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Johnny walker Mar 2019
The very first morning
I woke without her
with last night tears still  
In my eyes continually
Now to face this world without her not knowing what I'd do disorientated absolutely devastated terrible
Inside an emptiness so constant was the pain It
was crippling over a year has passed now the pain somewhat
But the emptiness Is still there and think that will always be the case she was my life and all that was In
Time has eased the pain but the emptiness Is still very evident I guess It always will be
The bird can fly
, Crossing any boundary
From any land
Not being frisked
, not being prevented
, not being asked
To get any permit
And not being asked,
"What is your nationality?
What is your religion?
You can't be prevented
As your skin's color appeared
You can eat from any land
You own all the world
You drink from clean downed
Rain or river is felt by your heart
Downs and has a nest
Over building, solid and vibrated branch
You can see the downed world
You may see its worst
It may be ******
As it had great fault
You can opposite
And had your look
Against the leader
Without being killed
Or exposing to the saw
That will be the terrorist
If it may be happened
All birds will be gathered
Rich and poor
Weak and strong
Having purposes towards the guilt
And judge the case with evident
And tell the result
The killer must be killed
Or be living wide
Live away as being Fired
****** over changing the right
To make a worth
Over bleeding blood
Gaining by telling the truth
That may not be accepted
By the man who is the head
the birds has great freedom, most of people have not it
George Krokos Mar 2018
It seems a mistaken notion when we hear it said that 'all men are born equal'
and is due to the fact that as a baby we are all helpless, dependent and small.
But as we grow up and get older the sense of equality doesn't mean much at all
as there are many factors at play which are not so evident and hard to forestall.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Evi Dent Halo Jan 2018
Unwinding, unraveling

Revelling in the intertwining,

Wood roots of winding, raveling

Wood unwinding, unraveling.


With it came

Wood rods and leaves, not understanding

Wanting to be together

Bound in understanding.

With purpose and movement of woodland wiring.

(Unwinding, and unraveling.)


Unwinding, unraveling

Back to the earth

Revelling in the intertwining

Wood roots of winding, raveling

Wood unwinding, unraveling.


Returned to the mother Queen

Mother Earth, of nature's dream

Woodland spirits sing to, and praise

To the wood Queen, Earth, they sing.
(theme: wood humanoid (spriggan) coming apart.)

FINV (Wood) v3 (12/17/17-12/26/17)
Arlene Corwin Oct 2017
Who Would Want To Be World Famous?

Who would want to be world famous?
This, the planet so humongous,
Virtuous and villainous,
Full of goodness, full of badness.
Who wants to expose himself’
To the injustices of pelf
That lay in wait upon the shelf of fates unknown?
I’ve come to think: Remain un-shown,
Roof up above, food for the day,
A bed on which to lay your head,
Doing what you’re born to do,
Meant to fulfill you
Without pushing for reward.
Those who aim for fame today
Go absolutely the wrong way.
That’s it – and all I have to say.

Who Would Want To Be World Famous? 10,1.2017
Definitely Didactic;
Arlene Corwin
It seems self evident to me.
Violet Smithe May 2015
Every night I dream...
Every night I’m afraid...
Every night there’s no end to what is coming.
Every night I know what’s going to happen and choose not to believe
Every night I ride in my car,
I look up at the moon and there’s a face staring back at me,
And whenever I drive through a streetlight
I’m afraid the lights are enclosing me
There’s no way out.
I’m trapped forever more
I’m afraid for what is coming . . . . .

— The End —