The man behind the counter laughed, a big billowy kind that would bring forth rain clouds.
He printed out the next ticket and wished her good fortune. She walked away, bow-legged with a grin on her face. She knows it this time. She feels it, the adrenaline radiating through her weak body, worn down from all the pampering and dry-cleaning she had done for other people.
Other people. How she longed to be other people. The other people had a home, a simple life, songs from their time blasting through their speakers. I can’t keep up with this, she thought to herself. Her dreams were shattered forever and eternity ago. She was going to go places, boy, did she have it all figured out. Planned, organized, obsessing, obsessing, recycling herself like a dirty grocery bag to squeeze every last drop of glimmer she had left in herself.
This is the winner. She knew it would be. She’s aged oh so much more than she had anticipated, her skin dragging lower and lower, as if the devil himself was pulling her to hell, her destiny. There isn’t much time left for this one life, this only forgotten life.
She kept on walking, chin up and tears surfacing. As always, the clerk dutifully waiting until she could no longer see him, if she ever did at all.
“See you next week.”

KathleenAMaloney Jul 2016




A Noose

Why Do I
Take It?

Is It The Jump?
Batting Practice
For A Desire?

Who Knew
It would Be Me

To Throw
The Life  Line

If I won the lottery
I think I know who'd get their part

Pauline Russell Apr 2016

She bearly made it Through the day
Now in the car and on her way
Trying to hold back the tears till she's at home
But as she starts to drive and think the tears start to roam
Hard to drive vision blurry
Press on the gas pedal, in a hurry
She just wants to be locked into her room
She feels the end is coming soon

When he meet her he knew she was scarred and broken
But love, hope, and dreams where spoken
She started to belive again
To her it was more precious than a lottery win
They talked and Skyped
Way into every night
She started to look forward to the day
It had been years and years since she had felt that way
She wore a happy face instead of a frown
Because love had FINALLY been found

Four months latter on her way home he sent to text
She was driving she couldn't check
The third he sent said I know you seen them won't be played like that
She read that and it took her aback

Just like that he deleted her out of his life
Just like that she was in worse agony and strife
The cruelest thing he could ever do
To give love to the unloved, hope to the hopeless, dreams to the one that had given up on them, then call it through
With no rhyme or reason, no closer
One minute in heaven, then poof, it was over

Now she roboticly gets through the day
So she can go home and lock herself away
In her room she hugs her pillow, and drenches it in tears
She cries into it so no one hears
Just how her heart has been crushed to dust
For she had given him more than just trust
She had laid herself bear to him, had even dared to dream of a happy future
But now her arms and legs need sutures

Because she tried to let the pain out
It didn't work not even when she tried to shout
For she had seen the light
It had been so bright
It had felt so right
Now the darkness is darker than ever
They will never be togeather
The deepest agony is she don't know why
For years you will only see her cry
Locked in her room, away from it all
Only the razor to her now calls

Oscar Mann Dec 2015

I guess I’ve been searching
For the meaning of life
In all the wrong ways
And in the wrong place

I delved into the deep secrets
Of lottery tickets
Hoping that a circle or three
Would reveal life’s mystery

Next up was a casino
Where I went straight for roulette
And found luck almost upon me
Yet the little  ball changed to forty-three

Then I soon discovered
That despite my hopes and prayers
That after my game of Blackjack
About life I still knew jack

So now I’ve come to realize
That life may be a lottery
But that doesn’t mean a gambling spree
Will reveal life’s meaning or mystery

Francie Lynch Jul 2015

I bought a ticket
For a friend;
Do I really
Want him to win.
     Is this what one
     Calls a sin?
     Venial, mortal,

Let's crank it up a notch.
Let's involve the cops,
Or the color of your skin.
     Is this what one
     Calls sin?
     Cardinal, deadly.

Let's raise the ante.
Say you're near the body
Lying on the floor,
The evidence is clear,
You're the next of kin.
     Is this what one
     Calls sin?

Wherein is the sin?

My friend kept all the winnings.
Cops are on the take.
Our brother's in the gutter,
Our confession came too late.
Our sins are mere mistakes:
At worst call me ingrate.

Randy Johnson May 2015

I expected to be a millionaire or at least that was what I thought.
I killed a homeless man to get the lottery ticket that he bought.
When I demanded that he give me his lottery ticket, he refused to give it.
I stabbed him with my knife and I foolishly thought I would get away with it.
After I cashed in the lottery ticket, I received fifty million bucks.
But the Police traced the knife back to me and I was out of luck.
When I took that poor man's life, I stood there and watched him bleed.
I wouldn't be in jail and he'd still be alive if it hadn't been for my greed.
Please don't be greedy like I was because it's a terrible sin.
Because of my greed, I'll never see the light of day again.

Even though this poem is fictional, Greed really does drive some people to kill.
Francie Lynch May 2015

As new immigrants
We were sent
Irish Sweepstakes
Across the blue.
Too young to understand
The ponies,
I understood the secrecy
Of keeping secret
The lottery.
Half a century on,
Life is the lottery;
A more exhilterating
Game of chance
Than a one Punt ticket,
And the bookies
Give good odds.

Punt: Former Irish currency before the Euro.
Mike lowe Mar 2015

I won the lottery last week. I played the mega millions with a jackpot of 60 million hoping 5 numbers could determine the rest of my life.

Where I live, a man won the lottery only 12 miles from me with a jackpot of 127 million dollars.

I try to fathom how that would feel. How I could take everyone I care about and give them anything they ever wanted.

People are talking about it days after and every time it is mentioned, its like glass shattering in my ears. How could someone be so lucky?

He will probably eat the best food and buy the nicest things. But thats all they will be is "things". The money will slowly push family and friends away.

He will no longer have to work, he will no longer have time for people that were there before. Because the money is all thats there.

Maybe I envy him. Or maybe i'm sorry for him. I'm not sure.

I won the lottery last week. I thought of all the things I could do and places I could go.

A 2 dollar winning lottery ticket made me realize that I won. We are all rich! In our own minds.

Our struggle is what makes our character. Our stories is the poetry of life. We win the lottery everyday, most of us just don't know how to spend it.

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