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Morning sun comes
Nowhere to hide with the lights around,
Always waiting for the night.
This goes out to all the nocturnal animals, who are at one with themselves only at night.
J J Oct 2020
Flowers are the earth's fruit
    Which await the sun's permission
         To beautify and ripen

And at night may serve
   As guiding lanterns floating atop
          Their mother thorns

To gently lead the moon oceanward.
Maria Mitea Aug 2020
Put me under the spell of maur night,
Let me sip from the drinks of celestial gods,
Lighten me on a sky-bed of heavenly stars, When receiving  the offerings of nocturnalight.

Cover my body with holy rays, songs of praise, Adoring dreams dressed in golden sheepskin, Happily grazing on faith’s meadow spreading
The noble fragrance of sweet-bitter laurel.

Let me sleep in nocturnal goodness tonight.
Let me sleep in nocturnal goodness ...
Let me sleep ...
Sleep ...
Sip ...
S ...
Have a sweet sleep baby all your life ...
Knut Kalmund Jul 2020
tedious tardy sleeps are the latest commodity
my advisor‘s eulogized,
though I have dealt with it
for as long as ever.

since I do that exceedingly well.
just once I’d wish to sink into bed,
shut my eyes for a shielded moment,
and find myself revived afterwards.

perhaps my life is
too cluttered with uncertainties,
so my bedlam body unlearned to be happy.

instead, a high demand of despondency
is expected to be appeased by
the insomniac stakeholders of my remains.
Thanks for reading.
Ibrahim Nebulae Jul 2020
in daydreams of a knight & a mare
on a dazed night of utter despair
I dreamt that I saved you...
Feels like the days are flowing by,
While I lay here, restless
Unaware of my becoming
Like an unusual goodbye.
StormriderIX Apr 2020
An artist in quarantine.
Let us set the scene.

Teeny tiny
living space.

Move around
the mess
with grace,
no stress!

What to do,
what to do...

For a start,
I'll make some art.

I'll write
some poetry,
some fiction.

I am nocturnal,
and suddenly
the daystar's light,

Days get hazy;
I go crazy.

This is fine.
This is fine.
My time in social distancing.
Stay safe.
ms reluctance Apr 2020
4 a.m. —
and I am the king of the world,
queen of all things feral.
I burn brighter than the stars,
a galaxy full of possibilities.
My reign eternal;
I am the only one alive
and I want to live dangerously.

Want —
with one word the light goes out,
the stars dip beyond the sea,
my crown tumbles to the ground,
I am pulled back to reality.

Back —
here and now
I rub my eyes;
feel my lambent desires die
as morning resurrects
all of my insecurities.
NaPoWriMo Day 4
Poetry form: Free Verse
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