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I've been there.
I've been here.
I've been circling around.
And around.
Why does the water tastes bitter?
Why does the wind smells acrid?
Why does the sunshine looks gray?
Why does the days feel empty?
Visage full of tears,
Abasement due to fears,
Longing and lamentation,
Epitaph and addiction.
Naissance --
Today, I am reborn
Ignify at dawn
Nay, sorry not sorry
Everyone, I am worthy!
Lulu Sarmiento Dec 2020
And then.
Love fell.
Night is day.
Day is night.
Circling around.
Endless bound.
Lulu Sarmiento Nov 2020
Sometimes, what we have left are regrets.
Indeed they don't come first.
But living without getting pressed
       is tantamount to a horrifying quest.
Lulu Sarmiento Oct 2020
The girl was running down the road,
her pigtails were indeed a mess.
The boy was playing with a plastic sword,
his mouth was covered with chocolate mousse.
They were laughing so hard,
but I was astounded when they asked.
"What is truth?"
There are instances when children ask you a difficult question that seemed so easy to answer but takes a lifetime to provide one.
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