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Eva May 25
They'd give me many pills
and medicine of all sorts,
but none of them can fix
the heart that you broke.
Chandler M Feb 8
Get yourself out of here
Of course not.
I said...
Leave this place
I cannot hold on
Any longer
To such a
Corrupted tabernacle
I'll swallow the pain
Try not to inflict it
You weren't the one
Removed my arm
Now I'll say again
Run away
From the injured one.
Erian Rose Apr 2019
"You're my sun,"
He murmured, picking up the traces of daisies
That scattered the ground,
"My moon,"
He caught the petals as they fell from the cluster,
"My stars,"
A sigh parted his lips,
Dropping the injured bouquet from his hands,
"And everything in between..."
The petals spread near him
Like diamonds flashing on the soil
Forming a cosmos around his tracks.
He lost himself for love and in return,
The galaxy lost him too.
Tristan Brown Mar 2018
Being physically torn
Left a mental tear
And I have to hope
Both heal at the same rate
I found out what a panic attack is truly like when I tore my MCL.
AD Snail Oct 2017
Scorched flesh,
So inflamed and infected,
Fresh damage to self.

Flames dance after thee,
As you break away.
Your in dire need for a rescue,
But hate to complain.

Burns meet silence,
As cream heals all but the screams.

They set your insides aflame,
Everything physically a crisp,
As you mentally try to breath.
Robert J Howard Jul 2017
Broken down and bust
Fallen idol with rust
No love nor lust
Forgotten covered in dust.

Large serving of self pity
Tired of this grey city
Back to the nitty gritty
Oh such a pity.

The end is nigh
Best quickly get high
Do it down on the sly
Knowing everyone will ask why.

Take a big bite of that crust
In God we pretend to trust
Life doesn't have to be just
Broken down and bust.
My enemies have injured my wings not to fly
I am with bare head and foot under naked sky
Now I am ready for the brawl from eye to eye
Being professional soldier I haven't learnt to cry

Enemies may resort to their tricks being weak
I know my limitations I will never ever seek
My future is bright their future is but just bleak
Their actions are oblique my approach is unique

I am determined to be soldier of God to be martyr
I  do not have a shopkeeper's mind to go for barter
I don't attack from back but remain front to declare
I am a soldier being frank straightforward and fair

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Erin Suurkoivu Oct 2016
When I was in her shoes,
I could be injured by any word,
If only they could feel what I feel.

I forget what I felt.
I have only cultivated a hard shell,
as I dole out
Vista Apr 2016
picture perfect plastic dolls
line up in the ballet hall
masks adjusted, shoes pulled on
the cameras flash, the lights are on.
flaunt their figures, beguile the boys
wildly pirouetting with a perfect poise
a silent chorus of envy they sing
patch the masks and sew a grin.
the curtain falls, the masquerade drops
her pointe shoes are all worn out
her toes are bleeding, her ankle’s sprained
but a sparkling reputation she has claimed.
a perfect picture of plastic dolls
lined up with their masks all on
the colours fade, the angle’s changed
to show beneath, their melted face.
On the nonexistence of perfection.

© Copyright
oni Jan 2016
everyone wants
to slip away
casually -

but you cant
slip through
the cracks
without earning
a few scrapes

if youre caught
between a rock
and a hard place,
something will
end up broken

because the
you build your
love on
cannot be made
of something like
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