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Kim Feb 22
Tried to make a rhyming song
Tried again to play along
Tried and tested it is true
The purest rhymes are shades of blue

I write a word and strum a note
This jukebox is a little broke
Push these buttons play and pause
Pick your song and cue applause

I’ve been trying - pushing hard
To keep from throwing in the towel
Play it straight your aim is true
Lyrics trite and auto-tuned
But through the cheers and all the smiles
All I see are lying eyes
Tried to believe – they said it was true
They said this was all the music they knew
They didn’t care for harsh striking tones
Don’t ring that bell so close to home

But now I’m humming a melody
It’s clear and rings out perfectly
It’s about this life and race
It stands alone no second takes
It knows when to start and swing along
It sounds just like your favourite song
It beats in time with my heart
It’s been here right from the start

Yes – I tried to make a rhyming song
I tried again to play along
But it couldn’t pass the test
And my soul would not rest
Yes – tried and tested – it is true
The purest rhymes are shades of blue…
Kim Dec 2018
I was never able to put my finger on it before,
but I think it's that I see
new and different situations and experiences  
as new, and different..

Many people seem to know or expect what's going to happen,
from the start..
Guided by past patterns and experiences
But I don't think that way
I take people at face value (at first)
Give them the benefit of the doubt
Wait for them to show me who they are
I don't expect things to turn out a certain way
I wait to see how they turn out

I don't know if that's naive..or optimistic..
I just know that the alternative is awfully lowering
I find myself veering in that direction sometimes;
I suppose that's what life does to you
But I truly hope that that doesn't become my default -
For now at least, I think I'd rather be naive than numb...
Just some self reflection and hope for the new year

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Compliments of the season  ! =)
Kim Dec 2018
Not those who don't write poetry themselves
But those whose souls aren't stirred by
The pleasant and slightly unsettling fragrance of fresh earth
The cold enveloping light of the moon
The delicious warmth of a light breeze on a hot summer's day

And when I say stirred I don't just mean any passing feeling
I mean that joyful painful yearning from the bottom of your soul that spreads through your whole being and consumes you for that moment however brief - of spiritual bliss, if you will.

And when it passes, you are not the same you from a few seconds or minutes ago

You are the earth,
the moon, the breeze
The pain, the joy
The moment.
Do you ever feel that the others can never really see or feel you the way an artist can?
Kim Sep 2018
Anyone can rhyme
Or hum a melody
But to lay your guts out on the table
For everyone to see
That’s what art is
That’s the soul
That's hunger, pain, and glory
As the artist tells their story
That’s living your truth
And telling it straight
It’s what sets some apart
The secret of the greats
Stop fumbling with that metre
Don’t fret over the rhyme
Pour your soul onto the paper
Pull the tears from our eyes
Kim Aug 2018
Maybe some day I'll be rich
Until then I'll settle for being happy!
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