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reyftamayo Aug 2020
agos ng galit
bulusok ng dugo
hininga ay damdamin
karugtong ng puso
kaakbay ng ngitngit
na kumakawala
lumalantad kahit pigilin
hindi kayang limutin
dahil taglay nito ay
walang kaparis na
kati para isambulat
habol ang hininga
Mark Toney Dec 2019
Shine on most brilliantly my bold, brave lass
Whine no more over misgiving's past
White robe awaits after crucible's blast.
Write of your struggles to all whom this life batters
Trite experiences included, for your testimony matters.
12/10/2019 - Poetry form: Rhyming Morph - In this poem one letter of the first word in each line is changed - Shine, Whine, White, Write, Trite -  Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Poetic T Jun 2018
Entombed within the golden locks,
a struggle of two personalities that
coalesce beneath the shimmer of
                                 dusk and dawn.

Never do either ever see the features
portrayed beneath the flesh of others.
Corporeal forms foreboding there existing
                                time haunting memories.

When the curse was woven in sullen
contest, not knowing that this would
knit there time to the fabric of each other’s waking breath.

But when night did lynch daylight then
the other awoke, feverishly needing to
tend to the others demise. Not realising
                                 golden locks unlocked.

It was only when the other stared deep
into the pool of reflection. They saw the
other looking in fright, but neither one
                                behind just reflections.

Now the truth has been attuned to their
existence, they were as one through the
shadow and light to undo a misgiving
                                    from a birth right.

Each has seen into another knowing.
Where there misgivings have given them
reflection, and now they have a purpose
                                to set things right.
A different take on sleeping beauty &  maleficent
Poetic T Jan 2018
I'm mute to the content
of others misgivings
            of my silent ego..

Clambering upon my
             every concern,
  yet I'm deaf to their every syllable.

But in reality I don't give a flying ****...

— The End —