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Spriha Kant Oct 2020
When clusters of anxieties roam inside me i try to read the blank last page of my life.
Erian Rose Apr 2019
"You're my sun,"
He murmured, picking up the traces of daisies
That scattered the ground,
"My moon,"
He caught the petals as they fell from the cluster,
"My stars,"
A sigh parted his lips,
Dropping the injured bouquet from his hands,
"And everything in between..."
The petals spread near him
Like diamonds flashing on the soil
Forming a cosmos around his tracks.
He lost himself for love and in return,
The galaxy lost him too.
Lady Misfortune Mar 2019
You ever absorb a song you can not repeat?
You ever beg for warmth and then melt in the heat?
You ever know the answer before your lips go to speak?

Needlessly moving,
Searching for purpose in functioning
Miserable ruckus,
Pointless nothings

You ever divulge in lyrics you dwell in peace with being?
You ever feel grateful for a pain in your concrete feet?
You ever know the outcome and act unaccordingly?

I do.
Love me I'm a relatable *****.
I'm a cluster of intertwined things.
The most important being continuous searching for the song of my life; my own personal anthem.
Willard Wells Jul 2018
I have awoken at an early hour, Early morning or earlier than I want, but the gathering has begun. It appears in clusters as they say, as the pain gently taps, almost an absent thought, but if not aware, taking over all focus or any thoughts beyond the pain. I see the dark on the other side of the blade as I look over the edge of the crevasse trying not to go too far into the depth of my pain. It has been many years with a dance of doctors, drugs, along with a little experimentation along the way. A form of self-imposed self-medication. Avoiding the dark on of that side is to avoid the doctor's opiates advise.
Cat May 2018
I can only view violet right now
Violet to me, equals a quiet storm composed of beauty and friction from beneath the floorboards of an empty house
I’m floored, yet, I’m relishing in myself
I’m an indulgent relic of a being so full
I can be null, but I’m impassioned
I’m falling between the seams of a sidewalk some days
The seams of things I attempt to rectify and reconstruct
While falling in between the branches of an evergreen, time moves fast and clusters into a dust storm configured of my own guts and ideas untouched
Life continues to move on without us
There’s no basis to stop
Umi Apr 2018
Out of what our hearts are made,
The sea of stars above our little heads is widely spread, expanded,
The river of the milkyway, seperating two lovers, with more stars,
All come within a clear, manifest orbit, bound to gravity and bounty,
A vally of natural nuclear fusion reactors, spreading light through the dark of the night, a play of beauty and might, on the ceiling of Earth,
All shining uninterruptedly, without the intruding light of the moon,
In the world of empty dreams, waiting to be filled with memories,
Clusters, binary, trinary stars with their satelites, dance as celestial beings through the infinity of space, all with grace, individuality, bliss
Heartfelt, past the luxury of luminosity and spinning alike wage wool
Because stars are, a magic mirror to the things we are, or want to be,
Weave the fate that you want to feel free, broken loose from the lies,
It is best to dance with me on these fantastic grounds here with me,
If we gather in a dark night, my dear knight, we can grasp fantasy,
Dear trasure mine, you're, a distant eniment galactic heavenly beauty
So shine on until you someday let go of this worldly life, my dearest,
As then I would like to meet you in the realm of the dead again,
In the loitering darkness one day.

~ Umi
Gabriel burnS Nov 2017
heavy with fruit,
she is suspended in time
Caught in a move
endlessly smooth,
her body winds up,
hugging the cold
pillars and walls,
stretching about,
reaching around
and out to the sky.

She can curve it
in every way
on a whim,
however she pleases
... and droplets will shine
on her body like lotion,
or jewelry, playfully teasing,
although frozen, the motion,
warm is her dance
in the hands of the sun
and the tickling breeze
Cynthia Jean Oct 2016
on the water

the sprinkling
of oil
of lavender

the gentle
of the  water

a cluster
sprang forth

air bubbles
like  diamonds
in the sun.

Cj 2016
The simplest things comprise such beauty!  All we need are eyes to see!
sanch kay Jun 2015
one more word I swallowed
(the fear too great to let the words go)
and the hollow person I'd become
shattered with a resplendent crack -
ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
so who can draw me the lines between what's imaginary and what's real?

— The End —