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Sydney Aug 3
I’m not sad
I can’t cry
I’m not angry
Or mad
I don’t know if I’m happy
Or just numb
Numb is not good
Not bad
Just numb
  Jul 16 Sydney
Lee Kelly
The battle is over
The war is lost
The gun is there
One in the chamber
Hand outstretched
Grab the grip
Pull it closer
Barrel to temple
Trigger press
Hammer down
Life would have got better
But I did not let it

My head is burning
Wait I am still here
Hand to head
Crispy skin
Perfect circle
No round
Gun jammed
I am alive
Oh God
This second chance
It cannot be wasted
Be the change you wish
To see in the world.
Sydney Jul 16
I’m afraid
I’m afraid to breathe the air for fear of what’s in it
I’m afraid of protection because protection can also mean death
I’m afraid to hear, hear cries of children missing their parents
I’m afraid to see, see bad things happen to good people
I’m afraid of the sky, because it browns
I’m afraid of the ground because nothing grows
I’m afraid of the water because I can drink it while others can’t
I’m afraid to eat because of the poison I’ve already eaten
I’m afraid of the broken, for fear it can’t be fixed
I’m afraid
There’s a lot to be said here but it’s how I truly feel, afraid. I don’t think it’s right that people are in fear of police who are “meant” to protect and serve. Or the fact that we don’t always know what’s going on , and the state of of planet is deteriorating because some people just don’t care anymore. So that’s it. I hope you enjoy this poem and all that it means and stands for. EVERYONE MATTERS!
Sydney Jun 17
Why do we like what's bad for us?
Why are we drawn to it?
Why do we obsess?
Why do we become addicted to people or things?
Why do we need them like oxygen?
Sydney Mar 11
Waves crash and thrash
Fire burns and and makes only ash

Ice is cold and clear
Wind blows across the pier

All are different
But all can hurt

They’re just like words
Only words hurt worse
Sydney Feb 19
Your eyes are cold and distant
Never a smile
Never a laugh
I just wanted to be your friend
How could you hate me so much?
I don’t know what I did
I don’t know how to fix this
So it’s time I said goodbye to you
To your childish tricks and games
To your hatred of everything I love
To your all-consuming sadness
So goodbye and sorry

Your not-friend,
This is not meant to be mean only a good-bye to those toxic people in life. I hope you understand that this not an attack only me expressing how I feel. Thank you and enjoy!
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