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Debanjana Saha Jan 2018
My kisses will be

the droplets of the mists

All over you

Sugary and sweet

like the honey dew.

A kiss, before the sun kissed ray's

falls over you.

In the morning or at night,

No barriers

Just me and you

Inventing new ways of

loving each other

With each passing dawn.


I fall in love with you

Everyday, more than

A love expressed to a beloved, a poetry always helps. 2am poetry
sanch kay Jul 2015
the rush of the illicit
while exhilarating.
is temporary.
for how long will you keep me a secret?
sanch kay Jul 2015
freedom, you wild thing
coursing through my bleeding veins
*pulling things apart.
what if the only people we can be truth with are our own lonely selves?
sanch kay Jul 2015
and somewhere in-between
i'm okay and it's fine
i lost myself.
slipping through the cracks.
sanch kay Jul 2015
your eyes with questions dripping off them;
we need to talk.
too late;
*i've forgotten how to.
too far gone.
sanch kay Jul 2015
i'm the lightweight
(see through) ghost light
shining through the crevices of
the coloured rays.
i'm the one that's always there and can't be seen.
sanch kay Jul 2015
i love these
ribbons of smoke that
you weave around
my vision,
igniting shiny bursts of
colour in the dark.
Thank you, sunshine.
sanch kay Jul 2015
what if we're just
disembodied hands
clawing at a smokescreen
*the illusion never shatters.
sanch kay Jul 2015
no one really forgets
what hands look like
dripping in red.
sanch kay Jun 2015
one more word I swallowed
(the fear too great to let the words go)
and the hollow person I'd become
shattered with a resplendent crack -
ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
so who can draw me the lines between what's imaginary and what's real?
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