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Dawn and dusk.
Sunshine and moonlight.
Whisper and bellow.
Laughter and pain.

How can the world be both -
Beautiful yet cruel;
Wonderful yet atrocious;
Breathtaking yet infernal.
In a world where we experience the other ends of a spectrum, it would be nice to look from each other's perspective.
Lulu Sarmiento Jan 2022
Is it the mirror?
Or all I can see is horror?
Whenever I look at the glass,
All I can see is a broken past.
Lulu Sarmiento Nov 2021
They say, "Choose."
But let me ask, "Do I have a choice?"
Lulu Sarmiento Nov 2021
Replay or restart;
Stop or pause;
Skip or fast-forward;
Where do you opt to be?
Lulu Sarmiento Jul 2021
I've been there.
I've been here.
I've been circling around.
And around.
Lulu Sarmiento Jul 2021
Why does the water tastes bitter?
Why does the wind smells acrid?
Why does the sunshine looks gray?
Why does the days feel empty?
Lulu Sarmiento Apr 2021
Visage full of tears,
Abasement due to fears,
Longing and lamentation,
Epitaph and addiction.
Naissance --
Today, I am reborn
Ignify at dawn
Nay, sorry not sorry
Everyone, I am worthy!
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