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Andrew Wenson Feb 2015
Escape from Planet Hipster
They're nostalgic for a time
When wearing the peace sign
was a revolutionary act;
Now propaganda of the deed
is free shows on ghetto borders
Craft IPAs, grandpa's clothing,
and dismissal above all.
Andrew Wenson Feb 2015
Determine meaning of toxic
probe quantity of goodness required
to cease metabolic function
Give space to inspections
of remaining affect-reserves
Adjust interior humidity
to +/- decency

Console yourself.
Andrew Wenson Feb 2015
Yes, that is an abstraction of the landscape.
Yes, you have achieved some creative control.
Showcase your efforts! Open their minds!
Tear the mother-******* roof off!

Little God-man runnin' the cycles
To each his own script
His own prescription
Little God-man running the show
Master of Ceremonies
The human bridge

You must throw back each perch
and wait for the fattening;
You'll need that for the next act.....

Keep your strength up.
Mediation or expression or demonic possession?
Whichever model works in the given moment.
Andrew Wenson Dec 2014
See this ******* Babylon heap,
we again lost our family,
we love the Treasury and library cemetery
Created by plugging a poem from my notebook into
Andrew Wenson Nov 2014
Across the lake
(Might as well be the sea)
Anxious as me
She sits ****** at the screen
As I do the same, here.
There's yet a year to endure
this sealed cellar
where I'm free to speak to ghosts
and she goes dancing with poltergeists

I can bring a tear to gods' eyes
but can't hold out
in this asphalt stew
away from She.

Vitamins and teas to calm me
Friends to show me shadow-girls
No satiety, no appetite
But alone! Alone! Alone!
The self-spinning mantra
of bedroom-bound boys
Manchildren womanless after sewing hearts together
The bleating goat gives birth to the stench of atoms.
Who or what is it all about?
Alone! Alone! Alone!
Andrew Wenson Nov 2014
Mud, mud, mud
Can't cha get enuff?
Nup, tuft.
Alleviate normative
Chairtime penalties
Helper Scalper!
Oh, I drew the crucifix!
I must cruise for a fix
and machinate my auto-licks.
Guitars all bent from rotten trips
into acid bath houses of Babylon!
no editing of course.
Andrew Wenson Nov 2014
Big Sticker Snicker
Get my hands away
from your thigh
brutally change
for trains of people purging
the time
of distempered crises.
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