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mjad Oct 8
Walking and the air is cold
Feeling young
Conversation is old
Eyes following lips
No talk of a kiss
Just you and me
And history
mjad Oct 8
Ones a bridge ones a melody
Sometimes I replay without finishing
So different
Yet in harmony
mjad Oct 4
I just want you home
I don't like being alone
mjad Sep 26
He grabs my leg and pulls it over him, his hair falls in my face
I wrap my arms around him, tightening our embrace
I cannot get enough of him, he knows my body like his own
With only his fingertips, he never fails to summon my moan
Then we relax, watch Netflix and get food
My parents may tell me Satan's bad, but today he did good
mjad Sep 6
I ask if I'm too much for you to handle
I'm a forest fire that you see as a candle
mjad Sep 6
So much love within
Fingertips glide over my skin
Hands on my sides
While meeting my insides
Entire body shivers
With the way you deliver
Eyes roll back again
Over the way you have me bend
One night is never enough with you
I want an entire lifetime, or two
mjad Aug 29
I should go to sleep
I get my dose of nicotine
Try to push you away
But you crash into my dreams
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