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I bought a bag, today
it is rectangular
I had forgotten about
the time you made fun of them,
and as I checked out,
I remembered.

I cried.

she looks like you.
i miss her so bad
I was shaken.
Alone atop a sea of clouds.
I said to you, what could only be said
And you responded,
By joining me in the sky.
Sandman, Give me the time, I said
and he did.

It has been a year.
Petrichor surrounds me.
It is about to rain.
What comes next, Chloe?
im feeling odd today. petrichor is in the air.
leaving me to drown
would be a fate less cruel
then falling asleep in your arms
and waking up
next to an empty space
Aquila Venatici Dec 2018
we have been one
long enough for a child,
to grow from cell to a being.
we have a child,
of sorts,
one of soft words and confused memories.
of flowers, and of light.
I pray we will be one,
long enough,
to raise it.
its hard, but i swear we are making it through it.
Aquila Venatici Dec 2018
you miss her, you say
you are distant.
if you miss her,
why avoid?
she is mine, anyway.
She misses you too.
you are jealous, you are bitter,
and now you are lonely.
and she is mine.
Aquila Venatici Nov 2018
you are talking to him.
do you tell me lies?
you say he is hated.
by you, by many.
you are talking to him.
laughing with him.
smiling at him.
are you a liar?
or are you simply a coward?
She literally despises him, or thats what she told me, has told me, for years. but she has never told him this. i dont know if she truly likes him or if shes too much of a coward to say anything.
Aquila Venatici Nov 2018
For me to live
I must scream to the sky
About what you have done to me.
The sky is a good listener.
She is kind to me when you are not.
I cannot be kind to you,
But if you must,
Talk to her.
I promise she is a good listener.
about a kid who doesn't realize that I only tell them what others do. I am the middleman, but everyone else is a coward. they are being lied to, but I have been asked not to say names. I dislike them and so do many others, but when I tell them this, they do not listen. they sky listens to me. they do not.
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