mjad Apr 16
Light green but, dark around the edges
Not emerald, more like nicely trimmed hedges
His least favorite, he preferred blue
But I can tell that it's different for you
Because I caught you once in a moment
You were kissing me with your eyes open
mjad Apr 15
You keep lighting up my screen
But Im always leaving you on seen
I got games to play and things to do
I'm really not thinkin much bout you
I am busy, I got homies
You just ain't my one and only
what a boy explained to me goes through his mind when I hit him up, just put more rhythmically by me
mjad Apr 10
He dropped the Hotwheel car as if it had suddenly become a bomb
Because over the store's speakers came his favorite song
He grabbed my hands and held my eyes with his stare
The second he started singing I knew I began to truly care
In my heart I knew we weren't just friends anymore
He sang the birth of feelings that I hadn't felt for him before
He went from a desire to a need in just one verse of Coldplay's Yellow
My heartbeat went from uninterested to the opposite of mellow
An announcement interrupted my personal Pick'n Save serenade
But I'll never forget that moment that felt like fireworks after a parade
I melted a little inside tbh
mjad Apr 5
She knows nothing of my loves
The boys that made my heart beat and jump
And the ones that snatched my heart too fast
for me to grab it all back
She tells me of her mother whom she shared everything with
The drugs, the sex, the kegs
But if she ever found out about the times I've spread my legs
I fear her eyes would glaze over and her color would drain
In her ignorant mind I'm incapable of such a thing, I'm lame
But more boys know my name
Than secrets of mine that have touched her ears
In all of my seventeen years
My mother and I have never had a close relationship but one day I hope to spill to her in tears and laughter every boy that made me cry and feel love because isn't listening and acceptance part of a mother's job?
mjad Apr 5
Shut the door behind you
Lock it twice just in case
Pull out the futon mattress
Let your hands find their place
Stare at my green passion
Slide your hands up my thighs
Smile as your mouth finds mine
Flick your hair out of your eyes
Press your lips against my own
Tangle your tongue with my breathe
Take your time with me tonight
Enjoy it like you invite death
mjad Apr 5
My heart knew all along
But my brain was saying it was all wrong
When they say trust your gut they never say which one
mjad Apr 5
the highest is where im headed
gotta go through hell to get to heaven
lights glaring feel so loud
popping pills like im proud
felt good a while then i fell
turns out i never even reached hell
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