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The Heart ---- is bigger than the universe  ---- For ---- Hanuman ripped apart His chest ---- Ram was inside His Heart ----No limit for The Heart to expand ---- On you it depends ---- There is little ---- You have to spend
Karen Lang Jul 27
Stepping into the unknown
I feel a rush of anxiety
My mind urges me to leave
I push ahead,
I try to ignore my thoughts
They return,
Are you sure?
What if you are wrong?
I move forward,
More determined,
Suddenly a wave of courage
and strength arise
I am not alone
I can do this
In this space,
Everything is possible
It's not easy to face our fears or our challenges in life. But each time I do, I expand into my freedom.
Karen Lang Apr 5
We have a unique opportunity
during this time
To expand
A wave of consciousness
has arrived to expand our way of being
with life, with ourselves, with each other
It's here to change and challenge our
old beliefs
and our way of life
It's uncomfortable
It's confronting
It's necessary
And as we slow down
We will see ourselves more deeply
We will see others more deeply
We will become aware of
our higher self
our higher purpose
And in this space
We will expand together
Let's use this time to expand our way of being for the future.
Olivia Henkel Jul 2019
Colors suspend to saturate enclosed walls

a quick tuning occurs

adjustments towards expansion takes place
Arlene Corwin Dec 2017

A scien’terrific, spiri’tool
To fool around with; a reality
The best of microscopes can see
And measure.
Pure arithme-ticking over,
Showering the brain with light;
Sparks queueing up in scans,
A cue to IQ variations, and
The more the better.
Riches of all human wishes lying there
Waiting to be bared then shared:
Nature in infinitude.

One good turn deserves another;
One good synapse serves another.
“Wakey, wakey” here comes knowledge!
Insights new, fresh out of college!
Insights causing you to grow;
Daring you to dare to go;
Blowing horns you dared not blow.
Synapse and invention new;
By definition a new you.

I’m signing off with love (or luff),
This synapse stuff the glove
That warms,
Synapses’ arms
The magic charm.

Synapses 12.9.2017 Circling Round Science II; To The Child Mystic II; Arlene Corwin
I love this one.  Thought of it, wrote it in the bath, soaking paper and all.
samihah wildwood Jun 2017
why is it that you fall
head over heels in
love with basic
human decency

— we've been crushed so long, the absence of weight feels like flight.
let yourself have that space again, it should have never been taken from you
Star BG May 2017
Creative enhanced blood cells move within
as I harvest kind words.
They enter the mind to explode
expanding, blooming,
tickling senses to write.

The moon is lit to enhance as
well the sun with its rays bright.
And when it rains moisture touches skin
to anoint cells with boost bringing forth words.

Words to enrich and inspire others
All in the day of a poet.
A poet, who flies in dreamscape fantasies.

StarBG © 2017
George Krokos Dec 2016
The universe which modern science says is expanding
is partly due to our perception of it and understanding.
But into what does it expand and has perhaps to contract?
when we're only vaguely aware of what it contains intact.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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