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stillhuman Mar 2021
"Can you hear that sound?
Do you see those tears?
Can you feel their pain?
Do you know for real?
Are you actually prepared?
Can you do anything?
Will you let it fall down?
Will you make it easier for me?"

I will
Madison Apr 2020
I am controlled
They take hold quick
conquering everything I am
emotional insanity
I’ve got to save myself.
Katlyn Orthman Mar 2020
Crouching in tendrils of bright green grass
Two caterpillars set out on a daunting task
Hearts filled with hope to taste the fruit
Which had rendered so many full and moot

They slugged their way out beneath the sun
And laughed and talked of all they'd done
Distracted they never saw the bird coming
It swooped down much too close and sent them running

Once they were sure the bird was lost
They argued their plan and what it could cost
They were both still afraid the bird would come back
And this time that bird would precisely attack

But they knew in their hearts that they came so far
They couldn't turn back on their wishing star
So they hauled for the tree which was just in sight
When the bird swooped in and with all it's might

Bit a chunk from both caterpillars **** end
And with a mighty resurrection of power would send
Both caterpillars catapulting to the tree
Where both could feast and drink fruit mead

In a drunken stupor honey glazed thoughts soar
The caterpillars lost in slumber would snore
And in their sleep their body's tore
To be rebuilt with fine allure

They stretched out their legs, wings unfolded as well
Both stared in awe at the beauty, love spell
They leapt in the air and tested their wings
And rose to the sky to cheerfully sing

Two soaring butterflies dancing with the wind
They looked at each other and victoriously grinned
They had beat the bird and ate all their fruit
And may never had if they left that route
SelinaSharday Oct 2018
"Da Dramatics"

when I hear I don't do drama..
It makes me..
Pull back my hands..
Cover my face again..
Look away.. shy away..
No miracles can be performed here today.

If You don't do drama..
See drama may be rolled up in my sleeves.
As I act out my creativities..
Share my masterpieces,, drama may be what bleeds.

Drama in the sense that.. How I color my days..
How I blur out the craziest of ways.
How I finger paint with audio lyrics..
How I try to make sense of dimensional physics.
Confessions and testimonies,
bleeds from my knees.
And if I have to hide so much inside.
Zip my lips...Be ashamed of my slips.
Hide shades of identity.. Blur what bothers me.
Only offer out the candy..
The weather hasn't always been kind to me.
Your telling me there's no place for me.
because there are days times I need to be
as naked as can be.
And I need you to be naked around me.
To Dance naked with me.
Well I'ma need you to be able to take it.
As I can't fake it.
Drama is musically.. parts of my harmony.
Tamed/drama .. You have to be strong enuff cinematically
With ears of christianity
  Embrace me theologically  and love me.
Don't fear the pets I have chained. On leases beside me.
I'm a soldier dramatically.
Drama does not define me.
But It can be calmed made to behave spiritually.

Except the dramatics as you accept my harmony.
SelinaSharday S.A.M 2018
Drip Drip.. shall I hide my slips.
Shall I only show my dainty perfections..Pretend my roses don't have thorns.
Don't be blown away by my storms.
Don't be afraid when drama performs. Allow me to sound my alarms. I need you to Drip da drama for such is life and life is not without strife.
Ammar Oct 2018
Striving to drag you down,
And of their frustration,
You found it hilarious.
Keep on fighting.
dorian green Mar 2018
i came
i saw (you lying there)
i bit my lip in the morning light--

in the moonlight:
i drug you up to my room
i held you down onto my bed
i listened to you beg.

you climbed on top of me
you pressed your lips against mine
you slid your hand between my thighs--

i came.
you saw.
you conquered.
Graff1980 Mar 2018
I made
a beautiful space
in the corner
of my shade,

turned venom
into lace
and raced away
from your hate,

swirled quicksand
with my tired hands,

petted pretty vipers
that hissed,
to where I stand,

chased fireballs
that were ready
to consume me.

I pursued
my own agony,
bit my tongue
to taste
my own blood,
then spit it out
not in spite
but to watch
the red grow.

I wept in
the spider’s den
embedded in
a cloud of webbing.

I slept in
the sinking ship
that fell into
the cold underwater

I lay afraid
to move
and died in
the infinite
that was once
it collapsed
and took
all the warmth
I ever had
Benji James Jan 2018
Got high on drugs
Drunk on the bub
Depression was a test
A man left for dead
I didn't think I would
Get back up again

Take a look
I am still here
I am still living
With all, I've been through
You bet it was a mission
But I've cleaned up
straightened out my life
Never could have made it
Without you in my life

Was left in debt
A bankrupt man
People saying he's crazy
How could he make it
Back to his feet again
the road was long
and the climb was steep
I was determined
To make it to my feet

Take a look
I am still here
I am still living
With all, I've been through
You bet it was a mission
But I've cleaned up
straightened out my life
Never could have made it
Without you in my life

Girls gave me hell
Never good enough for them
They wanted everything
but me in the end
Thank god I didn't marry
Thank god I didn't stray
But I lost my stride
the fall had broken my pride

Take a look
I am still here
I am still living
With all, I've been through
You bet it was a mission
But I've cleaned up
straightened out my life
Never could have made it
Without you in my life

I am still here
And I am still living
The scars dig deep
But I'm still breathing
I am still here
And I am still living

©2018 Written By Benji James
Triale Soran Dec 2017
I waited for Prince Charming to
Rescue me from this Tower
"Come Save Me!"
I would Think

He never came

I grew up.
I had to.
"Forget Prince Charming!"
"I'm getting down myself!"
Took a sword to the dragon
Facing my own problems alone

Some were scary,
But I have to do it.
Prince Charming isn't going to rescue me.
not every time.

I'm strong now.
All because I done it myself
I can't let some stranger
always take away my problems.
You have to do that yourself.

It's been ten years now.

Dear Prince Charming,
You never came.
Don't start now.
I grew up fine without you.
Never wait for someone to come whisk you away from your problems. Go down there yourself and conquer them yourself. Be strong. You can do it.
Glenn Onebene Dec 2017
Your dress is beautiful
I know i shouldn't have seen it but i did
The way it fell on your back like feathers laid against your skin
The lace so delicately placed on you as if it were not there at all
Your shoulders glowed under the lights
As you turned your hair fell as if it were on purpose
I saw it and now it replays in my head
One... more... week
I'll turn and smile in aw of your beauty
Like a child finally getting the present he always wanted
I'll laugh as you try not to fall in the heels you were determined to wear on this unleveled ground
We will smile and shake our heads as the room disappears
Just the priest, you, and... I
Two words will echo for all to hear, "I do!!"

At least they would have

I can still hear your car start up
The blinds shook as the door closed

"You cant make me happy"

If only that were the response to my hello two years ago.
But no those words were whispered to me after we kissed and held each other one final time
You said you were sorry like it needed to be said
The color in your face was gone, the tears started to fall, and then it was just me
I sat there frozen
but not why i thought i did..
I see now i didnt move nor chase you because thats what you were use to
I gave up in that moment
I let you leave and now i approach the final stretch alone
Tears dried up
starting to breathe
I wake up and dont even think of you
You know for a while i thought youd come back, that it was just your meds, and i would be fine settling for my ****** life with you.
But now i smile
Yes i am so ******* relieved
One more week until the rest of my life..

without you :)
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